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  1. tama_manu

    Francis Joyon IDEC Asian tour

    No surprise that they are in "survival mode" now, that sea state must be horrendous. FJ has said before that stress is the harmony of a trimaran (or words to that effect), that saying must be playing out now. That boat must be quite well built! https://www.mysailing.com.au/offshore/idec-sport-expected-in-london-on-wednesday
  2. tama_manu

    Francis Joyon IDEC Asian tour

    Lots of jibes this evening and the forecast on the doldrums is still looking pretty grim, the naviguesser(s) must be sweating. Yet that last news from the team still confidently projects arriving home in 12 days. That image reminds me of the horse latitudes, though modern routing seems to have more or less tamed those
  3. tama_manu

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    Check out the thread for Three Bridge Fiasco, link below. Hard to get in that race last minute since people register as single handed or double handed. Someone is looking for crew right now though. Yes there are beer can races, see Latitude 38 magazine (on line) to see where. The closest authorized camping is in Marin, or Half Moon Bay, you will see thousands of tents everywhere though.
  4. tama_manu

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Interesting crossing of the Drake passage - crazy to take that on with a beach cat. Six guys just rowed across, which is also nuts, though the rowers had a chase boat, didn't see one for the beach cat: https://apnews.com/733e3eda7d1f318cc8beabd961c424d3
  5. tama_manu

    Francis Joyon IDEC Asian tour

    Yep, they are about to finish in under 3 days, managing to peak at 438 miles over 24 hours towards the end. Well done.
  6. tama_manu

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    I've got a R2AK experienced Hobie 18 on a trailer right near Half Moon Bay. If you wanna look further into the dark side, let me know. It is certainly cheap thrills.
  7. tama_manu

    R2AK on a beach cat

    Probably too late, but I'd first try to find the boat from 2017 that was fastest beach cat finishers, Ketch Me If You Can. There was a fire sail on it by race organizers because they had a hard time selling it! Otherwise, TheMorgan sums it up pretty well in post 80. To actually finish on a "tight budget" it is probably better to go with small trimarans like Hobie Mirage or Windrider (2 finishers), which also means going solo, or get two of them. As suggested, checking out the results is the best guide and R2AK puts up all of them in one handy place: https://r2ak.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/2019_18_17_16_15-Results-8.pdf The beach cat effort isn't really cheap - to sail fast - because of the modifications needed. You definitely want adjustable wings/racks, as well detailed here; you want to have the right height in variable conditions and keep the leeward rack out of the water. Next, you want to be able to both reduce sail, including reefing the main, and fly a kite, to be ready for light winds and a heavy blow. A third big item is building a pedal drive, for when there is no wind. You can see these elements for Ketch Me If You Can in the video in post 37. They set up pretty well but spent quite a bit of time and money. All these mods aren't cheap. If you really want to go with a beach cat, and to go cheap, expect it will take a long time and you won't sail that fast, but you do get to share all the risk. Or, just sail the first leg on your beach cat and go to the parties in Port Townsend and Victoria to bask in the R2AK spirit with old and new friends. That was my cheap strategy. My only modification was to add oar locks to my Hobie 18, much much slower than the pedal drivers.
  8. tama_manu

    Spindrift 2 2019 Jules Verne attempt

    And they "slowed" to 19 knots from 28 average in the last 4 hours. It looks like they either broke something or decided to give up.
  9. tama_manu

    Greta Rides Again?

    Thanks for those posting information on the excellent sailing adventures Greta has taken. I dropped by here to learn about her second voyage and found what I was looking to learn. I came pretty close to purchasing an old but well kept Outremer, so I'm interested, but only read about all this upon her arrival. Shame on those posting hate message towards this 16 year old activist. Your bullying insults towards her are not appropriate, funny or interesting. I pretty successfully skimmed past them, but the sheer volume is rather sad commentary on those doing it. And take it to the PA.
  10. tama_manu

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Yeah, it looks like that low is moving pretty fast, but so is Joyon as he crosses the 750 mile/day mark. It looks like he would need to get in the 800s to stay on the leading edge of that system. It is really remarkable to push so hard, even now that he's 63, really amazing.
  11. tama_manu

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Complètement dingue is right - completely crazy. For f#ck sake, it is nuts to see that from the helm. Not really calm seas either, these 32/23 ultimes seem to have wild potential. Thanks for posting.
  12. tama_manu


    Continues to look like high adventure cruising. Randall is doing much more than regular cruisers, and at the root, it is still boat repair in exotic locations for now. Cape Horn twice was not. He has sailed quite well and the boat is doing its job too
  13. tama_manu

    New imoca boats

    [FINISH] #Arkeapaprec passed the brand of San Salvador in the Bahamas this morning at 8 H36' 06 '' French time after 11 days 8 H 55 min and 29 sec crossing! Vincent Riou the record is always your Giovanni Soldini Pagina Ufficiale!! He will have missed us a little less than 10 hours compared to the time established by the crew of #Maserati in 2012. " it's disappointing but it was a good workout. It's of course perfectible but thanks to this transat and the one to come to go home, I can show a sports goal on the Bermudes 1000 Race that I will be solo in the month of may. " on the way to Miami! #TeamArkeaPaprec #RouteDeLaDecouverte #Finish #wssrc Arkéa JaimeArkea Paprec Group
  14. Chappy keeps extending from the rest of the fleet, but there will be some transitions before the finish that could prove tricky
  15. Tough on Luke, they were sailing well there. Glad all is well and at least it was close enough to motor back. Chappellier really seems to have another gear on the fleet.