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  1. Seeing some new F18 designs that are offering straight boards as well as a foiling/curved board hybrid option. So, two boats in one...but the price of two sets of boards for the privilege. Given the min weight is 180kg's, the manufacturers have to put the weight somewhere, reinforcing the board area to allow at least curved boards to be fitted seems reasonable for the future development of the class. I don't think full foiling is the right direction for the fleet but better performance through curved boards feels like natural evolution of the class. But I'm only one person. The reinforcing of the casing shouldn't add to much to the cost. The builders are already over laying the hulls to get the weight up so it's just a matter of re-positioning some of that weight. Cost of boards will bring the price up but the extra long boards are already expensive. Make them shorter and curved and the pricing may get close to balancing out. Winglets on the rudders are probably a good idea too...we're not all olympic sailors.
  2. https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-fzcvs-571d71#.VZ3Pbpjbrbw.facebook Great interview about the Nacra's and how they're more expensive than a T to campaign. Also talks about the high costs Nacra are putting on spare parts and the reliability issues.
  3. Haven't seen the pics. Links? How many do reckon?
  4. It's a very expensive lesson to expect sailors and teams to fund. You can talk about Laser, 470 and Star masts all you like but they're not US$5k+ to replace. At that price the engineering needs to be better. And this is over multiple regatta's. It's not a one off freak occurrence. There's simply a suitability gap between the performance of the boat relative to the mast and that's not acceptable. That's not shitting over the Nacra party. It's a simple fact and I'm surprised you're expecting sailors to accept it.
  5. I don't know...that's why I asked the question. Do you have the answers??
  6. I wonder how much gear breakage there was in all the other fleets sailing that day?? Serious question if anyone's got some info. It will help put the N17 durability issue into some perspective. This talk of loads being too high on T's and F18's is rubbish. The mainsheet is easier to sheet on the T than an F18. The sail area of the N17 is very similar to the F18 so similar loads. The only issue on either of these boats would be the spinnaker loads, which are overcome simply with a 2-1 set up on the sheets. We sailed the T worlds in January that included a warm up event. 9 days sailing over 11 days total. 3 weeks later went to the Aus F18 nationals run over 4 days. Both myself and my brother pulled up worse for wear after the F18's than the T's. Given the amount of athletic work required to keep the N17 on the water and not tipping over I can't believe they're considered an easier boat to sail for a mixed crew. Nahid Gaebler works the front of the T as well as anyone. She wouldn't be considered a "big" lady by any means. She is fit but so is any world class level sailor. It's a mute excuse. Stop the gear failures and let the sailors win events on their merits.
  7. Nacra must be laughing all the way to the bank with this. I'm sure they're a fantastic boat to sail - the sailors love them. But to say they're better value than what the T's were or an F18 option is simply wrong. Ongoing problems with foils, hulls and masts must be making these one of the most expensive boats to campaign ever. I sailed the T worlds in Perth in 25 knots, a number of F18 nationals in 20+ knots and never see any of the failure levels these N17's present.
  8. In Melbourne, Australia yesterday - very sad. A four-year-old girl was clinging to her mum's leg when she was fatally mauled by a pitbull terrier in Melbourne's northwest, a relative of the family has said. Police say the attack happened at a house in Lahy Street, St Albans, at 8.10pm last night. Her visibly distressed mother Jaclin Appok was surrounded by members of the Sudanese community at a relative's home today. Through an interpreter she described her daughter as "a very artistic girl, she loved to draw and she talked a lot''. Ms Appok was too distressed to speak about what happened. It is believed the dog escaped from a neighbour's yard and entered the home where Ayen Chol and several other children were watching television. Ayen died at the scene, another cousin aged 30 suffered bite wounds to her hands and arms and a five-year-old girl was bitten on the back of her head. RELATED COVERAGE REACTION: Dog owners face tougher penalties My daughter's getting attacked: Pitbull ripped girl from her mum's legThe Australian, 7 minutes ago Calls for more action on pitbullsThe Australian, 17 minutes ago Baillieu must ban dangerous dogs nowHerald Sun, 27 minutes ago Dog owners 'should be culpable'The Australian, 46 minutes ago Mauling victim was clinging to mum's legThe Daily Telegraph, 1 hour ago Daniel Atem, a cousin of the victims, said one of Ayen's relatives was outside the house when the dog came at her. As she rushed into the house, the animal followed her. Mr Atem said the dog initially attacked the five-year-old girl and as Ayen's mother intervened, the dog then attacked Ayen, who was clinging on to her mother's leg. "It (the dog) pulled the child from the mum... the daughter died, the dog left the child and then the owner of the dog came after that and took the dog out," Mr Atem said. The death has prompted the Victorian government to propose that dog owners whose pets kill people should face consequences similar to culpable drivers, who can be jailed for a maximum of 20 years' jail. The Nationals deputy leader Peter Walsh said the government is considering amending the Crimes Act to crack down on the owners of dangerous dogs that kill people. He said owners should be held responsible for their dogs' actions, similar to people charged with culpable driving, he said. "These types of dogs have lost their right to exist in Victoria," Mr Walsh told reporters today. A cousin of the victim said the girl's father, who is working in southern Sudan, has been contacted and was returning home. "He's very, very, very sad. The elders community in southern Sudan will counsel him," Mr Atem said. Police have yet to determine if charges will be laid against the dog's owner, who has agreed to have it destroyed. A neighbour has described how the girl's mother screamed for help as her daughter was mauled. The neighbour, who did not want to give his name, said he rushed for help after the girl's mother came screaming from the house: "My daughter's getting attacked by a dog''. He said that he and others ran into the house where they tried to revive the girl with assistance from ambulance services over the phone. He said that he had never seen the dog in the street before and that the dog's owner was "devastated'' by the attack. Superintendent Graham Kent said police were at the early stages of the investigation. "It's yet to be fully investigated to see whether or not there's been any offence committed,'' Superintendent Graham Kent said. "Our focus at this stage is to find out what happened and in the process of doing that we will find out whether or not there's been any offence." Superintendent Kent said when police arrived at the scene, it was chaotic and very distressing. American Pit Bull Terrier Club of Australia president Colin Muir said the issue was not about a particular breed but the wider problem of responsible ownership of dogs. He said no dog of any breed was safe to be left unattended with children. "It's not a breed issue, it's about responsibility of ownership and it's about education," Mr Muir said. Daniel Atem, another cousin of the victims, described Ayen as "a lovely little girl, very talkative and popular in kindergarten". The family arrived in Australia in 2004 after spending three years in Egypt awaiting resettlement. They were living at their cousin's house after their own home burned down. Pit bulls are a restricted breed in Victoria, with regulations meaning all must be desexed and registered with local councils. There is a large media pack in Lahy Street, in the working class suburb of St Albans where the attack occurred. At the girl's home the blinds were shut and there is no sign of activity in the house.
  9. Isn't that cute!!! They must be harmless then. .....Oh, hang on I just googled "pictures of pit bulls":