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  1. Southern Straights 17

    Div splits are up on the website.......... So downwind start and run to Sisters, that will be nice, then the lights go out, wind will shut off and the real race will begin:) Glad Im not delivering today - though tomorrow doesn't look much better.
  2. Olson 40 Turbo in the classifieds

    I think the rating of 50 is for frac kites only - go masthead and things will get pricier in terms of rating hit!
  3. B 36.7 vs C&C 110

    Having owned a 110 for 6 years ( with sprit option ) and raced it extensively, and won against all of the boats mentioned above- I might be a little biased........with that said the 110 was replaced by the 115 for a reason and I think they addressed the issues that most of the 110's you will find sale have in terms of meeting the performance you will expect. The only issue with the 115 is the weight - its just too heavy to sail upwind in less than 6 knots! The 110 is heavy - especially in the aft end of the boat. It will only dig holes in the water - regardless of the amount of cloth you put up and the wind you do it in. That said, - it will sail along at 8-9 knots for ever in 12-15 + knots of breeze. Upwind you need to move crew weight forward - like you start hiking at the shrouds and the guys line up forward from there - it looks goofy but it works. You will also need a proper foil as the boat responds - needs to have a lot of forstay adjusting to power up the sail plan. I liked the interior - except the aft cabin if you are taller than 5'8" requires you sleep left - right, not front - back in the boat. Ok at the dock, but at night, well it doesn't work. The boat that performs the best is the J 109 - but won't be had for this price - and I found much smaller inside.
  4. Round The County 2015

    I was on Prime and we had a bunch of fun for the weekend for sure. We knew we were in tough in the division we were in - either we were too short to compete with waterline or too heavy to have a chance vs the real sporties like P&D! Have to say, Poke and Destroy were untouchable! Very impressive for sure.
  5. Round The County 2015

    First off - we do the AYC Friday night option...... Our shore guy shops for lunches and gets all the fixings sorted for a roast dinner Saturday night in the house we rent a few miles from Roche Harbour. He drives us to the boat on Saturday morning from the motel - then he hops on the ferry - checks into the house - drops off all the crew gear in the house - starts dinner early in the afternoon - then comes down to the dock and meets us with the cooler. Sunday morning we get up - he drives us to the boat - then cleans up the house, packs our gear back in the truck - then makes his way to the ferry - then drives back home. When we get back to our dock - Pt Roberts - we stop by his place late Sunday night and everyone collects their stuff......... He's a retired guy who loves sailing - races in our club on Saturday's - but passes on doing the big cold races now - so comes along for the weekend......we spot his stay, food, gas, and beers - he's happy and so are we:)
  6. Round The County 2015

    We do option # 3 as well.......we have a volunteer who does shore support for us, makes all the difference in the world!
  7. Gary W Mull

    Clockwork Rocketship is owned by Blair ( Bozo) a long time crew member of Als's......that boat is up the river or in his yard - forever being worked on.
  8. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    This is troubling most people call it physics. Bottom line is that J Boats designed this boat without a code zero. J Boats don't have an opinion on how to set it up. So, owners need to come up with conservative rigging scenarios so they don't break things. There will be dealers from what I have been told that are going to rig code zeros from the pole with a bobstay. We will see how well that does. We have our bow prod today, but it won't stop us down the road from going to a more aggressive setup if it proves out to be working well. Rule #1 in racing is to keep things in one piece. Well said..........I think a lot of it has to do with where you sail and what you truly will be doing with the zero. Where you are it will be used as a blast reacher more so than a true upwind sail IMO .......that I would bet will mean less luff pressure required but the pole will under go more lateral movements. In the PNW where we would use the zero for true upwind sailing and it is critical then to get max vmg to grind the #$#@$@ out of the halyard, thus the pole would be pointing up and not last 15 minutes or the first decent wave. I think I prefer the look of the boat with the fixed prod but off the pole will be faster.......if the pole survives that is
  9. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    My J/111 hull #4, the Invisible Hand, received its PHRF rating today of 36 (San Francisco Bay Area) That seems fair.......I was guessing 33-36 for it........for your area ( windy ) I would of thought 33 while the PNW in a lighter venue, 36 ! Either way, I think it is competitive and fair.
  10. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    What were conditions? I've only seen those kind of speeds with "white sails" up on my J/90. possibly over the ground speed, not water speed???? still impressive though
  11. J35 Anarchist

    Obviously not that fast, but 13Knots, flat water, 27TWS, 1-1/2 oz spinaker. 14 knots, #3 only, 40TWS. Lots of 11-12Knots. Here is a cool vid from Europe of 19.2 knots: A friend with Jabiru did a sustained 16+ in about 30 knots with a decent sea behind them.......... JP