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  1. Less posting, more buying.
  2. Used jpk 1010....3200 r2 very cool. I think the trans Quadra winning bepox still for sale if u fancy a reaching machine. A tarted up a31 with twin rudders bulb keel carbon mast all new sail and electronics. There is a sunfast 3600 available from Adrianl a user on here that is pretty much the most boat u can buy for that money if you are in the states. If u r you young and strong yes a used class 40. But you better also be a darn good sailor. And have another 50k over next 2 years. Dragonfly and Seacart.....? It would be a monohull.
  3. that j33 in the ads looks good dude....I hope you have inquired. the j35 I highlighted previously is good. I don’t know if either still available but both are interesting. Did you read the spec sheet on Breakaway? Almost March.
  4. vikram

    the perfect boat

    I’ve had boats with both sprit configurations and for reasons of cost mainly and water intrusion secondarily, I currently think deck mounted. The Archambault 31 has a small prod to fly assys from and a pole for sym. Phrf crushing sprit length here. Most boats this size aren’t rigged for a staysail which the pogo above is though I dont know if they all were. There are a lot of great boats but if you exclude those that weren’t built in numbers recently and you look at trying to accomplish ocean racing for sub 75k....
  5. vikram

    the perfect boat

    Yeah I guess I was just noticing that they built 180 of them, production ended in 2010 and there seems always to be at least 5 for sale. Since they are overwhelmingly French-owned they are are mostly equipped with good autopilots and decent to excellent sail inventory’s. The large production run I think means you can hope for more similarity from hull to hull (there was a change to the deck plugin 2006 but the differences seem minor) than the Quests which are awesome but old now and in various states of repair, motor configuration and stern configuration. I think they built less than 15 Quests. Prob 40 or 50 a31’ guessing few 960s, they don’t come around too often. In general when somebody pops up looking for a Dh boat I point them to a boat that’s been taken care perhaps by somebody I know but it’s often a boat that will do a great job but doesn’t really excite anyone. To me these are very cool and available. And finally if you are hoping to get a bunch of friends together in the same boat you can move to the west coast and sail excellent, good looking older boats or try and scoop up a bunch of j105’s which are going to have higher sail costs by what 30 percent compared to the 8.50? Just a cool ride readily available. Short handed sailing is doing better in the states, wouldn’t hurt to have 5 or 10 of these floating around. Pie in the sky sure, but I would join a ‘fleet’ of these.
  6. vikram

    the perfect boat

    no - just wondering if any other suggestions...and also hoping to incite some interest in these boats I have an A31
  7. vikram

    the perfect boat

    Friend of mine on about one design middle distance races and the general price creep of new 33 footers...usual budget suspects come up - they are all pretty damn old. wanting to keep a boat as small as possible and have a diesel, a little comfort, a turn of speed some sea-worthiness.....etc There are a bunch of these for sale in Europe - they made 180 of them they should be about 75k - 80k max delivered to the east coast...with sails and some older but fine electronics. I can't find anything remotely similar if putting several of the same hulls less than 20 years old on the line was the goal. Bueller? <30ft, <80k, diesel, fun
  8. recent j33 listing in classified looks right up your alley. and a bunch of other folks too i'll bet.
  9. Callahan is correct - and correct about hard to find at that price - here is a sorted boat: sorted is a serious understatement.
  10. vikram

    Sun Fast 3300

    incredible looking boat - not sure what else one could want - the design I had in my head for the last 6 years was not nearly as good as this turned out. I cant afford 300k for such a thing and to be honest I am slowing at age 54. This thing is epic tho. I'm sure the 1030 is well done too but the j99 is not part of this conversation. Have to just enjoy the A31 i guess.
  11. vikram

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Nor does J boats warranty boats?.....thats down to whoever got the build job? in Euroland yeah as noted above... in US could be one of several folks. Ive owned both french built and US built. My composites built j92s was very good. US built boat was marginal.
  12. vikram

    B&G nac3 autopilot tuning

    Anybody wanna share some base settings for a 30 to 33 foot racer cruiser? What changes do you make as wind conditions increase and you begin to sail reaching and deeper course to Spinnaker runs. The manual provides very little guidance on the two variables which are available. I'd like to get what I can out of the pilot when single-handed.
  13. vikram

    Sun Fast 3300

    super impressive boat and psyched they moved the bar a bit away from cruiser and towards modern racer- best of luck!
  14. vikram

    Sun Fast 3300

    thanks very much!