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  1. Edson never made folding wheels. Lewmar does. What matters with a wind and steering system is the side loads placed on the end of the pedestal's wheel shaft. Edson recommends using a pedestal with two aft bearings to support these loads.
  2. Retrofitting a carbon or composite wheel requires that you pay attention to a myriad of dimensions and sizing. Starting with the wheel hub. Not all wheel shafts are machined equally and can vary greatly from company to company, model to model even within the same brand of steerer. Not only do you need to mate the wheel shaft taper, depth, and keyway dimension to that of the wheel hub, you will also need to consider if the wheel hub is offset or centered fore and aft on the shaft taper. If your wheel is large enough to require that it sits in a well in the deck, check the width of the deck well and see if the rim will fit easily in the well. If the old wheel is dished or has a rim that is offset aft from the hub, make sure it will align on the new wheel. Trying to enlarge the width of a deck's wheel well is neither cheap or easy and will significantly increase the cost of changing to a carbon wheel or wheels.
  3. While a standard class 1 double braid splice will "hold", it doesn't retain the strength of the rope at the splice the same way the core to core splice does. Use a Class 2 splice for VPC or any other core dependent high modulus fiber ropes.
  4. Unless you plan to tension your lifelines piano wire tight, you're wasting your money buying heat set Dyneema line. Creep will not be a factor and as long as you plan to use a form of tensioning device or lashings, constructional elongation can be adjusted after the rope takes an initial set. The NER stuff designed for being used as lifeline is really the hot set up..
  5. Not sure why, but the app kept glitching and freezing throughout Saturday and Sunday. Usually I can stream Apple TV, Netflix, and crap loads of data all why my kid is playing on his XBOX with no problem using the latest and greatest Comcast web service, but the app kept citing "poor connection" while the screen froze every 30 seconds (or every close mark rounding). Me thinks the issue isn't the connection or my data capacity and rate, but is somehow a function of server capacity for the video feed for the app. Whenever the racing was over and a fluff filler piece was featured, the app ran fine. As soon as the racing began, I kept needing to hit the pause and play whenever the screen would freeze (literally every 30 seconds). Absolutely useless when it happened right as Oracle was heading out of bounds: Screen freezes with Oracle in 3rd rounding the first mark. Unfreezes with Oracle rounding the 4th mark in LAST place 2 minutes later. No replay, no explanation. Me wondering, "WTF just happened??" Anyone else experience this cluster f*** of frustration after paying for the app? grumble grouse...grrrrr..
  6. Yesterday the head of the 2024 Boston Olympic bid met the press at Fort Tabor in New Bedford along with Mayor John Mitchell and other community leaders to announce the selection of New Bedford and Buzzards Bay as the proposed sailing venue for the 2024 Olympics should Boston be awarded the Games. The location for the sailing venue had originally been proposed as Boston Harbor, but the bid was officially amended to the New Bedford venue. The proposal has drawn support from much of the local community, including the New Bedford city council and mayor's office, UMass Dartmouth which would house the athletes, and of course the large local sailing community. Its unclear how much support would come from the large commercial fishing industry that is among the top ranked fishing ports in North America.
  7. Ima gonna go racin' so I want one of them there multi-tri-hull thangs to get me around the race track pronto.. I think this here is the ticket. AND only $350 bux! http://southcoast.craigslist.org/boa/3840558174.html
  8. All manufacturers of Dyneema ropes do not heat treat or pre-stretch the rope which is why some such as Dynex have listed better resistance to creep. Langman Q1 12 Strand and Dycore X double braid from Holland are another series of products using pre-stretched heat treated UHMWPE. Q1 has 0.7 elongation at 50% of maximum load.
  9. Good place to go on Thursday and Friday when it will be snowing outside. A quick preview walk through the sale today looks like it should have some decent deals.
  10. There's more marine factory representatives at the Defender sale than at any boat show in the North East. The close out area is epic, on hand reps from all the major electronics guys, and a selection of rubber boats, trailers, and motors that is second to none. If you're looking for the boutique gear and oddball boat specific stuff, you aren't going to probably find it (they have lots of line and blocks but aren't focused specifically on one design like APS or Layline) but if you need fenders, a stern BBQ, a killer deal on a handheld VHF, or need yards of Sunbrella to build new cushions, Defender is spot on. And for those of you not in driving distance of the sale, most all deals are also online through the weekend. This is a down to earth sale for real boaters. Although it's funny how many attendees are sporting NYYC polo shirts and hats. And no, I don't work for Defender, but I'll buy there before most any other place...