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    Anyone ever towed a boat to Mexico?

    I've done it a few times and is pretty simple. You need the original ownership and registration for both boat and trailer. You'll definitely need the boat registration done. I got one from Transport Canada for my Hobie 21 and explained that I had owned the boat for many years and never registered it. There was no cost and they issued me my Vessel Registration Numbers in hours for free. They accepted that at the Mexican border. All markings, serial numbers and labels MUST be legible. Make 2 extra copies of every document but have originals handy. They are sticklers for paperwork. You'll also want Mexican insurance. We use Mexpro. IMPORTANT!!! Tell them you want a 10 year permit for both trailer and boat. If you only do 6 months, and leave the boat, you'll lose your deposits on boat, trailer and tow vehicle and your tow vehicle will be banned from Mexico for life. This happened to us once. Our truck is totally bummed it can't come back to Mexico. Have fun!
  2. Can't blame a guy for trying.
  3. Ahem....I believe I may be owed a few hookers.
  4. But they are 2 different root domains. One is www.share.delorme.com, the other www.inreach.com. Maybe mirrored? The new link doesn't show past Rimas haiku and positions.
  5. So....why would my browser link to "Rimas Around The World" on Delorme be different from the link on the latest facebook post which goes to InReach? Me thinks someone spoofed a new Rimas account and is yanking our chains. Browser Link: https://share.delorme.com/RimasMeleshyus Facebook Link: https://inreach.garmin.com/textmessage/viewmsg?mo=0343101b478b428caec7f65b6d86c9240 Extremely sick sock puppetry at it's finest.
  6. My question would be....if the only way that Rimas can communicate to the outside world is thru the Delorme, which always posts to facebook, ow did Jean get a message without it being posted to Rimas' facebook page. Hmmmmmm.... the thought plickins....
  7. Jean says he's just off Rabi Island and is awaiting the concierge to come tow him in. The adventure continues!!!
  8. The quick answers to all of your questions here in one place.
  9. Its very hard to believe he hasn't heard that sickening "thump" yet. He's gotta be firmly affixed to some ground or coral by now. Remember, he did just sit on the boat for days after the Alaska docking refusing rescue while waiting for the next king tide.
  10. While we wait for our illustrious hero's next ping, lets do a poll. This will tell us how much extra time we'll have on our hands should his last ping be his final communication. "How many minutes/hours per week do you spend following Rimas on his journey to the pearly gates?" Answer: About 4 hours per week
  11. If you look at the "resort" on Google Earth, its in pre-construction/pre-sale phase. Right now, its just a bunch of mangrove as of 9/2016. If Rimas were to tell the locals that he's looking to buy property, maybe he could grift a free time share hospitality spa package.
  12. My prediction is that he'll get blown north of Fiji. A few days later, his Delorme charger will fail and that will be the last we will see or hear from him. My fear is for the huddled masses of this thread that will sit quietly clicking refresh on his Delorme page for hours...and days....and weeks on end desperately awaiting his next haiku. Addiction is nasty!
  13. Within the realm of possibility.......
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone on the entire Island were on a big hill overlooking the south coast waving and laughing while playing hula music.
  15. I think we all need to fess up that this sort of situation arising is exactly why we've invested so much time over the past 5-6 years following this slo-motion disaster in the making. You can't make this shit up. So what next? new pool for which reef he's gonna hit? There's lots of opportunity coming up.