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  1. I just went through the on-line process (US based) through fcc.gov. Wow was that painful - not sure they could make the online process any harder or obtuse. And I probably got something wrong, because it cost me $220 (not the $70 mentioned above). But I did finally get through "form 605". I was charged $70 for "PASM" and $150 for "PASR" (application fee and regulatory fee, respectively). The main stumbling block I faced was when selecting the "service" at the beginning of the new application process. You need to select "SA or SB - Ship" from the long list in the dropdown. Super-intuitive, right? Other than the 1990's era UI, the rest went okay, with only a question or two where I had to guess a little bit as to what the right answer might be.
  2. Coastal Explorer has been great for us cruising - www.rosepoint.com FWIW, we're running it on an XPS 15.
  3. Stopper knot outside is best. On our tapered sheets, we put a small stopper ball outside, just to be sure. But that said, with our North kites it looks like a figure-eight with an extra twist (stevedore knot) would probably work. Ashley stopper knot looks interesting for this application. As mentioned, just using a stopper knot means you have less (nothing) to catch on the forestay. For main halyard, we just tie on as follows: 1) stopper knot in end of halyard 2) make bight in halyard end, about 6-8 inches in from bitter end 3) pass bight through eye in headboard 4) now pass halyard end over top of headboard and through bight 5) snug it all up - the stopper knot should be snugged up to the bight Only thing is to check for chafe regularly - the edges of the headboard can be sharp. Smoothing those edges would probably help. But we've had the same halyard for 5 years and no problems. A tough cover seems to last just fine in this application. Spin halyard = bowline with stopper ball to prevent it getting sucked into the sheave Genoa halyard = tylaska dog-bone style shackle ... I was skeptical but in 4+ years it has never come undone even in 25+ jib conditions (which we admittedly don't see very often).
  4. If you've got a wood traveller bar, I'd thru-bolt the track on top. We just had wood screws securing the track, and on a windy day they gave up and the track peeled away from the bar. Ball bearings everywhere.
  5. Saturday of PSSC was canceled due to a USCG request. They shut down the Saturday racing in Tacoma too.
  6. Which boat Varan?
  7. +1 on aligning the keel and mast. We have the Ronstan calibrated turnbuckles, so I recorded the settings for "centered." Now we can get back to it easily without putting the boat back on the trailer (we have to wet sail).
  8. Here is a great book on sail trim: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1113246.The_Manual_of_Sail_Trim But beware - it does induce drowsiness. This can be a complicated topic, but if you think "power vs. drag" you'll be headed down the right path. Fuller shapes = more power, more drag. Flatter shapes = less power, but lower drag. As wind increases, you want to move to flatter shapes, as you are getting more power from simply more wind velocity. Keep in mind you may need more power (thus fuller shapes) if you have a bigger sea state and as a result are constantly trying to reaccelerate. And you want to do this within the parameters of your sail's designed shape. You CAN overdo it (e.g. too much headstay sag, or too much mast bend). So it is also a balance. I'd start with the guide settings, and take steps up and down to see what feels right. If you're a pincher or footer, you may want looser (fuller) or tighter (flatter) shapes. See what works for you. We tend to be looser than the guide in light air, and tighter than the guide in the higher wind ranges. Probably because we're not pro's. But beware straying too far from the guide - it has been proven to be fast for a long time now. Good luck.
  9. Time to order a new spin pole from Rossi
  10. Rule 11 and possibly 17. The J35 is the windward boat. The J105 is still the ROW leeward boat overlapped. As I have shown here in this thread, ROW obligations do not change just because you have mark room. If the J35 sailed wider than she needed to to round the mark and the J105 wanted to luff up and go hotter but couldn't because the 35 was coming down..... then the J35 could be protested as long as she was given enough room to round and the J105 didn't break R16 while hardening up. EDIT: I'm not saying this happened in this incident - just answering the question as posed. Rule 11 does not apply between boats on opposite tacks. The J-35 is on Starboard and the J-105 is on Port. Thank you for introducing some sanity to this discussion Maggie.
  11. Noticed you are from the PNW - happy to give you a tour of our 109 moored at Carillon Point in Kirkland. PM me if interested.
  12. Definitely have a conversation with the other competitor. I know him and I'm certain he wouldn't intentionally mislead you. I couldn't hear any yelling in the video - so I've no idea what he would have yelled about. I'd imagine he was asking (yelling?) for room from the boat that was to leeward of him (that may have been taking him up into you). This is all theorycrafting on my part, but suffice it to say, I didn't see your competitor do anything wrong in the video. You were owed room, and he seemed to have given you room. Would love it if the audio would pick up the voices better. Tyson, feel free to PM me if you want to talk about this further in person.
  13. In SF, I'd get a boat that lights up in breeze. J109 tends to dig a hole more than, say a J105. I know, I own one. With crew, I wouldn't reef the main until about 25kts. Just board it out. When cruising I find it useful to reef above 18kts sustained. Be ready to play the main a lot, and it likes the traveller down. In breeze with the kite, best be on your toes but it's generally pretty well behaved. If I were you, I'd get a J/111 or something that would really get sporty in breeze.
  14. If a competitor is OCS, and does not go back and re-start properly, are they considered to have "finished" under the RRS when they cross the finish line? I can find nothing in the RRS that indicates they don't count as a finisher. This is based mainly on the definition of "finish". (In the regatta's SI's, the scoring is amended to assign the number of "finishers plus one" for certain infractions, and "finishers plus two" for some others.)
  15. +1 for Bellingham, and this might be your option (halfway between boat harbor and Mt. Baker skiing, on 19 acres): http://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/Deming-WA/23645852_zpid/44904_rid/48.976611,-121.803704,48.586146,-122.696343_rect/10_zm/1_fr/ Also, fwiw, powder is a very transient thing at Mt. Baker - best to ski during the storm. This is due to the freeze/thaw nature of our PNW winter weather. Terrain is good, especially if you like to ski out of bounds. Skiing last winter sucked, but have had plenty of outstanding days there. I say this as a 4 year season pass holder.​ ​