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  1. sailsandsales

    how to fix dents in a cored boat

    Can this damage my boat? Using a hairdryer on low heat I’m assuming.
  2. sailsandsales

    how to fix dents in a cored boat

    There’s probably a dozen or so of them, all about 2-3 inches around and maybe 1/8th inch deep.
  3. sailsandsales

    how to fix dents in a cored boat

    My experience is all with Thistles and sunfish to date when it comes to fiberglass repair. My new star, has several dents in it. No cracks, around it, just a dent. I’m sure the issue is that it is a foam cored boat and when there was an impact, the core dented and it holds the dent rather then popping out like it would have on my thistle. How do you repair those dents? Is there a way to draw it out? Is it best to fill the dent with Gelcoat or some fairing compound? Or do you need to cut out the damaged fiberglass and possibly core and replace it? I’m sorry if this is a really stupid question. I really have no experience or knowledge of this stuff.
  4. sailsandsales

    “Among the most prestigious awards in sailing.”

    Well this conversation has taken a rather phycological turn. It’s another cloudy rainy day though so lets draw it out.... honestly, I call BS on the “I don’t like honors” thing when it relates to competitive sailing. Perhaps the trophy or award itself isn’t the motivating factor, but if it isn’t, then being the fastest boat on the water at that given moment sure was. Otherwise why are we racing and not pleasure sailing. We all pick our boats for different reasons. Perhaps we were given the boat and it’s our only option. Perhaps it’s because we just really enjoy that specific class. Perhaps it’s because that’s the most popular racing boat in our area of the world. Perhaps it’s because of the people locally who race them. Maybe it’s because of the events we want to sail in such as the olympics. OR perhaps its because in our mind we view the other racers at the top of the fleet as being the cream of the crop competitors that we want to measure ourselves against. Regarding some of Darth Repius’s comments there is luck in our sport. However.... we all know that the best sailors seem to get lucky the most. Otherwise how would someone like Robert Scheidt win something like 9 world titles. It’s all about percentages and risks. Talking about equipment failure. That’s part of the game. On and off the water. I’ve had things break that shouldn’t have. I also know a story about someone tinkering with something on their boat during the olympics to “improve it” and having that change fail on them because it wasn’t tested. Are we saying that was bull crap and they were robbed of their medal? I don’t think so. It’s part of the game. I know of a situation where the fastest boat on the water was OCS in a start and someone else won the event. Was that wrong? I honestly don’t think there’s any problem with this conversation because while it’s not what motivates us all. It does motivate some and those are the people to whom the question was targeted.
  5. sailsandsales

    “Among the most prestigious awards in sailing.”

    I think (coming from someone who's never won worlds OR Olympic gold) there could be truth to both sides of that argument. I'm sure the hardest thing about winning Olympic Gold, is getting invited to sail in the games. On top of that it is a MUCH bigger deal because it's about a lot more then just the sailing. You win Olympic gold for your country, you win worlds for yourself. Also, there are typically World Championships every year, vs every 4 years so there's much less opportunity to win it. However, with that said, I always felt bad for Giles Scott while Ben Ainsle was in the Finn. Giles totally deserved to go to the games and if he were living anywhere outside of Great Britain, arguably he'd have gone to the games with a legit shot at gold. I'm sure other classes have their own stories regarding that. I'm not sure I'd call Gold a low hanging fruit. But I can see how winning worlds with Robert Scheidt, Torben Grael, Lars Grael, Jorge Zarif, Mark Mendelblatt, Augie Diaz, George Szabo, and Paul Cayard all on the line could be viewed as a lot harder... especially seeing as that's only people from 2 countries in a fleet of 80.
  6. sailsandsales

    “Among the most prestigious awards in sailing.”

    I’m for sure not arguing Star worlds aren’t prestigious. I’ve always viewed Star Worlds and Finn Gold Cup as events I’d be honored to participate in and hope to soon. I guess my question is more along the lines of what other classes have that prestige. Can anyone else even get close to those 2 boats?
  7. Ok, not hating on the star class cause I Love the class, the boat and the people. Almost every one of their worlds videos states that the cup is “among the most prestigious awards in sailing.” A couple say that “winning the star worlds is more prestigious then Olympic gold.” Now, I’m a sales and marketing guy so I understand why someone would say that, my question is, What are other peoples views on the “most prestigious trophies in sailing?” I’m only really interested in 1 design buoy racing. Not the Americas cup, Off shore distance racing, or Grand Prix racing. Just an opinion conversation on a cloudy boring day...
  8. sailsandsales

    Any info on “Exact” boat builders? (Star Boats)

    It’s an ‘04 GMW. I only ask because i’ve started racing Stars. It’s a ton of fun. Just trying to learn a bit. I think my new boat’s an Exact.
  9. sailsandsales

    Any info on “Exact” boat builders? (Star Boats)

    Awesome! I met John earlier this year. Thanks for the info. Now the question is... if you can get your hands on one, is it a unicorn or a dog by modern standards.
  10. I can’t seem to find any info on boats built by Exact. There’s a few Exact Stars for sale. I’m curious if anyone knows anything about them. Where they’re from.... Anything! Looks like they were building boats around 7100 in the Mid 80’s.
  11. sailsandsales

    Annapolis "Performance" Sailing - No More-ish!

    Well, that sucks. I always liked APS. Their website was the easiest to navigate and they normally had what I wanted. Profit margins are probably a lot higher on cloths, it opens them up to a larger audience (since everyone wears clothing. you don't have to be a boat owner to be a customer), it lets them specialize and limit their inventory, and clothing wares out faster so you replace it more.... There's a ton of business reasons to do it. Not sure who they were talking to that asked for it unless my fault.... I asked if they carried a Magic Marine hiking harness and was told no. Maybe they went out and said, you know what.... he's right! Why do we have blocks and lines? We need more clothing! Ooops. Sorry guys! my bad.
  12. Bummer. That’s not mine. Thanks for the info!
  13. I did. I was able to find Marcelo and I sent a message to him, along with a message to Lars with my email address asking if he could pass it to his brother. And now we wait.... :-D
  14. That’s awesome. Where would I find his email? Could someone PM it to me if they have it?
  15. Is there a way to look up the actual hull numbers of a boat used in the Olympic Games? I just got a Star, and in looking up on the class page, found the original measurement certificate. It’s original owner was Marcelo Ferreira. Boat was measured in 1994 and it looks like it passed the buoyancy test in January of 1995. Marcelo then won the Gold in the 1996 games crewing for Torben Grael. The guy I sail with bought the boat in 1999 and I don’t see an owner between them. Adding to that..... the 1996 Olympics was in Atlanta. I know a lot of Olympic Campaigners have boats in different areas of the world to save on shipping. They also sometimes each buy one of the boats making it not a stretch to think that Torben may have sailed in a boat who’s owner was his crew. It would make a TON of sense that this boat was bought for the games, left in the US, and sold to someone here in the states. Is there any way to look up what boats exactly were used in the games? That would be SO freaking cool were it to be true!!!