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  1. Odd Weather/Lee Helm

    Not quite certain. Yesterday (in 8-12 knots wind), somewhere over 10 knots, maybe 10,5-11. The 12,6 1km average was upwind, but maybe giving away 5 degrees.
  2. Odd Weather/Lee Helm

    Couple of good solo outings with my Astus 16.5 here in Oslo the last days. 8-12 knots of wind from the south, sadly it quickly gets rather choppy when not in lee of some of the islands. Very little current. My phone is tracking the course, and on flat water it shows tacking angels around 88-90, but as soon as I get out in the chop it is more like 95-100, and the chop really hurts the speed. The boat is too short and too light to penetrate the chop (and not nimble as a dinghy). The fjord does not at all give me the same combo of flat water and wind as Tom is having, meaning I am not close to his speeds, but sti´ll speeds are impressive; friday top speed 15,6 knots, today 12,6 knots (this is best average speeds over 1km). Last season my centerboard delaminated (old version, new one is stronger according to the yard - my boat is hull no 1), but this summer nothing at all is broken and everything works nicely. I have had none of the issues of Tom (my boat is behaving similar on both tacks), so to me it seems like he must have had bad luck. I hope Tom is finding a solution to his problems, but also that Astus is selling a heap of great fun affordable boats.
  3. Odd Weather/Lee Helm

    I bought my Astus 16.5 last summer. It is hull number one. I do not have the same trouble as you Tom. Mine reacts the same way on both tacks. Depending on how it is sheeted, it is going down or up when I let the rudder go. Rather quickly (compared to my former boat, a modified JS9000, veeery directionally stable). So far I find the Astus easy to control singlehanded, except when I am trying to sail it into my berth. The boat is a real handful in a cramped marina. I have been doing 14-16 knots on a regular basis in moderate breeze. Up until now conditions have not been letting me go faster, but I would assume it possible to reach at least 20 knots with the kite up. You do not have to hike so hard to get the same speed. So far there has been too little wind or too choppy seastate to find out, but a day with fresh northern breeze and flat water will come at last. I find it fairlty easy to keep it upright, avoiding to bury the leeward float by hiking hard and playing the mainsail and/or kite sheet. I find the rudder behaving fine, very seldom losing grip. My only serious problem was when my first daggerboard delaminated last summer. We were two up, sailing in 20-22knots of wind, when the boat suddenly was impossible to tack. We looked under the boat only to find the daggerboard wallowing freely. We got a new daggerboard swiftly from France, and it is said to be of stronger construction. Till now the new daggerboard has behaved nicely. Compared to my JS9000 the reliability of the Astus 16.5 is like a miracle. It just feels very solid, and delivers a lot of joy for the money. And very pleasant in our norwegian fjords with heaps of rocks to get rid of 2,4m of depth and a bulb with winglets. The speed is similar, but the fun is greater (upwind the speed is actually much better).