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  1. It's an old quarter-tonner that got turned into a family racer-cruiser. In that way, it's not that different from umptyizzle other 23-25 foot racer-cruisers of it's era. Seitaros' has a pretty nice interior. It sails just fine. No, I wouldn't take it solo across the North Atlantic. No I wouldn't expect to beat a Melges 24 on a deep power reach. If you look it over closely and make sure there aren't any big-bill issues in there, then it's a perfectly fine boat for daysailing, overnights and club racing.
  2. The Japanese guy in the slip next to me has one. He sails it solo and 2-up, sometimes with his kids all over south SF Bay practically very weekend during the summer. It's not as fast as my S2 7.9 except in really light air, but it's not THAT much slower. Besides the fun factor per dollar is high, here. His boat has an outboard, but I know some came with inboard diesels.
  3. Since Ronnie has actually DONE what the OP proposed, I would be inclined to listen to him. Just sayin'
  4. I took a Ranger 29 solo California to Hawaii, 20 years ago. The Navik windvane did 98% of the steering. I got there, had a great time. I'd own another one without hesitation, especially if it had a diesel.
  5. Your lady is absolutely beautiful, you're a lucky man, my friend.
  6. looking for S2 7.9 photos

    Always thought I'd like a Thomas 35. Ther'es one for sale in Puget Sound that would be awfully sweet. It's already set up for shorthanded sailing. It's a tich....a very LARGE tich beyond my budget, though.
  7. looking for S2 7.9 photos

    I finished the rudder, just have to do final measurements on exactly where to put the gudgeons. I'll get a pic of it before I stick it on the boat.
  8. Lotta hate in here. Not sure why. If you don't want to participate, just post in another thread. Ive written this before, but what the heck. if were were broke and I was going to get a boat to go far in I would focus on this. 1. make sure the mast doesn't fall down. Find a boat where the structure under the mast is solid and the stick itself is solid. Then replace wires as needed. 2. Make sure the keel doesn't fall off. If it's lead with bolts in it, then drop the keel in the yard and look at the bolts. This is difficult to do before you buy the boat, isn't it? Therefore I might be tempted to buy a boat where all the heavy stuff is inside the fiberglass shape of the hull. If I couldn't do that then I would take a hard look at the top of the bolts at least before guying it. It they were nasty, skip the boat. If they're not nasty then, well...maybe. Then, before I went far, far away in this boat, I would in fact drop the keel and look at them.. 3. Make sure the rudder doesn't fall off. Drop the rudder, if it's a spade rudder and inspect the shaft. If it's transom-hung rudder you can see all the relevant stuff during a haul-out. 4. Make sure the deck/hull isn't waterlogged and spongy. Honestly, if you do all that, you will get there, more or less, wherever "there" is. That leads me to the next point. 5. Make sure there's an anchoring system that will keep you in one place. Then, make sure there's another one of those. 6. buy a boat that has a comfortable, secure place to sleep for each of the crew. ...NOT the forepeak. 8. Buy a boat that has some sort of reasonable setup for cooking food. 9. Get a reasonable quiver of sails, of reasonable quality. 10. Make sure you have some reliable way to steer the boat while you're sleeping. 11. KISS. and then KISS again. Roller furling is great. You don't have a lot of money. Roller furling costs money. if it breaks it costs more money. People sailed all over the world for a long time without roller furling. Hanks are cheap. Do you REALLY need roller furling? If it's already there, and working well then fine but paying extra? Why? ...and so on. Truth is that any mainstream 1970's 1980's 1990's cruising or cruising/racing boat will sail you all over the place very nicely, and if it's in good shape, can take more abuse than you can. So stressing about the fine details and pouring money into it is kind of a waste. A diesel is nice. On the other hand, to go that last 3 miles into the anchorage in your Alberg 30, an 8 hp outboard in a well in the lazarette will get you there.
  9. Ericson 32, $3500 https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/d/ericson-32-light-green/6542847276.html
  10. So much depends on where you're located. There's a very nice Yankee 30 which has been for sale on CL here in the SF Bay area for well over a year for $8k. A couple of Tartan 30's have come up in the same price range. There's a Tartan 30 with no engine for $5k. Up in Puget sound there's a Yankee 30 that needs a new engine...engine is included for $5.5K. I wouldn't go out into the wild blue yonder for an extended period with 2 people on a Yankee Dolphin. An alberg 30 was lien sold here recently...working engine, everything in at least reasonable shape for $450.
  11. I relate. I'm also old and slow but I do have my moments. BTW, those Manly skiffs look like way too much fun. I've never heard of 'em before but they look like a blast. Finally...I'm sure the long telephoto lenses used to get all those *Great* shots compresses the depth of field something fierce, but it sure looks like you blokes sail those things right in the frackin' surf. I'd probably wet myself.
  12. H-Boat Renovation Project

    IN northern europe, where there are huge 1-D fleets, a top-three national champ boat might go for the equivalent of $15K. Here in the USA where you're racing PHRF and nobody but nobody knows what an H Boat is? No way. Just for relative information, I bought mine 13 years ago for $2K. It was sail-able but not cherry by any means.
  13. H-Boat Renovation Project

    Yes, I think it's too much. Cherry H-boat, new sails, new electronics and nice trailer? m... $8500? Maaaayyyyyybe $10K. No more than that, at least not here in the SF Bay Area..
  14. H-Boat Renovation Project

    There's one ofr sale via CL in Southern California right now for an unrealistic price. Looks like it was donated and the Center for Meditation wants to get rid of it, but they can't sell it for less than the donation value for two years. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/boa/d/baltic-design-27-ft/6526921479.html
  15. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    BTW, I am seriously impressed by the whole 3-D printing done on this part. Now you've got me thinking. I have access to one, a cheap one, at work.