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  1. Oakcliff?
  2. 30 plus boats, and that is with a total fleet of 80 boats. One of the most competitive fleets around. https://atlanticclass.org/boat/what-is-it
  3. Looking for any boats other then j/boats with retractable bowsprits price point 60-80? 30' and 6' Headroom are also wants.
  4. Did Here Keel break free? I know a guy who will do it, but he would charge for it. Call me, Tom Carroll
  5. Not the pole itself. This generation of boat had to carry a huge man overboard pole and this is where it was stored.
  6. John Winder www.marinesurveyor.com/winder
  7. This seems like a brutal low wind affair!
  8. wowza! I think we need to pull the tapes from last years party.
  9. I think KE likes that hair stuck in his teeth!
  10. I sent you a Message. I am a Broker and have helped many people here. The correct answer and company is rarely right in different situations. Allstate is a direct writer and only has one option to go with, while it might work for Rhodes 19 it will not in most others. A broker such as myself can search for the best situation, not just price. Boat US is no longer a boaters advocacy group, the insurance group sold itself to Berkshire Hathaway who rebranded Seaworthy insurance company as Geico Marine insurance Co. There pricing rarely makes sense and can be a crazy deal, but for the most part they seem to miss the mark. Send me a message back or find a local who specializes in boats and yacht.
  11. Anybody else catch Mike And Mike on Espn radio this morning? Chris Berman was on the program speaking about his semi retirement and a question was posed as what was the biggest moment in the early days of having ESPN make a name for it self and take off. He said besides getting the NFL in the late 80's that the biggest thing that put them on the map was them showing Aussie beating Stars and Stripes with the winged keel and it drew a 3 share!
  12. I still have my Elvstrom racing laser sail from my fathers 1972 laser. it became even more special to me today. Met him once, he was a hero of mine, sad day indeed.
  13. would love to see how much comes out after the coresuck!
  14. No results from today?
  15. Well I started a thread in the main SA and was directed here... I hope eclipse pulls it out!