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  1. efrank

    SailGP 2020

    A rich guy trying to gain favor with the president - shocker!
  2. efrank

    Family Freindly Beach Cat

    How about two Hobie Tandem Adventure Islands? Easy to get the kids involved because you can pedal, steer, and run thee sheet from either seat. You can race to the next camping spot. Have two way radios to talk to each other. Seems like that would be great adventure for the kids! The boat has storage hatches for camping gear too.
  3. efrank

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Thanks. Lare Bear, The Coutts, and I were hanging out, sparked one up, and Bam the plan unfolded.
  4. efrank

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    RC told me none of that was staged. It was a compilation of true reactions that just happened to be caught on video. 100% authentic!
  5. efrank

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    I wish they would. Don't give a shit about the nationality rules either. Every team develops a personality. I don't care where they are from. Put the best sailors out there you can find. I also find it ridiculous to limit some teams time in the boats. Experience and hard work are rewarded with wins as it should be.
  6. Did a little Googling. That dude is the real life Tony Stark!
  7. efrank

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    I thought this video was particularly interesting. Tells a good story and doesn't try to project everything is unicorns and rainbows.
  8. efrank

    Choosing a drysuit - Brand and size

    I got an Ocean Rodeo Soul a couple of years ago. I love it. Works great, not too hard to get into and out of, and doesn't look like a spacesuit.
  9. If I saw a boat self-docked after a storm in a movie I would say "Well, that's bullshit". Glad you are OK FF. Damn, wish I was 21 again!
  10. efrank

    Fucking parasites

    My crew gets gear, food, lodging, travel expenses...she is my daughter, but damn!
  11. How about an electric winch handle as a compromise?
  12. efrank

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Grant Dalton has already said it is going to be New Zealand. He is teaming up with Dean Barker and Jimmy Spithill.
  13. efrank


  14. efrank


    Your data shows that although China has 4 times as many people as the US, their carbon dioxide emissions are only double that of the US, and that although the US is only 5% of the world's population, it is responsible for 14% of carbon dioxide emissions.
  15. efrank

    DIY trampoline Qs

    This is the stuff I used https://www.sailrite.com/Trampoline-Mesh-Soft-White-63 for my F-27. I covered it with vinyl paint from Sunrise nets for UV protection. I wrapped the edges around some webbing and put in several rows of stitching with V-92. Then I cut this into strips and wrapped it around the edge for a border https://www.sailrite.com/Shelter-Rite-18oz-Beige-61 . I stitched the shelter-rite on with tenara thread because it would be exposed to the sun. I got a hot hole punch to burn holes in for the grommets. I did all of the sewing on a Sailrite machine and cut everything but the shelter-rite with a hot knife attachment on a soldering gun. If I do it again, I will spring for a real hot knife. The nets still look good after 5 years.