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  1. deep c

    Sailing Dinghy Recommendations

    Think you’re looking for something that may not exist. Fatty Knees 7 (may not be avail new) tows great, rows sweet with 7 ft oars, carries 2.5 (.5=kid), fun to sail, small fits on bow of Vancouver 27. But, heavy for its size, waste of time for an outboard, will never plane, expensive. Maybe build a Nutshell?
  2. Latest news is mandatory quarantine going fro RI to NY, NJ, CT, or MA. So don’t stop in RI if you intend to go anyplace else close. 500$ fine if they catch you in MA.
  3. deep c

    Video editing & "quick cuts"

    Entitlement. I can do what I want, legal or not, dangerous or not, inconsiderate, rude or not (camping in left lane, speeding; add in making a 5 ft inner harbor wake (eat shit M/V Aphrodite), 85 dB party at 0230 (eat shit neighbor), unmasked, MAGAts). It’s what’s driving the US to shithole status. Re speeding, karma sucks. On my routine 16 m trip to Uni you’ll pass me at 70 in a 40, jam on your brakes at the toll, and be exactly 10 feet in front of me 14 miles and three traffic lights later. Until you’re ticketed, then I’ll get there sooner.
  4. Acorn to Arabella is racing Leo to the water but the skills are Leonardo-like. Building a big double ender.
  5. Was in Plum Point Cove there about this time last year. Beware the yahoos with massive boom boxes And towed jet skis rafted up all day on the weekend. It looked like a peaceful quiet anchorage until.... At least they all left by 2200 or so.
  6. RI is open but the pita of travel has changed the demographics of visitors to mostly day-trippers from nearby. NY, NJ, FL part time residents starting to show up. COVID status about stable but signs not promising with shitty risk abating compliance by the hordes. Newport has turned into a trash-ridden post apocalyptic shithole downtown and the prudent mariner will pass on by and hit Bristol or maybe Dutch Harbor or Wickford if you must stop in R.I.
  7. REC is regional exam center. Used to be you went there to test. If Mr J in Honolulu didn’t think you were worthy you didn’t get too far. The local “... Captain” school around here will pass a soap dish if they’ll pay, and that’s why the local cattle cars are to be held to a distant CPA. Wouldn’t wipe my okole with a 100 ton ticket these days.
  8. Spot on info. TWIC, drug test, physical exam, REC bullshit. If you’re not sailing it’s not worth it. All that plus the hordes going to “get your license in one day no REC testing” and their lying on sea time makes a ticket near worthless. For those eligible a continuity renewal is the way to go, you can always sail where a license isn't needed and no 5 year pita.
  9. deep c

    fishing boat tries to mate with J105

    Also spoke around but might have mentioned proportional liability. By not taking action by maneuvering, sounding appropriate signals, the sailboat will bear some portion of the blame for this collision.
  10. deep c

    it'sa pizza anarchy

    Google up “King Arthur pizza crust“. Been doing their recipes for a while can’t go wrong. A little time consuming only for the lengthy rises but totally worth the wait. Or go here:
  11. deep c

    Elect a game show host they said

    Do you not understand stochastic terrorism?
  12. deep c

    Dinghys on very small keelboats

    In answer to the OP, hard dink is better in port but worse on at sea, lots depend on how and where you use the boat. We cruised and lived aboard a Vancouver 27 in Hawaii and New England with a 7 foot Fatty Knees. Hawaii you're going no place without the dink strapped on deck, and then it's a royal pita getting around to the bow. But the boat fit, just, between mast and inner forestay and you could get around her on the side decks. New England otoh we towed the dink everyplace we went and never felt the need to put her aboard. Had an Avon like in the picture, soggy cardboard rows better truthfully and inflate/deflate is a drag. But they do fit in the lazarette and no worries underway either onboard or towing. On the thread drift to why go small? We're on 23 feet now (not living aboard but cruising). Lots of good reasons to stay small. Around here our marina sells by the foot, like about $100 per per season. Sails, bottom paint and almost everything else ends up lots less expensive over time. More importantly I can sail the boat singlehanded easily, handling sails, reefing, docking, anchoring, mooring is all within solo capability, easily. And I can wax the hull in a half day or less, clean the bottom with a snorkel, and when we visit places folks feel sorry for us and let us come alongside for showers, ice, dinner, beers, you name it. And you can still go places pretty handily. Singlehanded up from Annapolis to New England took 8 days with only one overnight passage and sleeping on the hook or alongside every night but the one. Ok, it's not a two night offshore transit, but with two aboard I'd have done that, and maybe taken a half day longer. Long run, depends on your tolerance for living small.
  13. deep c

    Garmin 741XS touch screen not working

    Thanks for the reply, no joy on the software update. You can tell the screen gets input, but way to the right of where the actual touch button is. Problem is it's stuck on a screen where the touch button is way right on the screen. Garmin suggests repair for $300, not so certain a good deal considering 7 year old charts in the thing and unreliable now. I will say Garmin chat and email are pretty responsive to query, but not so happy with having to replace but 7 years not a bad run.
  14. 7 year old GPS touch screen not responding to fingertip. Calibrated screen but that did not solve the problem. Reset to defaults, still don't work. Would try to recalibrate the screen again but it's accessed from the "setting" tab and that doesn't respond. I did notice that resetting defaults got the fathometer to work again so maybe the seven years out of the machine is all expected? Any further ideas? Software update was suggested, if this is the case not quite clear on how it's accomplished any advice appreciated. If it's toast, any recommendations for a replacement? All I need is GPS/chartplotter but the fathometer is nice to have and comes with all of them it seems.
  15. Wouldn't use anything not easily removable ie 4200/epoxy etc. I used foam from a swimming noodle cut to shape to seal up the otherwise open to the sea gap between mahogany cap and fiberglas centerboard trunk, similar size gap. Easy to shove into the space, compressible, dirt cheap, can't see it once it's there, and removable if need be. You could get fancy and cut up a sheet of ensolite or other closed cell foam into a donut shape that fits hidden under the pan liner and squish that into there. Key to working on the boat: anything you do will have to be undone at some point in time.