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  1. I want to paint my centerboard. What's the best paint to use that will won't chip/rub off?
  2. sailsandsales

    required navigation tools

    I want to learn old school marine navigation. With charts, sextant, compass and so on. My daughter's taking Astronomy next year in school and we're thinking of learning it together as a fun potentially useful skill that's relevant to her education. I'm curious what the required tools are at minimum. Also, are there some pieces that you want to go with as high quality as you can afford and others you can justify lower end? Which would those be? Finally, I've been learning most everything from youtube. Is that the best method or are there go-to books that are a must have. Thanks for any info.
  3. sailsandsales

    best way to sell un-used parts?

    Sent you a PM. Don't want to get myself flicked for advertising something outside the classifieds. Sorry, I forgot the site had that.
  4. sailsandsales

    best way to sell un-used parts?

    I got a set of sta-masters from APS a few years ago and never ended up using them and they're the wrong size for my current boat. Has anyone had any success selling parts on ebay or anything like that? I posted it on a email list but no one's interested. Thanks
  5. sailsandsales

    Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    I race thistles with my daughter... they can't be less comfortable then that are they?
  6. I'm kicking around the idea of putting either an Etchells or a Star on a mooring and using it as a fun pleasure boat. I've always been obsessed with the old school cool factor of both, and you can get an old warn out racing boat for practically free. I'm interested in it from the point where, they're 2 of my favorite designs and since i'm not worried about racing, I don't care about fleets. I also like how they could be a platform for me to learn since their rigs are both so much more complex then my thistle. My question is... can you single hand sail either of them? and how do they do with that? I'd love to be able to go out just my daughter and I, but she's 10 and not much help at times. I need to be able to sail whichever boat i get by myself with her just able to help me with little things here and there. Thoughts?
  7. sailsandsales

    cordless hot knife?

    Has anyone used this? I did a search on google and it looks identical to a Japanese foam cutter with a different blade. I'm curious if anyone's used it and if it's any good. I like the idea of a cordless hot knife. Using it in the boat yard sure would be more convenient. I'd probably is it a LOT more then a corded one. I've been taping, cutting and burning the ends right now. No outlets anywhere near where I work. Thanks!
  8. sailsandsales

    gauge for checking light tensions

    I never did that because i wanted it repeatable and wanted a number. Guess I should have thought about the fact that my tuning note can be... "3 turns off from 5". Not sure why i never thought of doing that. Thanks
  9. sailsandsales

    gauge for checking light tensions

    I race thistles and the top diamond needs to be VERY light tension. My Loos Pro Gauge starts at 4, but we always go to 5 just so we can tell the tension is the same side to side. Basically we tighten it up till the gauge JUST moves. I'd love to be able to run looser but want it even. I'm curious if the spinlock gauge or the standard (not at all accurate) loos gauge works at lower tensions then the pro gauge does.
  10. sailsandsales

    chain motor for yacht club boat hoist.

    Our hoist stopped working today and I think the motor may have gone bad. It's a 1/2 ton CM Lodemaster. Im curious what other clubs use. The lodemaster appears to be about $2100 which is well out of my feet budget. I guess I didn't know what to expect for a cost. Maybe that's just how much this stuff costs. At that price though, maybe it's worth having someone try to rebuild it?
  11. sailsandsales

    GPS tracker for dinghy racing

    For my practice I don't care if it's live. I'd assume that I'd want to be able to interface with the live trackers though when i go to an event. Thanks all for the info. I hadn't heard of most of those.
  12. sailsandsales

    GPS tracker for dinghy racing

    The thistle class just amended the rule last week to allow the use of electronic position tracking so long as it is not able to be viewed from onboard. I'm curious what this opens up as options for me now. I did a bit of research and it appears that Kattach is a very popular one (and likely the reason for the rule change). It's a rather pricey subscription however meaning that it'll likely be used at large regattas but not really practical for my club racing or practice. I'm pretty sure Speed Pucks and Pro Starts track location and are good for practice, but (I could be wrong) they don't appear to be supported for the Kattach program. I'm curious if there are any GPS trackers that would allow me to access the data personally without a subscription for my own personal use, while still interfacing with Kattach or something similar when at a large event. Thanks!
  13. sailsandsales

    PFD vs Buoyancy Aid

    quick question to tack onto this thread... if you sail a class in the US that doesn't stipulate that it must be USCG approved don't you still need an adequate number of approved PFD's on the boat for each person? I race a thistle and have often thought about buying a Zhik or Sail Racing buoyancy aid, but the thing that's kept me from doing it was that I didn't want to risk getting in trouble if the coasties came by and realized I didn't have the other PFD's in the boat. As far as I'm concerned... I like a small pocket to hold a knife/whistle/audio tape for tell tails. I also want it so I can move in any direction and not feel bound up. I've got an old Astral Willis that I love. If I was to improve on it, I'd say... put less compression straps on it so it's a bit more simple and there's less going on.
  14. sailsandsales

    Opti or Bic for an 8 year old

    Lots of good info here. Knowing my little girl, she's on the timid side so stability will be a huge issue out of the gate. She also LOVES to swim and I can easily see her being the kid who flips when she's bored and climbing around on the bottom of the hull. Our club doesn't have any JR. racing so if she wants to race it'd be when she's sunfish sized. I would love to be the dad who takes her around to regattas but I know i've got to be careful and not push to hard into that and kill the love of the water for her. She's been out in my thistle quite a bit and loves it. I've always taken the advice of a good friend however and had it so when she's scared or bored... we go in as soon as she asks. Even if it's mid race and I'm winning. We've got some crappy club opti's that I'm going to rig up and take her out in tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe we start there and see where it goes. If she loves the opti... she won't know any better and I'll get her one. IF not... I'll try and get my hands on a Bic for her to try and see if that's any better. Worst case... she never single hands and we sail thistles together. Thanks for all the feedback! It was actually fairly re-firming of what I already assumed.
  15. sailsandsales

    Opti or Bic for an 8 year old

    My daughter's just getting into sailing and I'm looking for a boat to get her. I've got a fair amount of experience with Opti's, but aside from looking at them and loading them onto a trailer no experience with the Open Bic. What is the best size range for each boat? Do the Bic's have any options to de-power them like the optic's do with the different stiffness's of boom?