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  1. How about a modern version of a Chesapeake Log Canoe? Spectacular capsizes for the Red Bull/Facebook generation. Check. Canvas enough to be a sailmakers wet dream. "I think I've found a way for us to add another 3 sq ft". Check Athletic movement of hiking boards makes more sense to spectators than hamsters/cyclors/grinders pumping oil. Check. Mizzen trimmer sitting on the bumpkin, so usually a light weight female crew member => mixed crews. Check. Position in crew for owner/celebrity guest as "boardmen" Check.
  2. Absolutely
  3. Red boats don't work in America's Cup. They seem to be cursed. Mariner, Il Moro, NZL-20
  4. I think the penalty question boils down to when is the penalty "get behind" and when is it "Lose two boat lengths". For the answer to that, look at rule 44.2 in https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=YWNyYWNlbWd0LmNvbXxub3RpY2Vib2FyZHxneDoxMDMyMWFiNDFiYzIyYzU2 tl;dr; a ) penalty before the start => lose two b ) OSC => get behind c ) Part 2 infraction on same leg or in the zone => get behind 4 ) all others => lose two So in the situation that caused all these questions, NZL and GBR were most def not on the same leg, so it could only be d) lose two. And the response from the official twitter, utter covfefe
  5. Or just read the rules. If the boats are on the same leg or in the zone, it's 44.2 (c), and the penalized boat has to drop 2 hull lenghts behind the other. As BAR and ETNZ were very much on different legs, we go to 44.2 (d), and there the penalty is to reduce VMG until she loses two hull lengths compared to the other boat.
  6. Ben went down a few degrees after ETNZ started bearing off. That enough to be hunting and throwing away the penalty. Ben should have kept the wheel steady
  7. Maersk has been a sponsor for ETNZ for a long time. They were onboard in SF as well.
  8. The Arab team boards seem to start boiling & slow down much earlier than the Brit ones, looking at the vids. Brits? You mean team Tata Motors from India?
  9. I think that is a line from "The Usual Suspects" - When Verbal points out that the crew of the boat is jabbering away in Hungarian rather than Russian. Which is a clue that Verbal is actually Keyser Soze. That. And the screenshots are from Lake Balaton and shows the carrier as "Vodafone HU"
  10. I think Kim was busy. But they did get Lindsey Vonn and Miley Cyrus's beau, so thats something. http://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/sporting/news/a6118/americas-cup-race-new-york-city/
  11. Seriously, has anybody read this? Hans-Christian could have done a better job. Some of my favorite assumptions are 40 super yachts staying on average 6 weeks each. Cruise ships will result in an additional 142,450 visitor days and 50,086 crew days in Bermuda worth $14.5m plus $3m from provisioning these extra cruise ships. $94m from ACEA and the teams. Lets assume for a moment that ACEA spends the same as a team. They are saying the figure is based on 6 teams. That suggests the teams will be spending $13.5m each. Anybody still believe the Germans when they say they can do a campaign for $15m? Or are the Germans right and these figures all wrong? 9000 extra people will choose to go to Bermuda during the AC to visit friends and relatives and that they will spend on average $117 per day, which is the same figure as they say a normal visitor will spend per day (ex hotel). So they are saying that 14% of the island's population will have friends or family that will choose to visit because of the AC AND that is on top of the 14% who would already have visitors at that time of year. So nearly 30% of the population will have visitors. Overall, what a glorious work of fiction it is! You know they were thorough because they even dug up evidence of a second Fremantle AC, that I bet most of you never knew existed. From page 3: In order to estimate the range of PEI on Bermuda, we have reviewed Economic Impact Assessments performed subsequent to a number of past America’s Cup events, along with various other results reported from past events. In particular, we have considered: AC34: San Francisco, USA (2013) AC32: Valencia, Spain (2007) AC31: Auckland, New Zealand (2003) AC30: Auckland, New Zealand (2000) AC26: Fremantle, Australia (1987) AC25: Fremantle, Australia (1983)
  12. Well, that is how Oracle likes their One Design rules
  13. When has RC ever done anything for free?
  14. "We must think about the future of long-term Cup" Somebody should probably tell Harvey how a challenge cup works.
  15. Well, that to be honest that has been the Oracle brand for decades now http://www.forbes.com/forbes/1999/0920/6407050a.html My favourite part: Ellison says the ads will continue unchanged. Go ahead and sue, he jeers: “We have more lawyers than they have programmers.”