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  1. Alan H

    SSS 2021 Corinthian Regatta

    I talked to Laura on the phone late last week, actually. Apparently she wasn't able to do the rating herself, and had to send it to the committee meeting on Monday. I hope that the committee gets to mine. If they don't, then no Corinthian race for me, and it's possible that no SHF either, since the committee doesn't meet until late in the month, so I'd get put off until the late March meeting. ..which is not exactly happy-making.
  2. Alan H

    SSS 2021 Corinthian Regatta

    Still waiting on YRA for my PHRF cert. I guess the committee meets on Monday. I pitched in my application almost 3 weeks ago. Not enough time, obviously.
  3. Alan H

    Autopilot use during singlehanded racing

    I looked at your videos about steering the boat with a storm jib up inside the main headsail, and then looked around YT for other examples. I came across a number of videos about the same principle, and also videos about using mainsheet-to-tiller steering. When my single autopilot died on my SHTP qualifier, I set up mainsheet-to-tiller self steering and it drove the boat for many hours, and worked very well. I was actually shocked. It had trouble in windspeeds approaching 20 knots and less than 5 knots, but it got me through day three. I tested the idea of using my heavy-weather jib, which is easily double the size of my storm jib, about a 65% headsail, to do your system and it worked, in light air and flat water. I was impressed enough to make a wire stay exactly the length of the luff of my heavy-weather jib. That sail has a #6 tape, but there are grommets behind the tape. I can lash the heavy weather jib to that wire stay and tighten it with a halyard, about 16 inches inside my forestay. I still need to test this in more wind, but I'm pretty confident that given some time I can figure it out. It's reassuring to have a fighting chance at rigging a functional self-steering system up, if the autopilots pack it in.
  4. Alan H

    Autopilot use during singlehanded racing

    There are days when I wish I was sailing a Contessa 26, just for the steadiness of the helm. Then all this "tie the tiller off" and "bungee cord" stuff would work just great. Ah, well....something to look forward to. I view all these videos of guys sailing 26-28 foot long keel boats across oceans with just sheet to tiller self-steering with a twinge of jealousy.
  5. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    Different roller furling, but you can see the little anchor roller right at the stem. The Holy Loch-based boats spend the season on moorings, I believe. So instead of anchoring, they use that little roller for the mooring pendant. I have no idea where to acquire such a piece of hardware, so I'll just rig my boat a little bit differently. Until I wave bye-bye to my currently screwed-up country and move to Scotland, precisely where the headstay goes to is not that important.
  6. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    I just discovered something earlier in the week. The Scottish boats all have a little bow roller right up at the stemhead, and the actual headstay fitting is about 6 inches aft of that. My boat has a headstay fitting right at the stem. This is one of the few Pipers that have roller furling. Ceilidh might be one of the Gourock Royal YC boats. The Club uses them for sail training. However, that pic shows the location of the headstay fitting.
  7. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    I'm a saber kind of guy. Errr.. sabre.
  8. rmgeis, your boat is the big sister to mine. If you go visit the SSS forum, at and look in the TransPac 2020 sub forum, you will see my preposterously long thread about preparation. Look through it. It has a blow-by-blow account of how I made an emergency rudder from wood core, covered by fiberglass. It goes into a plywood and 2 x 4, screwed together cassette. The e-rudder is in the first 5-6 screens of the thread. The cassette is wrapped with 4 inch glass tape and linear carbon fiber. You can see how I did the gudgeons, there. This picture, taken part-way through attaching the gudgeons, gives you the idea. That whole thing is covered with a layer of glass tape and then a crapload of carbon fiber.
  9. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    Incredibly...the "free" Piper is pretty surely on it's way to Northern California. My buddy Richard, who has been helping me with my Piper, is about ~This~ close to pulling the trigger on the boat. so a year, there just might be some REALLY Old Skool match racing on the Alameda Estuary.
  10. I've drilled through the daggerboard case, probably about a foot or so above the waterline. There's now a half-inch s.s. bolt clear through the daggerboard case. In fact, we. had minus tides last weekend and as I was cranking the board up to raise it so I could get out of my slip, the board just "Stopped" after a couple turns on the winch. Nice.... so the board won't slide more than about 18-20 inches before it runs up against that bolt.
  11. I see that the 3-Bridge Fiasco awards meeting and the Corinthian race skippers meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday February 24th. I'm not ready to put this thing on earlier than that, and delaying it much more renders it pretty useless in terms of providing actual information for skippers to use to plan their system for 2021. I just don't want to go back to everybody who was going to participate and try to find another date so I'm just going to cancel it. The video from the last activity is available, and tons of information from past seminars is available on the SSS website. Emergency Rudder Seminar is cancelled! That doesn't mean that this thread on emergency steering has to stop, of course. carry on!
  12. I'd be curious to know if the blades failed, or the cassettes....or the tiller attachment, or the mounts to the boat.
  13. Alan H

    SF Bay moorage - dry or wet

    Oakland Marinas pricing...
  14. Alan H

    SF Bay moorage - dry or wet

    If you plan to fly into Oakland, then no question. Alameda. There isn't enough money in the world to entice me to rent a slip from the asshole motherfucker that owns the Alameda Marina, but Grand or Fortman is fine. If you stay on the Oakland side, all the berths are run by Almar Marina's. Jack London is nice, some of the other ones are a little dicier, but mostly OK. AVOID Union Point marina, which you'll notice has lower berth rent than the other Almar marinas in Oakland. That's because the Park has been taken over by a really violent homeless community. Park there and you're asking for a break in. There have been a remarkably large number of assaults in the park. You've been warned.
  15. Turns out that I will not be the Zoom admin for the presentation. If it's recorded and I get the download URL afterwards, I'll put it here.