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  1. Dont be so sure! This reminds me of a race where I was the clueless crew on a Bucc 18. I had next to zero experience with a symmetrical spin. I watched a bunch of videos the night before in hopes of picking something up. When we got out on the water, I asked the skipper, an excellent sailor, to walk me through, step by step, a launch and takedown. He patiently did so. I managed through a couple of WL laps and it came down to a tight finish. We had an offset reaching finish that we couldn't hold the kite on so I had to drop it at the leeward mark. I completely botched it, but managed to keep it out of the water. By the time we crossed the finish line, I was wearing the spinnaker like a dress. No yelling, but definitely some laughing and pointing. We eked it out.
  2. Hey Shay, Great that you are getting your kids into sailing! I have a couple of thoughts on boats, but I wouldn't look at it as a long term investment. I think I would look at what will suit them at their current age and size, and look to sell it in a few years. Our sailing program recently got boats just for that "tweener" age and size. I would hold off on the 470 (or 420?) until they are bigger. The sailing program actually got the topaz uno that you were recommended. Good boats that can be upgrade with a Spinnaker at some point. A Feva looks like it would also be a good choice, but no personal experience there. I like those dinghies because two can go out together and the crew has something to do. As far as getting off the beach, I am sure they will figure that out in short order. Rocking, ooching, and sculling can be effective, or just give them a paddle. Good luck and let us know how they get on. Cheers, Eric
  3. I would be interested in knowing the mods you made to speed up rigging time. Or is it just better technique?
  4. Lol. At least we are playing our video games on a boat!
  5. I also have a cheap pair of sunglasses with a bluetooth ear bud. So when I am feeling really geeky (lonely?), I have iRegatta talk to me:-)
  6. Correct. The phone or tablet runs iRegatta and sends a data stream via Bluetooth to the watch. Then there is a Pebble app running on the watch that displays the data. Another cool thing the Pebble can do is scroll through the screens on the host device.
  7. Beer and burgers afterward. Preferably a comfortable place to sit down and enjoy the company. Another big one is persistent emails and advertisement. Sorry to the race organizers for the extra work, but if I receive a few emails and maybe a little promotional write up it influences my impressionable little brain. People generally like to help too. Ask for help setting up a tent, cooking or cleaning up.
  8. Aah...so the new folding system isn't even shown in the picture.
  9. Unfortunately, the Android version no longer supports the pebble. He got it working for those that had already made the in app purchase ($3 or$4) prior to dropping support and then made it unavailable for future purchases. If you have already made the in app purchase before it was discontinued, there is a file download on the Madman Marine site to make it work. Might be worth emailing Madman Marine to see if he would consider reactivating the feature. If he saw enough interest it might be worth his while-especially now that he has it working well. He did say that he was planning on an Android Wear version. If you have an iPhone, the pebble works on that version of iRegatta. At least it did when I tested it about a month ago. Also works with the Apple watch.
  10. I used iRegatta on an Android phone and tablet with a vYacht multiplexer/wifi being fed wind, depth, and gps data. Wind and gps were nmea 0183, and depth was the old seatalk.
  11. Holy shit! Is that a gimballed beer holder? Time to pack up the truck for a road trip to Minnesota!
  12. Congrats! I hope you share with us how it works out. SF Bay should surely be a good testing grounds. I never received a reply from SeaRail to my inquiry about the folding system. Have you seen it work?
  13. Used the pebble in the race today-worked great. Mostly used it for SOG and turn to mark, but I also switched it to depth at times, like when anchoring. Never lost connectivity. I haven't used the start line function with iRegatta, although I do use the race timer. Awesome sail by the way! 12-20 knots of wind reaching most of the way.
  14. I didn't realize RaceQs had a Pebble app. Thanks for the info! Curious if you are using Android or Apple? I have a race tomorrow and will be using the Pebble with iRegatta. I will probably be primarily looking at SOG and turn to mark. It is a distance race around government marks.
  15. Yeah, sorry. I just went and looked and the deal I got is no longer. It was refurbished, but looked brand new. I started out trying the Pebble 2, but it would not sync with my Android phone-I actually tried two and returned them both. Then I saw that deal on the original Pebble, and decided to give it a try and it worked fine. Interestingly, in the time that I was buying and returning Pebbles, the developer dropped support for the Pebble. He was, however, kind enough to help me get it working on my Android phone. For those of you that don't know, iRegatta for Android is now being maintained by Madman Marine vs Zifigo. I have found both developers to be very responsive.