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  1. tama_manu

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Complètement dingue is right - completely crazy. For f#ck sake, it is nuts to see that from the helm. Not really calm seas either, these 32/23 ultimes seem to have wild potential. Thanks for posting.
  2. tama_manu


    Continues to look like high adventure cruising. Randall is doing much more than regular cruisers, and at the root, it is still boat repair in exotic locations for now. Cape Horn twice was not. He has sailed quite well and the boat is doing its job too
  3. tama_manu

    New imoca boats

    [FINISH] #Arkeapaprec passed the brand of San Salvador in the Bahamas this morning at 8 H36' 06 '' French time after 11 days 8 H 55 min and 29 sec crossing! Vincent Riou the record is always your Giovanni Soldini Pagina Ufficiale!! He will have missed us a little less than 10 hours compared to the time established by the crew of #Maserati in 2012. " it's disappointing but it was a good workout. It's of course perfectible but thanks to this transat and the one to come to go home, I can show a sports goal on the Bermudes 1000 Race that I will be solo in the month of may. " on the way to Miami! #TeamArkeaPaprec #RouteDeLaDecouverte #Finish #wssrc Arkéa JaimeArkea Paprec Group
  4. Chappy keeps extending from the rest of the fleet, but there will be some transitions before the finish that could prove tricky
  5. Tough on Luke, they were sailing well there. Glad all is well and at least it was close enough to motor back. Chappellier really seems to have another gear on the fleet.
  6. tama_manu


    Well, it looks like this one is first to make it around Cape Horn, twice, in the re-start. Heading to NW passage next.
  7. 3 days out from the start, the weather should be starting to be current enough to start thinking hard about routing while still on shore.
  8. tama_manu

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    This is excellent, sailed around efficiently in a simple boat, finished in the way intended, quietly. Well done Huglo and thanks for posting!
  9. LeoV has it right, sailing half way around the world in a Class 40 is quite a long trip in such a sporty small vessel. I see Alex is nearly to Adelaide, good to see support from Coconut Sinclair, a well deserved huzzah for a huge corinthian effort.
  10. tama_manu

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    It's a charter boat now, just 20 tons heavier! https://www.charterworld.com/news/multiplast-give-life-catamaran-orange-ii-renamed-sailing-yacht-vitalia-ii Better than Cheyenne / Play Station, that was going to be ocean going motor boat for a submarine, but that didn't happen. It sat in Alameda, California, for a long time, not sure what became of that one after the yard storing it closed?
  11. tama_manu

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    The forecast is for light wind patches to avoid and Dead Down Wind, looks like SD2 is going to fall behind the record pace but will still be in the hunt. I noticed in the latest on board videos and photos that the crew looks comfortable in the garden shed out back, which also looks like it would help them sail faster with less mistakes over 40 days
  12. tama_manu

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    That's right. Starting after his pitch pole near Point Nemo, this guy climbed the mast 7 times to keep repairing the repair, around Cape Horn all the way back to Les Sables. That's a capable sailor by any standard, but oh yeah he's 73. That's the stuff that will justifiably chuff the French soul. Show us what's under that tape! I don't have a moment for the rules of the Mad King, but in the fashion of re-creators of battles and historical scenes, LARP-ers and Ren Faire people one and all who don't actually risk life and limb, VHD has demonstrated that modern lashing as repair kit material is a must for safety, whatever non-hemp line he used. Witness this repair vs. allowing the rig to fall without adequate materials and the consequences that would have resulted for other lost boats and rescues in this event. Slats appears to be ready to finish in the dark of night on the 31st. May some brave fans turn out to give a warm welcome to him too.
  13. tama_manu

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    Cape of Good Hope passed: TIME: 12D 13H 08MIN ADVANCE: 06H 32MIN It soon turns Day 13, which was IDEC's fastest day (872.8), followed by their 2nd fastest day(872.3). Will SD2 be able to sustain over 35 knots?
  14. tama_manu

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    Nice! Thank you, good to have the data - and it is already the subject of debate! Sure, there are different ways to slice the numbers for IDEC's run, do you know of a comparison with any other boat going faster?