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  1. Alan H

    The audacity of youth

    I remain convinced that with maybe ten thousand dollars up-front, you can get yourself a basically sound 1960's cruiser and set her up for coastal cruising for a LONG time.. Honestly... A.) if the mast doesn't fall down...B.) if the keel doesn't fall off... C.) if the rudder doesn't fall off...D.) if you can figure out where you are...E.) if you have a freaking stout anchoring system F.) if you have a secure, warm place to sleep..G.) if you have a way to store and cook food. H.) if you have a place/way to store 5-10 gallons of water and I.) if you have a place/way to take a dump Then you can go cruising for weeks or months. it would be really nice to be able to stand up inside the boat. it would also be nice to have a stupid-simple motoring system. And finally it would be nice to have a way to get the boat to steer itself. A way to get to shore without swimming is also desirable. Anything more than that is gravy, but not necessary.
  2. Alan H

    Daysailer for old people

    I have to say, there comes a point where all this automation makes me feel like this. I mean, why stop at having to do literally nothing on the boat but steer? Get an autopilot, all you have to do is push buttons. Maybe you can get Siri to run the winches. "Siri, unfurl the jib." ... "Siri, turn to port." .."Siri, take my girlfriends bikini top off". How fun..
  3. Alan H

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    if an H-323 ever came up for sale in North America, me 'n Bull would have to arm 'rassle for it. LOL
  4. Alan H

    Daysailer for old people

    That Marblehead Catboat is sweet!
  5. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    I was alerted to an "issue" with the Piper when a buddy went out to the boat and took photos of the boat showing the mast shoved way back on deck and the cockpit cover in shreds. So I went out there today. Upshot...there were two pieces of broken glass on deck. The cockpit cover was in fact shredded, but none of the edges are frayed. These are clean rips, the entire fore-and-aft length of the cover. The mast is pushed back about 6 feet on the boat, it was still in the plywood braces I made for it. The starboard spreader is broken...the other one was out, I wrote about that earlier in the thread. The spreader wasn't broken the last time I was there. AND, worst of all, the riveted-on s.s. spreader base is bent. I will have to drill out the rivets and take it home and try to bend it back. At least the mast isn't bent. What happened? Pretty sure someone came down the driveway into the parking lot, made the left turn to go into the lot and clipped the end of my mast. We were going to step the mast today. Oops. So much for that idea. So instead we took out the rotted out plywood semi-bulkhead that supports the strap that transfers mainsheet loads to the hulls. That meants a lot of grinding, so my forearms are itchy tonight. The piece I made to go in there fits a treat, I got it exactly right, It needs one bit trimmed back and then I can glass it in the next time I go.
  6. Alan H

    Daysailer for old people There it is. Harbor 20 for sale. Would'ja just go buy the thing? LOL
  7. Alan H

    Haul out 2020

    Oh my. Yes. Feel free to not stop there, BTW.
  8. for the Wildcat...the S2 7.9, I had something I wanted to do...not a "boat goal" but a "cruising/racing" goal. So I was looking for basically the most affordable boat with a PHRF rating significantly under 200, that would let me achieve that goal. It was about 5 months before I found the S2. The Piper...well, I'm a Scot-o-phile. I'd decided that having a unique, wood Scottish One-Design called a Loch Long One Design would be cool. I actually did locate one in New York, but a buddy from the Wood Boat Forum went and looked at it. The pictures convinced me...nope. All that took about 3 months. Then, about 2 months later I was looking through some nearby Craigslist ads and...WTF? A Piper One Design? ...the OTHER regional Scottish One Design from the area I'm interested in? I wasn't looking but I couldn't say "no".
  9. Alan H

    Haul out 2020

    You know, I'd love a photo tour of your boat, maybe a few paragraphs about her history, and all. You know, since you won't be sailing this winter! Are the kids pulling the $1 sailboat out for the winter, too?
  10. Alan H

    Haul out 2020

    For me to see something like that I have to drive six hours to Lake Tahoe. On the other hand, I get to sail year-round, though "winter" here is usually pretty light winds.
  11. Alan H

    Haul out 2020

    Wow...that is one gorgeous boat....and a setting so totally unlike my own.
  12. Alan H

    When is it time to transition?

    You know what else looks fun? The Texas it in a Lido 14 or an O'Day daysailer or a Harpoon 5.2. I'd take a week to drive from California to Texas, and explore on the way, car camping. Then do the event, and take another week farting around on the way home. The Puget Sound Water trail.....the precursor to the R2Ak....the 70-48. And today, a buddy posted a video of a family taking a drift boat down the upper Missouri River. I think that looks absolutely fantastic. Do that in a little open-water rowboat? That would be too much fun!
  13. Alan H

    When is it time to transition?

    I'm looking forward to doing a couple of races next year, maybe doing the local winter race, the Three Bridge Fiasco on a Hobie Miracle 20. That will be my first time on a multihull. I could get hooked! Then the SHTP...sell the boat in the Islands... Come back and sail the Piper. I might build a two's really a three-sheet...very cool double-ended rowboat. Free plans are available over on the Wooden Boat Forum. Or I might build that Caragnone and try dinghy cruising in the Delta. I don't think the Mrs. is going to go for having TWO boats in the front yard! Here's Flo-Mo's free two-sheet plans page. I might do some racing on the Capo 30 that the Hobie owner has. I expect I'll take the Piper across the Bay and do the Plastic Classic "race". I'm tempted to build the Caragnone and then haul it up to WA and dinghy-cruise the Puget Sound water trail. All this is really sounding good to me now. I doubt that I will miss the racing I've done. We'll see!
  14. After many years of racing shorthanded, I'm finally at the point where I'm feeling ready to let that go and cruise/daysail. I'm not "done", yet...I have a few more races in me and one more big crossing but the clock is ticking. I'm 63. Now, lots of people do both at the same time. And sure, "age is just a number"...which to a point is true. So when did / does the "time come" to kick back and ease off the racing pedal, for you?