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  1. The important term you cited is "command culture." My background command at sea/ashore, sea duty Atlantic/Pacific/Med/Mideast/Southpac. To quote Melville (Billy Budd), "In their general bearing and conduct the commissioned officers of a warship naturally take their tone from the Commander, that is if he have that ascendancy of character that ought to be his." I hope the sailors of FITZ did not suffer under a Captain who did not suffer those calls at night poorly. Piss poor command culture causes more accidents than it gets credit for. One thing not mentioned yet is the Navy's (relatively) new policy of "XO/CO fleet up" where the XO comes aboard, serves a term as XO and then relieves his boss as CO. IMO this policy was the death of accountability, and more than once has resulted in a new CO who has an old set of eyeballs when it comes to fixing the errors of his predecessor (and we all made errors). Better a new CO, with a fresh look at policies and procedures. Not necessarily to change things, most certainly not in the beginning of his/her watch, but one who has no investment in the status quo and an acceptance of, perhaps, suboptimal watch standing routines and practices. Awful what happened aboard FITZ and sorrow for the lost sailors and all those impacted by this tragedy.
  2. Real bad idea. http://www.medicaldaily.com/new-tattoo-warnings-man-dies-flesh-eating-bacteria-after-swimming-gulf-mexico-418338
  3. One or two things not mentioned yet. I'm an NP and been there, done that with Nursing education, 8 years worth. Look at BSN program's NCLEX pass rates. Not worth looking if the school isn't passing a high percentage of grads. Look at clinical time offered. A lot of new RNs meet their first employers when they do their clinical hours, and health care facilities often scout employees by offering "student nurse" jobs that are 1/2 way between CNA and RN in scope of practice. More clinical availability, more opportunity. As far as this: ".....she's looking at being a nurse practitioner. Which means a couple extra years which also means the potential for a second school to choose At some point....." Shouldn't even be a consideration. Most (not all, and not for every student) grad programs require some minimum amount of time working as an RN before the MSN/DNP matriculation, my school was two years. Which makes the first time pass NCLEX and availability of clinical experiences even more valuable. Association with a teaching hospital is probably the best you could look for. Nursing is a great way profession, but of all the potential college majors the "where" you go has the least impact because RN students spend comparatively very little time on campus after the first year or two.
  4. Any insight? Why would Navy have punted away on 4th with so little time remaining and only 1 TO? Bummer from a squid's perspective.
  5. As already noted, that sextant is a Freiberger, the more expensive model and quite nice to use once you get used to it. Bowditch has an extensive description on sextant adjustment, my 1984 ed. vol. 1 (from my time as Navigator) has it on pp. 424-429. Nice instrument.
  6. Our 17 year old fiberglass boat has only been out of the salt water 4 times, and in the past ten years only out for a week at the times we hauled to sand and paint. It's probably gained a bit of water weight but no blisters to speak of. I think the value of keeping it in the water and avoiding lift and storage damage beats any issues, and gives us longer boating seasons to boot. Only worry I ever had was freezing, but two winters ago we had six inches of ice around the boat, enough to walk on, and the only damage was a bit of scraped bottom paint at the water line. As for fresh water, seems like fiberglass water tanks handle it fine, but there may be an osmotic difference between fresh and salt...best for a chemist to answer.
  7. Spot on re the Steiners. We've a pair of 6x30s from about that long ago, only had to replace the lens caps and eye cups and Steiner provided for nothing. Nice 7x50 here for $299, can't vouch for the vendor: http://www.sportoptics.com/steiner-marine-binoculars.aspx
  8. Not only that, tipping isn't customary or expected. So yeah, that burger in a restaurant might cost $14. But when you factor out a 20% tip and a 6-8% local tax, it's more like $11.25 or so. Then when you consider that's in Kiwibucks, that burger is more like $8.50 or so USD, which is closer to the price you see in a Chili's back stateside. Which is pretty reasonable, unless they sneak beets onto it. Or Pour Judgment at $9.50 burger and beer with fries. Prev poster left out Scratch, Mission, Franklin Spa (ok not on Broadway), Rosemary & Thyme (ditto) for those of us in town with less wallet displacement than the Newport Shipyard yacht owners. Course Newport ain't the best place in the world with winter coming on, at least till Frostbiting starts.
  9. Join the military. With a degree you're an officer. After four years your salary essentially doubles considering all the allowances, promotion pay raises, and 4 yos. Some shitty jobs in the military might even come with loan forgiveness (as much as it pains me to see fools that accrue $200k in loans get off like this...it's the deal that's at least more honorable than bankruptcy.) If the spouse is staying home anyway with the high cost of child care, it's even easier. And no more health insurance bills, moving bills, costs go way down. Otherwise suck it up and start paying it off. Too many stupid decisions to drop his debt on other's backs.
  10. Google up "Maker Lab" and you may find a place to do the job. Around here there's one by the local alt high school that's got the equipment to make up that piece. Seems a popular thing lately, even the public library now has a 3d printer.
  11. +1 this is it.
  12. Topping lift to take the strain off the leech? Works on our big catboat with single line first reef. Top up, ease the halyards, pull the reefing line, take up the halyards. Tie the pendants at your leisure.
  13. +1. Up to Ronstan today with the keiki's broken watch. Long tour in high school and now college sailing. Only question was: "What color do you want?" Ronstan stands behind the stuff it sells.
  14. Fresh gas? Our 3.5 Merc four stroke is real sensitive to the ethanol spiked gas and sometimes coughs up similar symptoms. Idles fine but dies when you give it throttle. Never happens with fresh gas. Only thing I've figured is that watery fuel settles to the bottom of the internal tank.
  15. Step by step from another forum. Works a treat, but get the recommended tube as the valve stem fits well. Hot glue gunned the valve stem in the existing hole. http://sailingforums.com/threads/diy-easy-seitech-dolly-tire-repair-inner-tube-insert.17390/