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  1. this is my hood. about a mile away. never heard the shots, the lock down for schools just lifted as they got the shooter. what a f'n mess.
  2. The problem is pitbull apologists asserting that it is somehow irrational to be fearful of pitbulls. There is nothing irrational about it whatsoever. It is irrational to expect a dog that has been selectively bred for aggression to be docile. A pitbull owner who is surprised by his dog's aggressive behavior is like a border collie owner who is shocked when his dog tries to herd 4-year-olds on a nursery school playground. They're both idiots. Exactly - Pitbulls have been bread to fight other dogs. The human aggressive nature was culled out of the breed. How could there be dog fights if they turned on their owners in the pit. I wouldn't trust my pit in a dog park, but she hasn't met a person who she has not liked. She really works on scared shitless dog haters. There has to be some responsibility for people not to assume all dogs are friendly. To think they are is stupid. I've been bit by dogs and none of them have been pits.
  3. Pit's are reponsible for a good number of attacks, but why then don't the authorities that reseach these incidents propose banning the breed. Or maybe there's more to it. How about the fact that most Pit Bulls, like people start out with a pretty clean slate and douche bags whoe get then, toughen them up, then don't police their dangerous dog and people get bit. http://www.atts.org/stats1.html Check out the stability tests per breed. They're pretty solid dogs. If that Steeler player treated his dog the way Vick did, no wonder there's trouble. If you have a Pit in your neighborhood, go find out what it's all about before you start screaming that the sky is falling. You might just find out it's a good dog. but go find out about it first.
  4. We're a Republic - We're governed by Law. So back to the discussion on banning. So you rid yourself of Pit's - what's next, all the scum bags who want a bad ass dog will go on to the next one, say Rots, then German Shep. And so on. Where would it stop. Educate yourself and your family to stay away from unfriendly dogs adn how to act when they approach. I'm a pit owner - my dog get's along with everyone. But we do have a knuckle head who rescued a chewed up big male fighter who does not like people. That's not smart to have a round a suburban neighborhood. I'd agree that that dog should go. But banning a breed isn't the way to go. And don't move next door to me - for all I know you'll want to ban the Irish next. my point precisely! the fact that one guy is a responsible pit owner doesnt make up for all the owners who arent as responsible. those are the pits im worried about. anywho, im throwing in the towel on this discussion- its pretty lame that the pro-pit crowd has to make this all weird and personal, not sure what OGFD's family situation or sailing skills have to do with a public policy debate on the legality of municipalities banning specific dog species. This isnt about one person's pit. this is about laws regulating dog ownership. if anyone wants to turn the discussion back to a scholarly one, or say what law or authority you feel stops municipalities from banning things like specific animal species, then speak up, otherwise this discourse turns into an emotion filled shit flinging fest, with gov's bizzare analogies on the side. this is pathetic-- we got all the lawyers- mr clean, fastr sailor, etc chiming in for the pits, but can one of you kindly present a legal argument for why a democratic society shouldnt be able to police itself as to what kind of beasts are allowed to occupy a particular neighborhood?
  5. We have a 5 yr old pit and have used two different trainers. One was the click and treat, the other wtih the pronged collar. Not sure which one is better, but she wears the pronged collar and loves the walks.
  6. Dogs bite. Even Cocker Spaniels bite if provoked. Only a Pit Bull will chew a person's leg off. This is a guys who sholdn't have Pitt bulls, but will get whatever big dog he can. He had 9 in his house.. So if the pit bull get's banned in North Detroit, will he go get a Poodle? No, Next it will be a Rot or Presa. Then we'll have to start banning them.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVknM7mxMCg
  8. You should get a pit. They're great cat / neighbor repellent AND make wonderful family dogs.
  9. With the largest number of dog bites fatalities in Texas, CA, and Alaska the question is - What are you doing to these dogs to make em kill? We have lots of Pits here in VA but there have been a total of 4 dog related fatalities (all breeds) since 1979. Why is it the the CDC and every other advisory group does not support a ban on breeds? They stress education. And if we were to ban breeds, you have to start with German Shephards - they killed the most number of humans from 1978 to 1980. So If my count is right, we're banning Presa's, Pit's, Rot's Shephards, Husky's, (Any) wolf mix, Malamute's, Dobermans, Chow's, Great Danes, and St. Bermards. We should also ban Italians - they have the highest risk of being in the Mafia - and I know a neighbor that was once bean up by an Italian - so he must be in the mafia. Can we wipe out their aggresive traits too. Don't let your kids near Italians - RUN (actually, don't run - that will make them chase you) The irish aren't much better....
  10. I see your point - It's not that the lab owner has to know the signals of a dog who doesn't interact well with other dogs or is flat out dog aggresive, he doesn't. It's that he assumed that our dog wanted to interact with his. Use some common sense - don't asume every dog is happy go lucky. The only dog that bit me was a cocker spaniel, i thought it was friendly. "If an attack had occured" - don't make them out to be worse then they are, 99.99% of time it's all bark. Our dog has had the chance and has only barked at other dogs, even when the poodle down the block bit her face. (then the poodles owner got mad when our dog shook it off and the little shit flew about 3 feet) Like we've been talking about in this thread - a quick "hey is your dog friendly" or something to that effect, would be a good start for any two dogs to meet. We usually cross the street and get out of everyone's way. This doesn't mean shit when dogs travel in packs, been abused, or are defending their yards. There are some mean dogs, we see more than we'd like. be careful. Being that we're the owners of "one of those" (we've heard that) all we ask is that you communicate before thowing your and our dog into a new situation. Since our dog doesn't get along well with many dogs, we work very hard to ensure she doesn't growl or bark when we're out on a walk. If you run into what seem like normal folks walking a pit - talk to them. They'll tell you what's going on. If you see pits running through your neighborhood scaring the shit out of people, have them picked up. There is a stigma about pits, we try to work hard to change peoples perception of OUR dog. We don't try to own any parks - we don't go to dog parks, you'll hardly ever see us at any crowded places. Most pit owners do their own thing. I treat every dog we meet as aggresive until the owner tells me otherwise. We don't do anything special, just give them some room. But I'm speaking about my dog.
  11. You don't have to - stay the fuck away from us. Do you feel unsafe on a regular basis? Would banning pit bulls make you feel safer? Then the thugs will go get Rotties and you'll be back to sqare one, pissing your pants. I agree with one of your later comments, which is close to what the CDC had to say. Educate kids, educate the owners, and enforce the rules in place. If there are bad pits (or any other dog for that matter - running around) take them out. Have a nice weekend - we're about to get pissed on by Hanna. In the mean time, wear your seatbelt, don't watch too much tv, stop smoking, lower your blood pressure and you'll save more lives than going on a crusade to ban pit bulls. Ban Vending Machines, they kill more people.
  12. BJ sailor - There's some confusion on pits. They were originally breed to herd cattle to slaughter. From there they were fought, because they are tough, tenacious, and dedicated. You are right, they kill. But there is a BIG difference in their aggresion and I've seen it in my dog. They are breed to have ANIMAL aggresion and not human aggresion. example My dog got all fired up at another dog who was behind a fence barking and carrying on. ours had her hair up, growling - and my wife grabed her snout made eye contact saying "that is un acceptable" Hair down, threat potential forgot. My wife is the one to be afraid of... Trainers, like the ones that rescued Mike Vick's dogs look for human aggresion. When they find it - they kill the dogs. As they should. Pit bull are meant to fight other dogs with their owners in the pit with them - it wouldn't be to smart to have even the chace of those dogs turning on them. We've talked to many dog trainers/expert types - they have all seen pits get into scraps, but to a person, they would rather break up a pit fighting than any other dog. Because those dogs just turn. Pits, like you said, are breed for it and have a focussed agression. It made no sense to me when I first got her, but in reading up on it, and seeing how the dog acts, it makes perfect sense. There are studies out there now showing that dog bans don't reduce fatalities - but something should be done. i'm all for owners being severely punished for bites, mandatory fix (especially on males dogs), ect.. But just flat out banning a breed is stupid.
  13. "You'll see that only pitbulls attack unprovoked and with the intention to kill" - that is complete bullshit. So if a large male dog doesn't submit to you - you're going to shoot it? What happens if you leave your gun at home that day? I hope you ask them for an IOU. From what I've found, most people don't know what a Pit looks like when it's getting aggressive. Most people get freaked out when they're playing, making all kinds of noise, back arched, with their ears down - rather than when their backs are straight and tail is wagging. I had my back turned picking up crap in a park when a guy walked right up with a lab mix behind me saying "look honey it's tail is wagging" my dog was freaking out cause I had my back to this group. She was stiff as a board & hair going up, cause their dog had startled her and the dipshit owner thought that ohh happy day, let's play. But in general I agree with both BJ's. There are ALOT of knuckle heads that own pit bulls. Many do breed them to fight and to be aggresive. Your comments had me read the following studies. Interesting that the number of dog bites have decreased significantly but the number of fatalities has stayed pretty even. The reason I find that interesting is that Pit bulls and their popularitiy have been on the rise this decade & lasts but have not increased the fatality rate. One estimate puts pit bull mixs at almost 25% of the overall dog population in the US. SO, by that generalization - pits should have wiped out a entire state by now. Keep reading, http://www.nationalcanineresearchcouncil.c...al%20Report.pdf It would apprear that Shephers are the 3rd highest offender on the fatalities list. And, yes, a Daschund made the list. http://www.dogexpert.com/FatalDogAttacks/dogbreeds.pdf
  14. Those husky shepherd mixs are responsible for more than a few deaths .. Shame on you. But your dog was mild mannered until provoked - that sounds familier. Lucky your kids didn't get attacked. Why is it hard for you to understand that my pit is every much as laid back as your dog was. For that matter Shephers can be more viscious than pits - they are trained to attack people, pits need to be neglected to get that mentality. "but kicked the snot out of every dog that ever challenged him" - that is the fucked up attitude we're talking about. It sounds like you get your rocks off by letting your dog "defend" itself.. If I followed that rule, the poodle down the block that bit my pit would be meat as would a collie and beagle. The point is avoiding that. Sounds like you and your dog are the ones we have to watch out for. Your the kind of guy who always feels threatened and would let your dog go. If your escape artist felt threatened and approached me & my dog. I wouldn't let my dog go at it. But you can bet I would - and then come find you to discuss it & drop off your dog. Don't know what your problem is with Pits, you seem to have a real bug about it. Now learning that you've had a potentially dagnerous dog yourself puts your judgement into question.