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  1. Chilli Eater

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Sorry sailors of the world, but betting the IJ will be getting a little Xmas bonus in their bank acc’s and the protest will get swept under the carpet, And the big C won’t win, sorry again but a family with that much cash and a boat that only does the Hobart doesn’t like that silver wear leaving their mantle piece...... can’t see the any other outcome
  2. Chilli Eater

    Transat Jacques Vabre

    The 60s are about 900 miles behind the VO Dogs, there’s still a chance of a catch up......
  3. Chilli Eater

    Transat Jacques Vabre

    Even with a couple of hundred mile head start, I’m backing the 60’s to catch the Dogs to the equator, or get dam close........
  4. Chilli Eater

    Transat Jacques Vabre

    What’s the chances of the 60s beating the Volvo dogs to the equator? Any thoughts
  5. Chilli Eater

    Team Vestas grounded

    No comment..............
  6. Chilli Eater

    New Cubed - First Supermaxi Since Speedboat

    If the section of the case is big enough, you can put curved boards in the boat as long as the radius of the board doesn't exceed the case section, with self aligning bearings - Note Prb had this as to be able to change the boards with out having to put new cases in the boat...........
  7. Chilli Eater

    New Cubed - First Supermaxi Since Speedboat

    Got to admit it doesn't look too pretty as it is at the moment.. Only thing even remotely innovative on this one is the single-skin hull with stringers. Never been done on a boat this big, and is significantly lighter than core/panel construction. Otherwise, it is a very conventional canter, designed well to achieve some very specific goals. VPLP have been doing single skin in the bow for years......... check out Safran, Groupe Bel etc etc. I would of guessed it had by knowing it was a VPLV design..... nothing new there Mr Clean dude