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  1. vikram

    B&G nac3 autopilot tuning

    Anybody wanna share some base settings for a 30 to 33 foot racer cruiser? What changes do you make as wind conditions increase and you begin to sail reaching and deeper course to Spinnaker runs. The manual provides very little guidance on the two variables which are available. I'd like to get what I can out of the pilot when single-handed.
  2. vikram

    Sun Fast 3300

    super impressive boat and psyched they moved the bar a bit away from cruiser and towards modern racer- best of luck!
  3. vikram

    Sun Fast 3300

    thanks very much!
  4. vikram

    Sun Fast 3300

    So I think I read today that there are only 4 test boats and ....not really sure what the 'final' spec gonna be. Can somebody in the know comment and throw out a ballpark sails and no electronics? Purdy please
  5. vikram

    Pettit Black Widow Video Review

    true dat...
  6. vikram

    Pettit Black Widow Video Review

    3 months?.....why would anyone spring for a racing bottom and not dive it for 3 months?
  7. vikram

    J/99 vs. J/111 for DH racing

    Another great video thanks
  8. vikram

    J/99 vs. J/111 for DH racing

    J111 it is then....sounds like your conditions are similar to Blur's... Enjoy Sailing!
  9. vikram

    J/99 vs. J/111 for DH racing

    this boat is available for charter in the carib and they will sell it.
  10. vikram

    J/99 vs. J/111 for DH racing

    ive sailed or owned j92s, j100, and j111. the 100 and 111 were too tender for me for DH. the 92s was pretty damn good and if you can find a good one will be a palace compared to spadefoot for light money but perhaps you're over that stage. If I were you I would try and get a jpk 1010. I think the bepox 990 is still for sale on the transquadra site for 90k euros. sick boat check youtube - off-wind flyer. archambault a31 is a great great boat - not as fast as 1010 but very good upwind. they are readly available in europe for 70k. spend 30k on sails and autopilot if nec and that is a winner. If I were you I would try and get a jpk 1010. I think jeanneau has outdesigned the j99 with the 3300 and for the 99 cash i would prefer a used 3200 with lots left over. I think the 111 is similarly tender to spadefoot - not quite, but similar. If you are thinking more racing to Hawaii really check out the bepox.
  11. vikram

    2019 Bermuda 1-2

    Certainly have mixed feelings bout the fleet bifurcation (trifurcation?). Meanwhile beating in 30kts. Oof.
  12. vikram

    2019 Bermuda 1-2

    Privateer is shot from a cannon. Wondering about the max speed difference in the class 40 now. I didn't think Privateer was a current or even last generation boat. Seahorse talking about newest scow-inspired boats upping the ante again and I see on the class association site there is a 'classics' class of 40's. Very cool boats hope the class doesn't do the exponential price thing.
  13. vikram

    Moore 24 Blog

    That's a great read! And sounds like a great race ...congrats!
  14. vikram

    Is this the Figaro III?

    If they sailed less distance in more breeze and don't win.....something is wrong.