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  1. Cunningham

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Its still cold out. 14 VX Ones confirmed all should be here by end of this month.
  2. Cunningham

    what is it?

    I got even more interesting results from a google search. I only know what 3 of these items are.
  3. Cunningham

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    I've attached some info on the RCYC VX program, were nearly at 2 containers which will mean 14 VX's by next summer. A few other clubs on the north shore have expressed interest and are welcome to attend the info session. The idea is to have them participate in midweek racing from May - September, join in on 3 - 4 weekend regattas and also have 3 - 4 one day regattas through the summer. We are planning to keep the Ideal 18 and Sonar fleets as Club owned and used by their respective user groups for the foreseeable future. I'd also like to add that we do have a fairly active youth sailing program, approximately 300 youth go through it each summer, and spring and fall sailing is around 60 participants. We do want to see more active sailing at RCYC and the VX is one of the avenues that hopes to achieve that. 2017 - Kwasind VX ONE.pdf