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  1. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Thank you for the update, Jim Furnish. :thumb
  2. Random PicThread

    Call Photobucket and request a dump. :dunno Seems you've shown your utility to both them *and* us, and they should be gracious enough to send you a proper method. Or, fuck 'em.
  3. yacht design for bloody amateurs

    The drawings are dated 2008. If this is correct, Tom Scott should get the WLYDO Honorable Mention plaque with Four Oak Clusters.
  4. Aggressive cardinal-

  5. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

  6. "National Cleavage Day"

    Good for you. Your wealth speaks.
  7. Random PicThread

    Insanely +1. hobot is the genius. (SmugMug has been my go-to for a long, long time. Cheap for what you get.)
  8. "National Cleavage Day"

    She still won't pay to sail with you, J6. That's your own Hell.
  9. Steel Boats

    She's a grand yacht, and well cared for. p.s. You have another Valiant 40 headed south, 'Halcyon'. Good friends, good boat, good intentions.
  10. Steel Boats

    'Airloom' was getting home on a perfect sunny afternoon, bone in her teeth and making +/- 5.5kts VMG with neutral tide (and we were anxious to get inside before the flow came back north). I took a casual cruise up front to check gear, enjoy the view, and taste some saltwater. Against a decent chop, the bow was riding through perhaps ten feet of vertical through the waves. She'd dig in, bust through, breathe on the back of the wave, and accelerate as the wave moved mid-ship. Absolutely solid. (edit: strong and stiff like a church) My stomach revolted after ten minutes and I headed aft. Tim said, "How was the ride up there?" "Not bad. How 'bout back here?" "Better. Go back up there and take 500 pounds with you." "We don't have that much beer, Tim".
  11. Steel Boats

    What a gorgeous picture of the tubby Valiant fighting the good fight— no matter how favorably that cargo ship wake sent her aloft. Notably, it is: Heading hard upwind, sheeted fairly tight. Carrying a good list, no portholes underwater nor decks awash. No reefs harmed... wait, now, the photo clearly shows land in the lee, so surely this plastic craptastic will be in pieces within the race cutoff.
  12. Argo Anarchy

    I've been around an Argo for almost ten seasons in the Alaska Range near Tok. We also have a fish wheel on the Copper River near Slana, and often hunt deep into the Wrangell Mountains. Our terrain is a mix of tundra, truly wet squishy bog areas, dry and rocky, often steep, and for a few months: frozen the fuck over. The Argo is a funky rig and has amazing capabilities when in top shape and well-maintained. We mostly use it to haul in the camp setup weeks ahead of hunting time, and to transport the fish wheel up the banks before winter so that the Spring breakup flows don't take it all downriver. Every Spring the channels are new, so the wheel is set in a new spot each year. Some of Dad's old friends are simply big, fat Old Guys and the Argo helps a bunch when hauling out fish or game that the guys simply can't carry anymore. Now: Argos are expensive, demand consistent maintenance, and are not without limitations. They don't handle being overloaded very well, or the drives get strained and when something breaks on a Argo you're pretty much up to your armpits inside that tub trying to access the broken shit. They are an ENORMOUS pain in the ass to work on. The engines are stone-reliable but much noisier than most ATVs, and are fairly fuel-thirsty. When one thing breaks, the entire thing breaks. It either works well-ish or it doesn't work at all. From this distance, I can't see the Argo being an ideal machine for your uses and region of use. A sideXside is a much better tool for you. Again, if your waterways are off limits then most of the unique capability is wasted and you're living with all its compromises. When this one breaks again, it's going to get shot and buried.
  13. Origami Boat Thread

    I just imagined the only practical way to circumnavigate in a B(r)ent Boat: Weld its depressed and rusting 5-years-in-a-field chrysalis (never a butterfly) to the ass of an ocean-going cargo vessel or tanker, vagabond food and blankets from the ship's stores, and hide out near the funnel. It'd be like a remora grifting on the futtock of a legitimate boat... much like Brent's grifting on the good people of Canada.
  14. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Rake the carbon fiber stanchions the same angle as the forestay. The entire boat will gain 1.314159 knots... sitting still. A disciplined eye will read that bow-to-stern (_Alternative Bow_) as an optical sound reminiscent of a playing card flipping by in bicycle spokes as Francis Lee sails by
  15. Something different for CA

    1) Never in this lifetime 2) Read more 3) You say you're not from around here...