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  1. H-Boat Renovation Project

    Ha! 2018 North American Championships on Lake Eufala in Oklahoma, approximately equal long-distance drives for everybody in the class. LOL
  2. H-Boat Renovation Project

    This is by far the largest and longest-running H Boat interaction, ever, online in North America. How many boats are represented? I supposed that I will claim to "represent" my old boat, now in Redwood City, CA. I know of four others in Central California, though don't know exactly where they are any more.
  3. Brazing aluminum

    OK guys, between you and the dudes on the WBF, I'm writing this off as a bad idea. Thanks for the input!
  4. I'm making a rudder

    But of course. It'll get three coats of black Petit Hydrocoat.
  5. Brazing aluminum

    OK, toecutter, good to know. reefgeek, if you'd read what I wrote, you'd see that I wrote this....No, it's not the rudder gudgeons, and no I wouldn't ever consider using this stuff on rigging on anything bigger than a dinghy. Actually I had in mind a specialized rudderhead for the E-rudder I'm building that would allow for a rudder-head-mounted windvane. Also, I would likely braze the windvane's pendulum oar, as the developer of the system built his first and second versions in plywood. If plywood is strong enough, seems to me that brazed aluminum might work as well. That's why I asked..... Not because I wanted to smoosh some busted aluminum chainplates back together.
  6. Brazing aluminum

    I've got two projects on the boat which could be done in stainless or alternatively in aluminum. No, it's not the rudder gudgeons, and no I wouldn't ever consider using this stuff on rigging on anything bigger than a dinghy. However, there are some video's on YT which make the process look relatively idiot-proof, and I'm seriously down with "idiot-proof".. Here's one of 'em. I've got a propane torch but the cylinder is almost empty so I'd probably go get a MAPP cylinder, as they're hotter than propane. Not up for talking the Mrs. into storing an oxyacetylene setup. Have any of you lads and lasses ever done this? Ever done it and then put the stuff in the marine environment? How did it hold up?
  7. I'm making a rudder

    Yeah, the e-rudder doesn't have to be pretty. I could even blow off the last layer of fairing epoxy/microballoons. I mean, it's plenty strong right now, fairing it further will make it .01 knot faster. Do I really care? It will live in the garage and when I do an ocean race, I'll stick it in the unused quarter berth. The only time it will see sun for more than twenty minutes is if I have to actually use it. I have the clear exterior polyurethane, though, so the only cost is the disposable paintbrush. I'll probably sand it a bit, wrap the top of the rudder and bottom in a couple of layers of 6 ounce cloth, and do one pass with the microballoons in the submerged parts and call it good. The other rudder is supposed to be my primary rudder. It's supposed to replace the kick-up 1-D rudder. I've spent a lot more energy and time on getting the shape right. On top of that, it's $200 worth of straight-grain douglas fir instead of free redwood decking lumber scrounged from down the street, like the E rudder is. It's already 50 pounds, for sure. It'll be 65 by the time I'm done. It's seven and a half feet long. No way that is coming off the boat every time I sail. So I might put epoxy paint below the waterline and interlux white topsides paint above the waterline.
  8. stormy petrel

    Do some reading - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_power_in_California http://www.latimes.com/projects/la-fi-electricity-solar/ Now, that's California, which is different from, say, Michigan in terms of insolation. Truth is that during significant parts of the summer, Southern California generates so much electricity from solar that the local energy brokers have to....I'm not making this up.....PAY other states to take it. They can't even give it away. When the arcane art and science of brokering power on the grid catches up to current production, things will change. Also, generating power is not the same thing as storing power, and that's a significant issue. Also a big issue is..... what's going to happen to those old solar panels, 20 years from now when they're obsolete. I sure hope they don't get shipped to China, where orphans get paid two cents a day to bathe the panels in acid to retrieve five cents worth of metal, then dump the acid in the local river. It's a problem and it will have to be addressed.
  9. I'm making a rudder

    Raz'r, I bought the gel coat literally because the sales guy told me to. That's dumb because he clearly didn't know a damn thing. However, both the can and the MEK are unopened, I can return them easily enough. Two-part epoxy paint should be relatively easy to deal with, I'd think.
  10. H-Boat Renovation Project

    There's one currently on Craigslist here in the SF Bay Area. They want...***gasp, snorfff** $15,000 for it. It's a non-profit trying to sell a donated boat. H-Boats are wonderful One Design racers, it's just that here in North America there isn't the critical mass for a One Design. However, they are good sailers, for their era. They're cheap to operate, easy to shorthand, great for overnight or two-night-cruising, and can handle some weather. Loved mine... I wish I could buy one and stash it in storage for 2020 or 2022, when I'll probably sell the S2 7.9.
  11. stormy petrel

    I dunno, 5kW of electricity is 5kW of electricity, whether I feel good about it, or not. If I can invest some money, get some loans or State grants to make my church mostly self-sufficient power-wise, then that's not just feel-good. Is it cost effective? No. But only if you measure "cost" in dollars. There are other ways to measure cost. For those who constantly point out that if you want to reduce your power consumption bigtime, and seriously reduce your oil consumption that means that you have to ride your wooden bicycle on dirt roads, otherwise you're a hypocrite, I have news for you. I don't buy your all-or-nothing, black-or-white approach. It's possible to reduce oil consumption by 60%. It doesn't HAVE to be 100%. You don't HAVE to go live in a cave. Tell me how reducing oil consumption by 60% is a bad thing?
  12. stormy petrel

    The Unitarian church in our town has solar panels on their roof... it's a big roof. Their solar panel array, which admittedly cost a lot, powers the entire electrical needs of the church, which has 6 staff on-site during the week, nightly meetings almost every night and a congregation of about 800 if I remember rightly. Their parking lot is covered in solar panels. That was paid for by the City, which runs its own electrical utility. The electricity from the parking lot goes back to the City for 15 years Now, this is in California, so... I'm seriously looking into putting a 4 Kw array onto the walkway between our Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary at church. I might be able to get 5Kw. I have to double-check, but I think that a 5 Kw setup will cover, on average, all the churches electrical needs, which includes a preschool 5 hours a day and a lot of evening meetings. Heating in the church is gas, which we can't replace any time soon. I wish we could. All of this has nothing to do with sailing, so... If I retire to Washington, which I very well might, I would happily trade in my S2 7.9 for an Ostkust, which is a 24-foot, Al Mason full-keeled boat, sometimes called the "American Folkboat". It's a wood 4ksb, and beautiful and lots of fun and seriously pretty.
  13. I'm making a rudder

    Hey, this is premature, but....I have a can of white Gel Coat and hardener, was going to coat both rudders in that. However, maybe a 2-part epoxy paint...white... would be better? Thoughts?
  14. I'm making a rudder

    The epoxy fill-in I put on yesterday morning kicked off all day yesterday and last night in the garage. Rudder finish looks really good, tight to the wood and smooth, yay! OK, there's a bit too much epoxy in the epoxy/glass ratio but I can live with it. On to the primary rudder!
  15. I'm making a rudder

    Good point... Saran wrap over the scale. I'll have to do it while she's not there. Zonker: " Have your epoxy + hardener premeasured beforehand in multiple mixing cups. Then you can keep going but only mix a smaller batch at a time so it won't get too hot and gel." REALLY good idea! Gonna do this. It's the simple things...