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  1. Try taking a look at the BoatUS website for recommended NAMS and SAMS surveyors: https://www.boatus.com/insurance/survey.asp. Seems to be quite a few recommended surveyors in your area. cheap
  2. Nice J, is it Ranger? J5 and J8 (Ranger and Topaz) were the two J Class yachts in NYC this past weekend.
  3. It's a sad day. One of the great scow sailors and scow designers passed away this weekend. Article here: http://www.startribune.com/obituaries/detail/106667/?fullname=bradley-milton-robinson cheap
  4. Not really sure what you are looking for. This looks to be a fairly "normal" asymmetric foil shape along the lines we see on many of the foiling cats. Without knowing the exact section (or hybrid of sections) used, i cannot say how close or different it is from others, but it is exactly what i would have expected to see. Is there some particular feature you are unsure about? Not unsure about anything, really. I was fascinated by the bulge on the pressure side of the foil. Would have expected something different. Having said that, I've just returned from a trip to Bermuda and a tour of the OTUSA compound. I'm much, much more informed now about these things. :-) cheap
  5. Very interesting foil shape. Interested to hear comments from the aero guys on why the foils are shaped this way. Wish we had a view of the suction side!
  6. I agree! I, too, paid the price for admission only to find that no live video feed is available on AC+. Total bullshit. ACEA should refund our money.
  7. Yup, keep the boat at Herrington Harbour North and a member in good standing of HHSA. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the water. Looks like we will be down your way for Screwpile - we're doing the EYC-Solomons feeder race in our boat but I'll be crewing for someone else on another boat. cheap
  8. Looking good, HB! cheap
  9. HB!, not sure where you're looking for sails but if you don't intend to race the boat and just want to cruise, I highly recommend Rolly Tasker (http://nationalsail.com/mcart/index.cgi?code=3&cat=20sails); $1135 and up for a new C30 main. Even Cruising Direct sell C30 sails at a discount ($1200). Of course, you can always go to Bacons. For the price of a new main at one of the big name local lofts, you can soda blast AND have a new main in time for the spring launch. You can have your cake and eat it, too! Just sayin'....... cheap
  10. HB!, about 8 years ago, I soda blasted my old Catalina 27. Did the work at Herrington Harbour North and it cost a little over $900. I spent several weeks trying chemical strippers but the bottom paint was too thick and I gave up. The yard had the boat stripped in a few hours. I let it dry then proceeded to apply 5 coats of barrier epoxy before putting on a new coat of bottom paint. It will be the best $$ you'll spend. cheap
  11. Oh man, you got that right! Their cream of crab soup is the best! cheap
  12. HB!, what's going on with the boat? Inquiring minds wanna know! cheap
  13. Fat bottom girls make the world go 'round...... Love the pic on the right. cheap
  14. HB! - Congrats on the "new" boat! Many years ago I owned a Catalina 27 that I kept at Spring Cove Marina in Solomons. It was the first real "yacht" that I had owned (my previous boats were dinghies and Hobie Cats) so I had lots of questions. I remember the first winter I hauled the boat at Spring Cove - Max, whom I'd met on one of the Catalina forums (probably Sailnet, which, at the time, was as popular as SA is now), met me one day on my boat. Because I live almost two hours from Solomons, I had a long list that I wanted to get through. All I can remember of that day was Max talking up a storm while I tried to work. I eventually just gave up and sat down to listen to him (I think was working on replacing my standing rigging and the spreader compression tube on the mast). It was the first time that I'd met Max and I ended up seeing him in subsequent years at the Annapolis Sailboat show manning the Catalina Owners booth. The last time I saw him was at Screwpile this year where we raced in the same class. We came close to trading paint a few times but it was funny during one mark rounding when we rounded with our bow 2 feet from his transom when he yelled back " are you guys still there? Geez, I can't get rid of you!!". Good times. I know you know Max but bottom line is he has a WEALTH of Catalina 30 knowledge and I would take advantage of him every chance you get. He may even be able to help you prioritize your list. If you want to get a decent set of Catalina OEM-like sails that are good quality and will hold up, I recommend ordering them from Rolly Tasker. I ordered a mainsail from them for my Catalina 27. It was a very nice sail. Toss the cushions and have new ones made. I've been through this twice with boats I've owned -- you will never get the smell out of the cushions - ever! Toss 'em and have some new ones made. They ain't cheap but you may be able to order some from the factory. I would definitely haul the boat for the winter and unstep the mast. Replace all the running rigging and, if I were you, replace the standing rigging, too. You can get very good, reasonably priced rigging from SECO South in Florida. They duplicated my rigging on two boats and did a great job. Just coil up and zip-tie the old rigging and ship it to them and they will duplicate. I would also consider replacing the lifelines, too. Doesn't cost much more and it will give you piece of mind. Go the uncoated route. Good luck with the new boat. You're probably going to need another job!!! I teach engineering at a local university - the money I make is my boat slush fund. Take care, cheap