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  1. Cooler Bags were a nice one given by a club. Can also put all the different races and positions on one bag.
  2. Long island Awards Gallery . Another one up in Larchmont that YRALIS uses.
  3. Manhasset Fall Series

    A bunch of years ago, when American was the smaller regatta and NYYC used to have involvement, American came to MBYC to try and get them to cohost it when NYYC got out. MBYC did not go for it, I wish they did now! I wonder if the regatta was located at a more easterly club if that would make a difference.
  4. Manhasset Fall Series

    Ras! I think most people don't come because its too late for them, to far for them. It sucks but it is what it is. Hard to make people come. I can make first weekend, but will be there for the distance race on Atafranksass.
  5. US Watercraft goes to Auction!

    Do thye want a tartan 10?
  6. Burgee Identification

    Forked Tail is normally a personal signal.
  7. odd craigslist add

  8. Benji Wins Atlantic Nationals

    30 plus boats, and that is with a total fleet of 80 boats. One of the most competitive fleets around. https://atlanticclass.org/boat/what-is-it
  9. Looking for any boats other then j/boats with retractable bowsprits price point 60-80? 30' and 6' Headroom are also wants.
  10. Did Here Keel break free? I know a guy who will do it, but he would charge for it. Call me, Tom Carroll
  11. Not the pole itself. This generation of boat had to carry a huge man overboard pole and this is where it was stored.
  12. J35 Surveyor wanted

    John Winder www.marinesurveyor.com/winder
  13. RORC Caribbean 600

    This seems like a brutal low wind affair!
  14. how to ruin racing, part 2

    wowza! I think we need to pull the tapes from last years party.
  15. I think KE likes that hair stuck in his teeth!