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  1. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    I updated the blog.... It's just an account of the road trip, and shoveling out about 30 pounds of pine needles from the inside of the boat!
  2. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    Turns out there's a eucalyptus tree about 150 feet away from where she's stored, with a conveniently placed branch that will make stepping the mast really easy when the time comes.
  3. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    After a LOT OF HOURS in my truck or the U-Haul truck, Alpha is at her new digs at Bethel Island. I spent something like 10-11 hours driving on Sunday. It was overcast but not raining when I picked up the U-Haul at Bethel Island. It poured all the way from Auburn to Nevada City and was dumping hail in Nevada City when I arrived to hook 'er up. Fortunately that stopped and it didn't rain all the way down to her new home. Here we are, stopped to make sure the straps are OK and all the tires were holding air. I had NO issues driving the 3 hours it took to cover the 142 miles, so getting that trailer fixed was a great investment. I'll be updating the blog, here shortly.
  4. Alan H

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2019

    It'll get my sorry butt out of the Marina for the weekend!
  5. Alan H

    H-Boat Renovation Project

    In fact there should be beaucoup good used sails from various European countries for the H Boat, as they're a super popular One Design in Germany, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Finland and so on. On my short list of dream boats is the grown-up cousin to the H-Boat the H-323. I've never seen one for sale on this side of the Atlantic, though.
  6. Alan H

    Old swageless terminals

    Sounds like is a good, solid..."maybe". As in, look and see. I'll just take the wires off the boat on Sunday and get 'em home and disassemble everything and see. Word from one of the OD Stalwarts is that the rigging is way over-strong for what's needed.
  7. Alan H

    Old swageless terminals

    My 1971 Piper One Design has rigging which terminates at the deck with swageless terminals. Now, according to the former owner, who had the boat for about 8 years, the boat hasn't sailed in at least twenty five years. I assume that he heard that from whomever HE bought the boat from. So I'm thinking that those swageless terminals are very possibly original. If I look at 'em under a low power microscope and don't see any cracks, are they legit to re-use? I've never messed with swageless terminals before and I gotta do something. I'm not taking the boat out with two stranded lower shrouds, which is what it's got, now.
  8. Alan H

    Dark side

    Are you SURE you want to do trips to Monterey and Bodega Bay in the winter? LOL If I were looking to do that, I would maybe have an eye out ofr one of these the only problem being that I'd be happy to weekend on that boat, or spend a week, but I wouldn't want to live aboard.
  9. Alan H

    Dark side

    I also has a friend in the SSS who has a Nauticat 38. Boat is pretty fllippin' roomy. It's not my choice of vessel, but he lives on it quite comfortably and actually races it.
  10. Alan H

    Dark side

    To the OP... if you can stomach the fuel consumption, and can pick your weather window, seems like you can putt-putt around the Central Bay to your hearts content. I wouldn't take a trawler-type boat out the Gate on anything like a big day, though. for one thing, the point is to have fun. Getting hammered is not fun.
  11. Alan H

    Dark side

    I have a friend who lives on his 36 foot trawler with his wife and kid. He's a system admin for a big tech company you've heard of in Silicon Valley. He makes $100,000 a year and can't buy a house here and doesn't want to live in a glorified condo. It works, but they leave the slip once a month to keep the harbormaster off their backs. They putt-putt up to the next marina to get to the head pump-out and spend the night. Then they putt-putt back. The boat came with dual 50 gallon tanks. He pulled one, now they only have one tank, which he doesn't even use, he's got a little fifteen gallon poly tank installed. The empty space from the other tank is now spic-'n span clean and there's a trunk put there for personal belongings. He says they only need one tank because they're never going to motor more than about 3 hours in any direction, and at about 3 gallons an hour, well... It's a 3 1/2 hour trip from where he is to San Francisco. So that's ten gallons of fuel to get there and ten gallons to get back...twenty gallons. Diesel is now about $4.20 a gallon at fuel docks around the Bay, unless you want to fill carboys at the gas station and haul it yourself. So in other words, a trip for him and the family up so San Francisco is going to cost about $80-$90. You can anchor out and stay on the boat, but the wife and kid want to get off the boat easy-peasy and that means a marina slip. So there's the overnight fee. It's OK, but it's not what he has in mind. If he was to fill up a 50 gallon fuel tank, the fuel would sit in the tank for *years*. So he just uses the fifteen gallon tank and fills it himself from a coule of 3-gallon carboys that he carries in his truck. The vast majority of their use is actually in the winter, they have a diesel-fired heater on the boat. He know that he will probably lose resale value on the boat because he pulled that tank. But think about it. He's living in the SF Bay area for $380 a month berth fee plus his insurance. His haulouts, every other year are about $2,000. That's much less than ONE MONTHS payment on a house, or even rent on a two-bedroom apartment around here. They live simply, they seem happy. He's putting away about two grand every month that he's NOT paying in rent or mortgage. He paid $40,000 for the trawler. He says he can GIVE it away in seven or eight years when they get the hell out of the Bay Area with a couple hundred thousand bucks saved up in the bank and still be miles ahead.
  12. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    I was encouraged by a couple of folks in the 1-D Association, all of which are in Scotland, to document it all.
  13. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    I started a little blog to document the restoration. Piper 24 restoration
  14. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    There will be a number of lag bolts through the first couple of boards, and the whole thing will be sheathed in triaxial fiberglass. I don't think it's gonna come apart!
  15. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    ...and here we are, gluing up. I'll shape this one with a power planer and a belt sander, then sheathe with triaxial glass in epoxy.