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  1. efrank

    Brightwork Anarchy

    Good idea! I do have some left, although it is a bit old. The stuff I have is satin finish. It definitely does not give the glassy finish of a polyurethane, but that is not what I wanted with my floors. Mostly l, I was thinking about using it on the interior of my boat. I would like to keep the wood as light as possible. Have to do a little experimentation.
  2. efrank

    Brightwork Anarchy

    Anyone tried waterlox on the interior or exterior of a boat? I put it on the floors of my house and rather like it.
  3. efrank

    Mattress anarchy

    I'm not sure I would do Sunbrella for cushions that are going to be down below. There might be something out there better suited, cheaper, and more comfortable.
  4. efrank

    Taxi dancer

    I love the retro boat series. It would be really cool to adda short segment with old crew members commenting on the boats history or telling a race story. Specifically not the owner. It would be in keeping with SA and a really different, interesting perspective - like this thread.
  5. efrank

    Daysailer for old people

    My grandpa had a Stonehorse 23. It was a great little boat. Beautiful, fun to sail, with a little inboard diesel. This pic just stolen off the interwebs.
  6. Don't shoot so high. A pulse and as least as many teeth as your average carnie.
  7. efrank

    American Dumbass

    Wait, whaaat? You can't legally carry a Leatherman? I know this thread is all about being respectful of other country's ways, but that is just fucked up:-) A person becomes 10x as useful with one of those.
  8. efrank

    When is it time to transition?

    Somebody is a little cranky:-). I think of PHRF racing as a reason to get your boat off the dock and enjoy the day with friends. In our area, the boats that get used the most are the ones that participate in the "Fun Races" weekly. It just gives that extra bit of motivation to use the boat. A lot of "cruisers" have grand ideas of cruising while their boats turn green at the dock. I love cruising, but 90% of the sailing I do these days is racing or daysailing. Sailing is frigging awesome! Any excuse to get out there is a good one! Currently looking for a racer/cruiser.
  9. efrank

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    Can you please suggest one?
  10. efrank

    When I Win the Lottery

    You are exactly right Snaggs. We are the sheep to be shorn. The biggest problem is when the government falls short because of the miserable mismanagement of money, they just print more. Does anybody really think this can go on indefinitely?
  11. efrank

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    My question is how are they going to bring the grid and hull together? There are some significant gaps. The hull is blocked up which seems like it would cause distortion. I would guess when Beneteau joined the hull and grid the hull is still in the mold to maintain the correct shape.
  12. efrank

    A wee little boat

    Old news.
  13. efrank

    Weta anarchy

    Eunuch maker.
  14. This is interesting. Who banned them? How did they ban them? Who enforces the ban? Seems a slippery slope. An asshat in ANY kind of boat can be annoying. I had a canoe that just couldn't seem to get out of the way of my Sunfish as I was tacking up the creek. I could see from the look on his face that he didn't understand that I was limited in the direction I could go by the wind. I'm sure he was annoyed. Should we ban Sunfish? Canoes? There are a lot more powerboats than sailboats and we annoy the fuck out of them. Be careful what you wish for. None of us own the waters . It is one of the few freedoms left to enjoy.