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  1. dopo

    Buying a boat without a broker?

    Without a survey you are not going to get insurance on a boat of that age. PM me with questions.
  2. dopo

    Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    Boat US was a employee owned managing agent, policy was underwritten by CNA. Many people think they are/were part of the boaters lobbying/advocacy group, which all they share is a name; they are not. The insurance side sold itself a number of years back. Berkshire Hathaway bought Boat US and learned the business while starting a yacht/boat insurance co. That was Seaworthy insurance, they changed to Geico Marine Insurance co to capitalize on the marketing. Once that company was up and running they replaced CNA as the carrier. They are 100% out for themselves. I am a broker and specialize in boats and yachts, if you want you can send me a PM and I can answer any questions or help you find coverage. Thanks, Tom Carroll
  3. dopo

    Navy Luders 44 - Alert

    CG still had them in the 90's. DONT TACK!
  4. dopo

    YRALIS PHRF Committee Purge

    Since you are insinuating I know something, I thought I should respond. I received an email and I attached it to a thread it was pertinent to. Really don't know much of any story.
  5. dopo

    YRALIS PHRF Committee Purge

    Dear Commodore, Race Chair, and other members of each respective yacht club's Organizing Authorities, I am writing to you all to make note of some significant changes in your YRA of LIS for 2018. First, a reminder that yacht club memberships can now be renewed through the YRA website and Amex is now accepted. An invoice will still be generated by our accounting office as we move into the new year but please feel free to proceed without the paper reminder. Second, our bylaws state "Each Club or other yachting association that is a member of the Association in good standing shall be entitled to appoint from its membership one Delegate to the Association...." This practice fell by the wayside over ten years ago and I feel at this time, as all of us involved in the management of our sport feel the increased burden of lessening participation and search for solutions, that having a direct conduit between Club and YRA is an important connection we need to renew. I will ask each of you, as you go through the transition in club leadership in the next month or two, to appoint your YRA of LIS delegate and please forward to me, personally, that person's contact information. We are planning a meeting over the winter months for the Delegates and the Executive Board to discuss the state of our sport and how we can work together to improve our navigation through these turbulent waters. Third, PHRF is evolving as well to reflect the current state of sailing on Long Island Sound. Notably, the weight credit system, long viewed as impossible to enforce by Organizing Authorities, onerous to protest by competitors, and rife with abuse on the race course is being eliminated. And we are establishing a PHRF Technical Committee that will use the new regs from last year to allow for a more linear enforcement of boats that do not sail in compliance with their PHRF certificate. I will be discussing some of this at this coming Sunday's annual meeting at Larchmont and the revised PHRF regulations will be updated in the 2018 Race Program. Fourth, Subsequent to these Executive Board decisions effecting regulations and enforcement, a number of long-standing members of the PHRF committee felt it was not in their purview or professional interest to be, perhaps, in the position of "PHRF Cop", if you will, and have resigned. We all should offer thanks and gratitude to Rick Royce, George Samalot, Bob Kendrick, Mark Plock, Rich Gold, Matt Berger and Andrew Weiss who have all put in countless hours and wrangled though reams of paperwork to build our PHRF database and rankings to be second to none in this country. Frankly, no one in any volunteer position should feel obligated to put in multiple decades of service for any activity and it is time for a reshuffling of the deck. We need a more consistent turnover in the committee to keep the awareness of what is going on in the racing community of LIS current and valid. And we want to have a representation of a broad cross-section of handicappers from the 60 plus member clubs that make up this organization. And we would like to have representation from the sailing community with a little less gray in their hair, to put it bluntly. I need approx. 6 more people for 2018 and am looking to you for nominees from your club membership for these positions. You know the right person-someone with a history of sailing on multiple boats, and who is currently still sailing, an awareness of how boats are built and work and a love of the sport and of fair competition. I will be stepping in as acting Interim Chair of the PHRF committee this year to ease through the transition so please forward prospective names to me and I will bring them to the current committee members for a consensus. Thanks for the continued support of our sport and I look forward to seeing many of you this Sunday, Best,
  6. dopo

    Who is snaggletooth

    I think you should have started with ***BUMP***
  7. dopo

    Shannon 39

    Morgan Freeman used to Sail one out of Virgin Gorda.
  8. Cooler Bags were a nice one given by a club. Can also put all the different races and positions on one bag.
  9. Long island Awards Gallery . Another one up in Larchmont that YRALIS uses.
  10. dopo

    Manhasset Fall Series

    A bunch of years ago, when American was the smaller regatta and NYYC used to have involvement, American came to MBYC to try and get them to cohost it when NYYC got out. MBYC did not go for it, I wish they did now! I wonder if the regatta was located at a more easterly club if that would make a difference.
  11. dopo

    Manhasset Fall Series

    Ras! I think most people don't come because its too late for them, to far for them. It sucks but it is what it is. Hard to make people come. I can make first weekend, but will be there for the distance race on Atafranksass.
  12. dopo

    US Watercraft goes to Auction!

    Do thye want a tartan 10?
  13. dopo

    Burgee Identification

    Forked Tail is normally a personal signal.
  14. dopo

    odd craigslist add

  15. dopo

    Benji Wins Atlantic Nationals

    30 plus boats, and that is with a total fleet of 80 boats. One of the most competitive fleets around.