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  1. What products to you use to quickly and easily clean spider poop stains off gelcoat and painted non-skid decks? Power washer did nothing to them.
  2. cinnr

    Sooty transom

    Thanks all - I will look into these suggestions. Sounds like we are overloading her (I'm seeing belt dust as well). And I'll look into the mixing elbow too. FWIW, hull #106, with Yanmar 3GM30.
  3. cinnr

    Sooty transom

    Our J/109 develops a sooty transom from diesel exhaust super quickly. It's a pain to keep clean and looks terrible if not washed off. Anyone have advice on how to avoid or minimize this? I can't believe I'm the only one with this problem...
  4. cinnr

    2 bolt lifting eye for J/22

    Not sure of the J/22, but on an older J/24 you just have a beefy steel bar with holes for the bolts. Just secure the bar on top of the existing keel bolt nuts with nuts of the same size (sandwich the bar between the nuts). Attach your lifting strop however you wish.
  5. cinnr

    Dynaform changing tuning numbers?

    check this thread (nsfw: includes internet "art"):
  6. cinnr

    Live Racing Thread

    Wow that was a shocker! Thanks for the tip.
  7. cinnr

    Penalties? Huh?

    Just extrapolating from the RRS (I know, they have their own rules...) they couldn't take as much room as they wanted because they were port and STJ stbd. To my eye, ART overstood they layline, came screaming in, hunting STJ, and then stuffed their turn to sell the "not enough room for a seamanlike rounding" thing. If STJ had stayed out of the circle, I don't see how anyone could argue that it wasn't enough room to round in a seamanlike manner. But from the nbcsn coverage it looks like they were inside of it.
  8. cinnr

    Team NZ

    Regarding the SBTJ penalty at the top mark in their last race, how much room does he need to give there? If he stays completely out of the "yellow circle" shown on TV, would that be enough? My understanding is that he only needs to give enough room there for a seamanlike rounding only (SBTJ was stbd), not a tactical rounding. I thought ART quite dangerously gave it a pretty hard sell job to get the penalty. So again, how much room is enough?
  9. cinnr

    Penalties? Huh?

    Two things: 1) most concerning was that PB was unaware his penalty was cleared. Either he's clueless or the "lights" are not a reliable communication method. Seems like you'd want a positive indicator - maybe audible, in addition to xmas tree? 2) with all the "app" tracking and data collection - seems like you could have a "course made good" penalty (relative to your opponent) that would show up as an instrument readout - sort of like a temp gauge. So you can see if you are burning it off, or in fact adding to the penalty distance by ripping it while your opponent is going slow. And umpires could give it a bump if you add a second penalty or are not prompt in scrubbing it.
  10. cinnr

    VHF/licensing anarchy?

    I just went through the on-line process (US based) through Wow was that painful - not sure they could make the online process any harder or obtuse. And I probably got something wrong, because it cost me $220 (not the $70 mentioned above). But I did finally get through "form 605". I was charged $70 for "PASM" and $150 for "PASR" (application fee and regulatory fee, respectively). The main stumbling block I faced was when selecting the "service" at the beginning of the new application process. You need to select "SA or SB - Ship" from the long list in the dropdown. Super-intuitive, right? Other than the 1990's era UI, the rest went okay, with only a question or two where I had to guess a little bit as to what the right answer might be.
  11. cinnr

    Microsoft Surface Nav programs. (windows 10)

    Coastal Explorer has been great for us cruising - FWIW, we're running it on an XPS 15.
  12. cinnr

    J24 Shackle Suggestion?

    Stopper knot outside is best. On our tapered sheets, we put a small stopper ball outside, just to be sure. But that said, with our North kites it looks like a figure-eight with an extra twist (stevedore knot) would probably work. Ashley stopper knot looks interesting for this application. As mentioned, just using a stopper knot means you have less (nothing) to catch on the forestay. For main halyard, we just tie on as follows: 1) stopper knot in end of halyard 2) make bight in halyard end, about 6-8 inches in from bitter end 3) pass bight through eye in headboard 4) now pass halyard end over top of headboard and through bight 5) snug it all up - the stopper knot should be snugged up to the bight Only thing is to check for chafe regularly - the edges of the headboard can be sharp. Smoothing those edges would probably help. But we've had the same halyard for 5 years and no problems. A tough cover seems to last just fine in this application. Spin halyard = bowline with stopper ball to prevent it getting sucked into the sheave Genoa halyard = tylaska dog-bone style shackle ... I was skeptical but in 4+ years it has never come undone even in 25+ jib conditions (which we admittedly don't see very often).
  13. cinnr

    Saving an "abandoned" 24

    If you've got a wood traveller bar, I'd thru-bolt the track on top. We just had wood screws securing the track, and on a windy day they gave up and the track peeled away from the bar. Ball bearings everywhere.
  14. cinnr

    Oi! Dryshirt (Mark) - storms a comin'

    Saturday of PSSC was canceled due to a USCG request. They shut down the Saturday racing in Tacoma too.
  15. cinnr

    J24 Tuning

    Which boat Varan?