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  1. Pit Bull ban in your community

    I saw Oneguy's vicious beast tonight. He sailed the Tuesday night race and spent time at Bayview. He was so malicious that licked my hand. Definitely gotta do something about him.
  2. Pit Bull ban in your community

    Well, I am certainly 'bigoted' against people like you, and sure as hell wouldn't want you as my neighbor. Or 'Peter Griffin', or Mr. 'I'll shoot any dog who doesn't recognize me as the Alpha dog'. (BJSailor? If not BJSailor, apologies for the mis-identification). All of you, please feel free not to move next door. Thank you. Thanks, id take you as my neighbor anytime. Not your dog though. I wonder what the world would be like, if everyone was like you and owned a pit? They'd all be good sailors, better fathers, and their dogs would be well behaved? Just my impression as someone who knows OGFD.
  3. Pit Bull ban in your community

    Hadn't heard that one yet. Very interesting. Gotta love GP.
  4. Pit Bull ban in your community

    Well done, OG.
  5. Older well known IOR Boats

    I knew skew would see this sooner or later and have an answer.
  6. Older well known IOR Boats

    I was born in '84, started sailing in '94 or '95. Are you thinking of North Star Sail Club? I'll have to check what I have around the house to see if I can find that design. It sounds familiar.
  7. Older well known IOR Boats

    When was this boat sailing? It was clearly before my time, but I've never even heard of this boat, and I've sailed in Detroit my whole life. What kind of boat was it?
  8. Locura Soveral 43

    Thanks skew. I've been waiting for someone to post a photo of what this boat is supposed to look like. Sure was sexy in her time.