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  1. Oracle Team USA

    Apples and oranges. No relationship between those issues.
  2. Oracle Team USA

    You speak as if AR,LR* and OTUSA haven't been sailing these things for years. ETNZ had the foiling Sl33's and know the non foiling AC45 and will also have no trouble switching. Bar has something close already as well as sailing 2 man versions in Bermuda and although TF like ETNZ still need to assemble their ACWS boat, I heard they know something about foiling cats too. * AC45F 001 and 002 It's not that simple. Getting to 80% is relatively easy. It's the last 20% that's long and hard (as the last Cup demonstrated). OR has a huge lead. Only AR is within reasonable range.
  3. Oracle Team USA

    It was faster, only a little, but measurable (dragging the hull through the water with a weight on a pulley and measuring the time it took to go a fixed distance, a poor man's towing tank). But the benefit wore off fairly quickly. The psychological value, of course, was much greater.
  4. Oracle Team USA

    FWIW, I was using Hydron Speed Coat successfully back in the 1970's.
  5. Oracle Team USA

    Such a system would almost certainly have violated boat discharge rules here in San Francisco Bay (and there's no way the AC would have gotten a pass on that).
  6. Oracle Team USA

    And yet the case hasn't been dismissed.
  7. Oracle Team USA

    Yes, that's my point, and as for being disingenuous, this is the America's Cup after all. On the matter of collection, there's the issue of time (given the inevitable appeals if OR loses) and whether OR will still have sufficient assets within reach of the Court to satisfy a judgement. If everything is in Bermuda, there may not be much Spooner can get. Unless he wants Dogzilla.
  8. Oracle Team USA

    Respectfully, that conclusion makes no legal sense and is entirely contrary to Spooner's attempt to recover $750,000 from Oracle. If Spooner wanted out, he simply could have walked away from the employment relationship. Oracle could not force him to work where he did not wish to work. We fought a war about that a bit ago. Moreover, one of the prerequisites Spooner must show in his claim to recover against Oracle for denying him future employment and $750,000 was that he (Spooner) was ready, willing, and able to provide the future employment. If Spooner was unwilling to work for Oracle going forward, he cannot assert a claim for future wages. You cannot get paid for work you cannot or are unwilling to perform. Given the fact that Spooner sued Oracle for future wages, the better assumption is that he was willing to work to earn them. With respect, you're missing my point. Things are not always what they seem. Had Spooner simply walked away, he would have gone home with nothing (and looked like a quitter). This way he has some chance of going home with a large check (although collecting if he wins could be difficult now that the boat arrest is over). And just because he might like to go home doesn't mean he's not ready, willing, and able to fulfill the contract. As for why (if my speculation is correct), it might simply be that his family doesn't want to spend years in Bermuda. Another possibility is that he's been (or expects to be) downgraded, and doesn't want to spend years on the beach in Bermuda. He's already pretty old.
  9. Oracle Team USA

    Looks to me like Spooner may have decided he wanted out, and this seemed like a good way to do that. If so, the interesting question to me is why he wanted out.
  10. Oracle Team USA

    Absolutely, wouldn't be any surprise unless he makes a rare call to RC for some reason and RC brings it up. Oracle's Lane Says, `I Just Didn't Fit' / With role shrinking, exec chose to resign While Lane, 53, Oracle's president and chief operating officer, was on vacation with his two daughters in Oregon, Ellison called him and essentially stripped him of most of his duties -- from the departments that reported to him to the deals that Lane usually cleared. Ellison, who has dramatically increased his role in the Redwood Shores company's day-to-day operations in the past year, would extend his control to the approval of "every PC the company bought, to every person the company hired" under the new plan, Lane said. So Lane resigned, fueling speculation of a rift with Ellison or a tie-in to the now-infamous Microsoft-related Dumpster diving. But Lane, in his first interview since his resignation, told The Chronicle that neither was the case. Lane said it was his decision to leave, and he holds no bitterness toward the database software company that helped make him a billionaire. "I just didn't fit" within Ellison's new hierarchy, he said. However, he conceded that the split "wasn't amicable" and "doesn't sit well. I think the president (of a company) should make decisions. I think the CFO should make decisions. "I've never seen a CEO micromanage every decision at a company," Lane added. "It's strange."
  11. Oracle Team USA

    I'm sure LE knows. RC is on a short leash.
  12. Oracle Team USA

    For sure it's the cheapest most efficient solution. And both parties will be required by the settlement to withold the settlement terms.It's by far the most likely outcome, and Spooner's lawyer would have known that.It should be obvious by now that OR does not "settle" when they are in the right.Oracle (Larry) does not settle period.Please tell all about the times they weren't right? Start here: http://www.dailytech.com/On+Like+Donkey+Kong+Googles+Schmidt+Calls+Larry+Ellison+a+Sore+Loser/article33240.htm
  13. Oracle Team USA

    For sure it's the cheapest most efficient solution. And both parties will be required by the settlement to withold the settlement terms.It's by far the most likely outcome, and Spooner's lawyer would have known that.It should be obvious by now that OR does not "settle" when they are in the right. Oracle (Larry) does not settle period.
  14. Oracle Team USA

    Not necessarily. Oracle probably moved to dismiss, and failed, meaning that Spooner has enough of a case to go forward.