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  1. efrank

    Cruising Sailboat Partnership

    I have put a little thought into this, but no personal experience. There are very few people I would consider doing this with. So, I would have an understanding that if the other guy wants out, either I can buy him out or the boat goes up for sale. I wouldn't go into it with the possibility that my partner (or me, if that is my partner's preference) could sell their share. The last thing I want is to end up in a boat partnership with the wrong person, not of my choosing.
  2. Why did you get rid of the SC 33? I was surprised when you got the Ericson, because it seemed like you had already tried that route and didn't like it. Not throwing shade, I think the Ericson is a cool boat. I am looking for something similar and am just curious why you think it will work out better than the SC.
  3. Ok, this is one of those things that if it wasn't on video you wouldn't believe the fish story. Troy on Free Range Sailing was fishing on the side of a river. He gets a fish on and it breaks off his lure. He had just talked about his line breaking and losing a bunch of lures. I won't spoil it but what happens next is unreal! The fishing starts about 7 minutes in. Episode 28. It is a couple years old, but I have just kind of randomly been going through them as they pop up on my feed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFXoMvLU_DE&t=1335s
  4. efrank

    CS36, C&C 33-2, Ericson 35-3, Cal 33-2...

    What did you think?
  5. efrank

    Beach launching a Wayfarer

    I bought the wheels and axle. I had to cut the Wheeleez axle in half and split a pvc pipe and put it over the Wheeleez axle so it would fit snugly in the Weta dolly. Also had to drill a hole to accept a machine screw to pin it in place. Yes, if the axles were the same size it would be much easier.
  6. efrank

    Where to move?

    This is really solid advice. If you want to learn how to make a boat go, there is nothing better than a dinghy to figure it out. They connect you to the wind and water with an immediacy that is lost with bigger boats. And you can do that right now. I have a friend that moved from California for just the reason you are. Never sailed. He bought a little 23 footer for chips and was very slowly getting a feel for it. I suggested he sail a Sunfish with our group for casual racing. He struggled mightily the first day out in our shifty creek. Just couldn't make it go where he wanted. Ended up parking it, but kept his chin up, shot the shit with us after over a few beers and kept at it. He and I ended up doing a lot of after work jaunts out to the river in progressively bigger winds. Fast forward a year and his progress is phenomenal! He won his first race a couple of weeks ago. He probably sails as much or more than anyone in our area. There will be plenty more to learn about seamanship, cruising, navigation and all that shit, but if you want to learn to make the boat go, a dinghy is the answer.
  7. efrank

    Three Year Plan

    I crewed on a Lancer 36 last season and just had a great time, so maybe that skews my opinion toward the positive on this boat. I loved it. Really didn't inspect it at the time though. That season really let me see how much fun beer can racing could be. The skipper is a phenomenal sailor, so I was learning all the time. We had a consistent crew, so it was nice to form a team. Most of all, we drank beer and laughed a lot. Zero screaming unless it was a woohoo!
  8. efrank

    Three Year Plan

    Damn, I said I would slouch. Please don't relegate me to a power boat:-). Hopefully, I will not be mostly stationary. I had another friend, an avid sailor, suggest a power boat, but I just love sailing and will find a way to do it until I can't.
  9. efrank

    Three Year Plan

    I like that one. A lot. Wasn't even aware of them. Gotta love the knowledge here on SA!
  10. efrank

    Three Year Plan

    Thanks for the suggestions! More Googling to be done. My posture is questionable and I have reached the age where my spine is compressing, so I could probably get by with something a bit shy of full height.
  11. efrank

    Beach launching a Wayfarer

    I changed out the tires in my Weta dolly with Wheeleez polyurethane beach tires and it made a world of difference. They operate with about 3 pounds of pressure. They were pricey, but worth it. Not sure how they would compare to the beach wheels you already have.
  12. efrank

    Three Year Plan

    Holy crap! I have never wished to be shorter, but, as I look into it more, there are a lot of cool boats out there that just don't have sufficient headroom. Really like the J 35s and 36s, but only 6' of headroom. I'm going to be staying on it for a few months at a time, so I think it is an important consideration. Anyone have any suggestions for a boat less than $40k, length 34-38, phrf less than 120 with 6'4" of headroom?
  13. efrank

    When offered the Vaccine, will you take it?

    @EYESAILOR thank you for posting this information. It is interesting and informative.
  14. efrank

    Three Year Plan

    This is really a good idea and something to consider. I do want to get some friends together occasionally and do some beer can racing, but I can do that on any old shitter and we will have a good time. I hate motoring though, so I am trying to find that balance between light air performance and comfort. It is great to get everyone's input here to help me think it through. My old F-27 would sail in a zephyr, but roomy it was not!