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  1. New Flying Phantom Essentiel

    ???? You Where do you read that on the Essentiel??? I think you confused comments on another project. The Essentiel hull is not F18 Class legal as it is epoxy / foam core built and will not accept straight boards. . Only way hull to be hull class legal is to be epoxy / wood core. You need to read well articles before transcripting what you think you understood. An F18 Class legal hull with a convertible dagger case is a project we will do coming months with a known A-Class / F18 builder. Cheers. "In fact this project , the new Phantom 'Essentiel' is basically what we have in mind as plan B for the F18 Scorpion hull, and I even wrote a for the record document some months ago for the F18 Class WC, not on the foiling per se, but on the ability to fit a 4pt foiling boards setup on a convertible dagger case a la Nacra 15 and epoxy hulls (no carbon) construction to add structural support and longer life and the alternative to use the same platform in floating F18 legal racing mode and foil for fun."
  2. New Flying Phantom Essentiel

    Weight means bigger foils which means heavy weight foils which then means higher over all weight, which means a stronger layup, you get the picture. As to the Capricorn, it's one of the smaller F18 hulls and would make a great foiler conversion but my Capricorn hulls are nearly 54kgs each such is the agricultural build of the F18's ( nothing against AHPC but why economise on weight when the total sum is going to be under class weights ), but you can by them for £4K or less, say 3k on 2 main foils, T foil rudder extensions say .5k and voila one pretty good foiling workhorse. Maybe there is life yet for the F18 class. Go for the new Capricorn F18
  3. New Flying Phantom Essentiel

    The Phantom has always been a painted boat. Even the first F18 phantoms were painted.
  4. New Flying Phantom Essentiel

    Boat is designed to be a foiler or a class legal F-18. Trunks will accept a straight foil, rudders and remove wings and you will be class legal for F18 racing.
  5. scotw

    The original pic looks like a ransom picture.
  6. Nacra 20 or Phantom Foiler?

    SF Bay I have the info for the FP in the bay.
  7. Artemis?

    Artemis just picked up 2 more N20 FCS for here in Alameda. Anyone want a couple FP18's?
  8. Jules Verne Trophy

    IDEC with the big rig before it switched. 2 reefs in the main, standard jib and 20 people on board we did 35.9 knots downwind at 110 deg and 14 knots of wind. The boat cut throught the water with little to no effort. They will only suffer for the small rig if the wind is below 15. Anything above they would be reefed any way. Why carry extra weight?
  9. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    A boat like SD 2 doesn't change direction very quickly. While sailing a similar Trimaran it took about 5 seconds to get 15 degrees of change in true course change at about 20 knots. Add in rear swing and they were done no time to maneuver.
  10. never fuckin' mind

    So, what are you in for? Drugs?
  11. never fuckin' mind

    Driving that train, High on cocaine.
  12. Bad Times in Mobile

    Second body has been found.
  13. Sea Shepherds New Toys...

    U.N. court orders Japan to halt whale hunt http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/31/world/asia/japan-whale-hunt/index.html
  14. never fuckin' mind

    Two whole fried Chickens.