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  1. cinnr

    J-24 Worlds Results 2019

    Biscayne Bay is a fantastic venue and it was an amazingly deep fleet. Definitely looking forward to Corpus Christi in 2022! It's a long way off, but @Gouvernail you need to help rally that strong TX J24 contingent back into action! Never too early to talk it up.
  2. cinnr

    J/24 Worlds- predictions?

    "You can't win the regatta on day one, but you can lose it." -- I think this applies to several pro boats in the fleet. Several are in the hurt locker.
  3. cinnr

    Triton2 nmea 2000 speed update rate

    Nevermind. Global reset on the Triton2 display did the trick.
  4. Have a DST800 speed sensor talking to a B&G Triton2 display via NMEA 2000. Just a compass in addition - it is a very simple setup. Question: what update rate should I expect for the boatspeed? It currently seem to update boatspeed on the display about once a second. This is with damping turned off. There is significant lag in the system. When we spin the paddlewheel by hand, and stop it, it takes the display about 5 seconds to wind down to boatspeed = 0 Honestly it is acting like damping is set to display every 1 second. But the docs say we should be seeing the raw data (not damped). Help!!
  5. cinnr

    TKO - Frontpage

    This ^
  6. cinnr

    R2AK 2019

    Congrats to Team Solveig!! Way to go Stina & George!
  7. In rainy weather, our telltales stick to the genoa and become useless. McLube doesn't really help. Anyone have a solution? Thx
  8. I've been told that depth sensors are sensitive to low battery voltage levels. No clue what your situation is, but something to keep in mind when your depth readings aren't reliable. Also - Puget Sound is notorious for thermoclines.
  9. Had a bit of an epiphany while cruising this summer up in Canada. I was short handed with a distinct lack of experienced hands on board. The class 108sqm kite worked fine with an ATN sock. I could basically do everything, with my crew steering. Besides the sock, the trick was to leave the main down. With no main blanketing, we could sail nearly DDW with breeze > 5 kts. Since you're from the PNW, I'm sure you understand the value of this when in amongst the islands. With the sock, I felt comfortable with sets and douses up to about 14 kts. Above that point it would have been a little exciting on the douse for me (not being able to blanket the kite behind the main)...I didn't go there. So for cruising, my new trick downhill is kite with a sock and no main. Racing of course would be a different story.
  10. cinnr

    Shore power gfi tripping

    I really appreciate all the input. I am hoping to get enough time to get out to the boat soon to dig into this. Dont know if it matters, but we do have a gfci outlet onboard in our AC outlets circuit. It does not trip when i have the AC outlets on.
  11. cinnr

    Shore power gfi tripping

    Shoreside gfci (or efci?...not sure what that is). Boat is in the water (fresh water).
  12. cinnr

    Shore power gfi tripping

    Yep - if I have shore power connected, but the breaker for the charger off, the gfci will still trip after I switch the batteries from "off" to something else (i.e. 1, 2 or both). This reproduces with everything on the panel off - both AC and DC sides. Just connect shore power with the batteries in anything other than "off" and the gfci will trip. Even with absolutely nothing on at the boat's breaker panel.
  13. cinnr

    Shore power gfi tripping

    @jerryj2me - the charger is not connected through the switches - i.e. when the battery switch is in the off position, the batteries still charge. That part seemingly works fine. Oh and also there is no inverter involved for AC.
  14. cinnr

    Shore power gfi tripping

    I need help understanding the best way to find my wiring problem that is causing the newly installed gfi on my shore power to trip. Here's my current state: with battery switch in "off", I can connect shore power and run the battery charger and AC outlets without a problem. Bilge pump works no problem. All DC switches on the panel are in the off position. When I turn the battery switch to "1", "2" or "both", the gfi on the shore power will trip after about 10 seconds (not immediately). This is with no power being supplied by the DC switches on the panel. I'm looking for advice on where to start looking, and perhaps a method/procedure for identifying the specific problem. This is my first time diving into the back side of the electrical panel, and don't have much experience with electronics and electrical systems, but I'd like to get to the bottom of this. Thanks! Tom
  15. What products to you use to quickly and easily clean spider poop stains off gelcoat and painted non-skid decks? Power washer did nothing to them.