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  1. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    I stand by my statement and suggest you do your home work before you start being so precious. It's far more likely you're part of the problem than part of the solution.
  2. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    We don't need them GR. We have plenty of water.
  3. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Qld are a hand brake in terms of forming a National Association. Large, wealthy and self centered it seems.
  4. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    The AYC is a great opportunity to show case the best of multihull sailing to the wider sailing community. That's the best reason ever to support the Aus Multi Championship at Sandringham. The other option is to keep your heads stuck up your collective arses and pretend that OMR multis can survive in the longer term outside mainstream sailing. Same goes for formal big a National Association. Anyone in Qld listening.
  5. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    I remember running aground on the starboard end of the start line off RMYC. It's a shit of a place to sail and living there you'd know better than anyone. Get your arse down here and test your skills in a mans world. Sorry for the sexist connotations. Well not really.
  6. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Suggest you read the NoR and amendments before you pick up someone else's ill informed post. Port Phillip is not that bad a venue unless of course you don't know how to sail in a short steep chop. It's certainly not as bad as Pittwatervwhich must be the worst racing water in the country. Short time frames help time poor owners get to distant regattas.
  7. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    The NoR amendment gives multi's a six race series. Surprised you missed that Pete. Anyway if Qld leave the Federation it will no longer be an issue you can have your Club/Nationals anytime you like and we'll save a fortune in diesel.
  8. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    It was on the Cards for Jan/Feb 18 for a long time in SA. We decided to give it to Vic to coincide with the Aust Yachting Championship. Championships pre Xmas in Southern states are as problematic as regattas post Xmas up North. Other alternative is to miss a year which is even worse. Sth Aus and Vic have travelled far and wide for years. It's about time those from up North including NSW put on their dancing shoes and returned the favour. We have wanted a National Body for years as well as the Vic's. The hand break is Qld and NSW don't even have a State Body. So who's holding up the show. Pits 5 days to tow a boat from Adelaide to Airlie so a day trip from Sydney to Melb should be no problem or two days from Bris Vegas.
  9. Aussie lives matter

    She was in her pyjamas so obviously in breach of the dress code for calling 911. As an Australian she would have instinctively thought she was safe approaching the police. I would have done the same and no doubt ended up dead.

    You've got it wrong. Trump totally lost it some time ago.
  11. Know someone who put a Sailtimer on 18 mtr rotating stick. Looked really good at the masthead. Performance questionable. From what I understand interface with other instruments is an issue. Also angle correction for tack tic is problematic. On high performance multis accurate info on TWA and TWS is comforting to say the least so an instrument that can give you this reliably is worth it's weight in gold.
  12. Keep the innovation but get rid of the automation. Every adjustment realtime by muscle power. For the same reason I'm against chanting keels in monos.
  13. Are Anarchists intellectually lazy ??????

    Possibly. However I couldn't be bothered doing a proper analysis
  14. 2017 Heineken Results - Offshore Multihulls

    The new ratings system... The new ratings system (picked unanimously by the owners) uses polars (not single point) and, what is radical (and the reasons the OA is backing it so strongly) is that for a given boat it starts with VPP derived polars, then as race days occur those polars are refined based on sampling from the boats own instruments taking the fastest few data points on any TWA/TWS to derive and perfect, over time, the boat's "empirical polars". Each boat will essentially be racing against its own, actual (not theoretical) "potential speeds" and the crew than can keep their boat near its potential speeds most consistently will win on corrected time. Also there is a sophisticated "archimedes system" for measuring (and spot checking) a boats actual weight at a regatta, which means that the owner who does not want to strip his boat for an event will be treated fairly. So you can have 2 GB 60's, one turbo'd and one stock, and they can both have fun competing against each other and may the best crew win It will also make racing between different brands of boats fun, and maybe even keep the marketing vitriol to a minimum Very very interested in how the archimedean weight is measured, we are having lots of fun finding a consistent weighing method here in AUS.Very interested in the empirical polars being used, but if the potential speeds and not theoretical speeds are being used, this is still an arbitrary handicap system? Peter There are some very smart people behind the new PCS/MultiRule. Hopefully one of them will post something somewhere, but till then here are imperfect/rough/approximate answers: Weight: Weigh a boat on scales, then put boat into the water. Have 4 set screws permanently inset above the waterline on the sides of the hull near each of the 4 corners of the boat. Then load the boat with a lot of water of known weight, and note exactly how much more the boat sank into the water with a device that affixes to the set screws and measures the distance from the set screw to the water, keeping out the affects of marina ripples on the water. Now you have a "delta". Compare that delta with a theoretical "delta" based upon the designer's computer files for the hull design (which they have agreed to share with the raters because it is good for the sport). Hopefully they match. If not, the raters have some calibration work to do. Now at each regatta, you just use that same device and the set screws to note where the boat floats, and you have an accurate weight wither which to adjust the boat's polars for that regatta. Potential Speeds (Empirical Polars): Each second during races instrument data is recorded (using existing navigation software) and data is aggregated into, e.g. 30 second segments and those segments are sorted into groups at each TWS/TWA. Clean the data by excluding any data near changes in wind speeds, tacks, jibes, and other external changes (data cleaning for a class of boats should be done by one leading independent VPP analysis firm). Then average a group of the fastest data points at each TWS/TWA to derive "empirical polars" Then repeat this every race and over the years so as to make the boat's empirical polars more and more accurate over time Hope that helps Not really. Whole thing sounds far to complicated. Both weighing and polars.
  15. Thomas Coville record solo circumnavigation

    Simply outstanding. And look at the way we idolize a Sydney Hobart line honors. Puts it into perspective.