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  1. Vadim_go

    Crew avail. Nyc area

    On anything specific or any cruiser would work? Daysailing or long transits? Would you consider local racing?
  2. Vadim_go

    Recommendations for first time boat build.

    There are reasons very few boats are built in aluminum, and even less of them by amateur homebuilders, regardless of the size. Or, I would say, you have to have a reason to want an aluminum boat. Every boat is a compromise. Trailerable and homebuild are big limitations already. The usual approach would be, "what technology I can use to build a boat in a reasonable time, for reasonable amount of $". It is not enough to be a crazy dreamer (we all are, or we would not hanging on sailing forum), you have to be specifically qualified and with specialized equipment available to work with aluminum. Would you like to share your logic?
  3. How do you know he is not paying his marina bill? Or, to rephrase, does anybody know for a fact what is (was) his arrangement with the marina? Other than that, you can call him whatever you want, it does not matter really. That thingy (Yacht?!!) is still afloat, and he build it! I do not want to repeat what everybody said about the design and building methods. On that topic I am the least qualified, I just do some sailing and little of boat work on my own boat. However, quite a lot of highly successful people (and widely admired and respected) made and are getting away with paying only if they have to, pushing the envelops, cutting corners etc. Hell, there are so many ways do describe what is basically, wrong way to do it. Builders use inferior materials, doctors charge for unnecessary procedures, athletes usingsome "pharma products" that give them an edge over the competition... The list is endless. Ethics, integrity, fair opportunity, even bills paid - sounds nice, but rarely happening (if you can get away with it). Lets give this guy a break and concentrate on the topic of that "yacht" being afloat, or, maybe, even sailing somewhere, like, anywhere.