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  1. I've always been intrigued by the Fantasia's. I knew the owners of this one and while the owner built dodger served a function it doesn't help the lines of this great boat...could also qualify for the too much junk in the trunk thread...
  2. In all seriousness, I admired Raw Faith- and I've seen the boat and met the owner. I admire all these home built designed monstrosities, I posted an admiring note in the thread on the plywood cat being built in California that won't float for more than a minute after it meets the first wave more than 4" high. I mean it. I salute these people that have such raw faith in themselves that they do these things, and I respect the pride they feel for their babies, and I feel for them when they fail, and their raw faith gets a rude comeuppance. I know it is going to happen, and know they "deserve" to have their faith destroyed, but I admire them and their efforts nevertheless. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. And it is an old tradition on the sea that we fellow mariners who know better will try and help them. I know several people that spent time and money trying to get the builder of Raw Faith to get a little sense into his head, and good on them for it. Tucky, I'm with you on this. I helped George and his sons (I work in a fairly well know marine store in Maine) when they first embarked on their build. I was a conflicted by their lack of knowledge about systems, yet admired their commitment to their mission. The true measure of the man was his belief that it could be done, one of his sons bought a small, 27' cape dory or bristol, and sailed south. Really nice kid and as far as I know is still cruising around down south....if he came back and wanted a job I would hire him in an instant.....
  3. Well done, reads like J. Peterman copy.....when I get ready to sell my boat I'm hiring you! There's a small, dark part of me that likes this boat. This is the type of thing one lives on when one is a completely disaffected misanthrope. It sits in the cheapest marina way upriver, or by the water treatment plant or cannery, on a pier that nobody seems to own, and doesn't move except once every 3 - 4 years when he motors, laboriously, down the way to get a short haul for the bottom. He has little use for anyone or anything and keeps to himself. He's evasive and distrusting, but polite enough if you don't ask prying questions. There's a rumor he worked for the government, "fixing" problems in far away places. He doesn't seem to work nowadays. Just spends most days fishing of the breakwater or walking into town to read in the library. He feeds the 3-legged dog that hangs around, but says it's not his; it's just a stray. If, after a few drinks at the wharf watering hole, you can get him to talk, he says simply that he likes it there because he lives on a boat on the water, and for as long as he can remember he liked the sound of the waves and the smell of low tide.
  4. I saw someone trying to sail this once.......it didn't look any better wet.
  5. more here......clik
  6. More here...
  7. Fishin...I like fishin...