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  1. Remember, last year there were sabout 40-50 singlehanders and 275 doubles. I don't think anybody expected anywhere near 125 singlehanders to sign up.
  2. At this point, it's scheduled for. Wednesday evening, Feb. 24th. It focuses on emergency steering solutions for shorthanded boats, and not necessarily for people with Open 60's. There won't be disucssions of doing stuff like bolting a hatchboard to a spinnaker pole, OK? It'll be via ZOOM. I'll put the URL here when we get closer to the event.
  3. I believe is the Three Bridge Fiasco, run here in the San Francisco Bay Area by the Singlehanded Sailing Society. There were over 300 boats signed up, and almost exactly 300 of them checked in by radio at the start. In light of the ongoing chitchat about the newest Jeanneau, or the Dehler OD, or custom Class 40's, the reality for the overwhelming majority of us is that we sail what we've got. IN light of that, I thought I'd C&P the data from Jibeset....just the list of boat designs, right here for y'all to ponder. We can keep talking about the newest $250,000 Jeanneau SunFast, 'cause that's fun, but the REALITY of what we sail, is right there. 984 hunter 34 1993 elliott 1050 2011 corsair dash 750 mk1 2019 beneteau 46.1 A 1937 iod Alerion 28 Alerion 28 Alerion 28 Alerion 28 Alerion express 28 Alerion express 28 Alerion express 33 Alerion express 38 Alerion express 38 Alerion express 38-1 Antrim 27 Antrim 27 cm odr Aphrodite 101 Azzura 310 Beneteau/oceanis 350 Beneteau 10r Beneteau 323 Beneteau 32s5 Beneteau 37 Beneteau 423 Beneteau first 36.7 Beneteau first class 10 Bianca 414 C&c 25 ob Cal 2-27 Cal 2-27 Cal20 Cal 34 Cal 39 Cal 40 Cal 40 Cal 40 Cal 40 Cal 40 Cal 40 Capo 26 Capo 30 Catalina 320 Catalina 320 wk Catalina 34 Catalina 34 Catalina 34, 1994 Catalina 34, standard rig Catalina 36 mkii Catalina 38 Catalina 42 Class d catamaran Columbia 5.5 Contessa 33 Corsair 31 1d Corsair 31r trimaran Corsair f-24 mark ll Corsair f-24 mk i Corsair f24 mark 1 Corsair f27 Corsair f31rs Custom mull 30 Custom wilderness 30 sx D class catamaran modified Dehler 46 Diam-24 lac Diam 24 od Dragonfly 1200 Ericson 32 mk iii Ericson 36rh Ericson 911s olson Etchells Explorer 44 trimaran Express-27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 Express 27 odr Express 37 Express 37 Express 37 Express37 Express 37 Express 37 Extreme 40 F-27 F 27 F27 Farr 1020 Farr 30 Farr 30 Farr 38 Farr 40 one design Farrier f-25c Farrier f22 Freedom 40/40 Hawkfarm Hawkfarm Henderson 30 Hinckley bermuda 40 Hobie 33 Hobie 33 Hobie miracle 20 hobie cat Hughes 48 Hunter 34 Hunter 37 legend wk Island 30 mk. ii Islander 30-2 Islander 30 mk ii Islander 36 Islander 36 Islander 36 Islander 36 Islander 36 Islander 36 Islander 36 Islander 36 J-111 J-80 J/105 J/105 J/105 J/105 J/105 J/120 J/120 J/120 J/120 J/125 J/22 J/22 J/22 J/22 J/22 J/24 J/24 J/24 J/24 J/24 J/32 J/32 J/32 J/70 J/70 J/70 odr J/88 J/88 J/88 J105 J105 J 105 J105 J 105 J105 J105 J105 J105 J105 J 109 odr J 22 J 22 J22 J22 J22 J24 J24 J29 J 30 J35 J 44 J80 J 88 J 92 Jeanneau sun odyssey 349 Jensen marine cal 20 Jj taylor contessa 26 Landmark 43 Laser 28 Mancebo 31 Marstrom 30 trimaran Martin 243 Melges 24 Melges 24 odr Melges 32 Merit 25 Merrieholm folkboat Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Moore 24 Mull /nash hybrid 27 Nacra c20 Nauticat Nautor swan 391 Newland 36 Newport 30 mkii Olson 25 Olson 25 Olson 25 Olson 25 Olson 29 Olson 30 Olson 30 Olson 30 Olson 30 Olson 30 Olson 30 Olson 34 Olson 40 Olson 911 Olson 911s Open 8.5 multihull Pacific seacraft 40 Pearson 26 Pearson 36-2 Pearson commander Pogo 36 Ranger 23 Ranger 23 Ranger 33 Rhodes swiftsure Sabre 36 cb Sabre 40-2 Sabre spirit Sabre spirit 36 Santa cruz 27 Santa cruz 27 Santa cruz 27 Santa cruz 27 Santa cruz 27 Santa cruz 27 Santa cruz 37 Santa cruz 50 custom Santana 22 Santana 22 Santana 22 Santana 22 Santana 22 Santana 22 Santana 22 Santana 22 Santana 22 Schumacher 40 day sailor Sf 3600 Sparkman and stephens s&s 30 Swan 461 Tartan 4000 Ultimate 20 Ultimate 20 Ultimate 24 Walter greene 35 trimaran Wauquiez centurion 40 s Westsail 32 Wilderness 21 Wilderness 30 Wilderness 30 sx fr Wilderness 30 sx fr ob mod Worth 40 Wylie 33 custom Wylie 39 Wyliecat, wylie 39 Wyliecat 30 Wyliecat 30 Wyliecat 30 Wyliecat 30 ib Wyliecat 30 ob Wyliecat 39 Wylie custom 40 Wylie wabbit Wylie wabbit Wylie wabbit Wylie wabbit Wylie wabbit Wylie wabbit 24 X-yachts, x-41 Yamaha 33 sm Yankee dolphin 24
  4. I'm building a windvane system, DIY to use on SHTP next summer. Rev.1 was a fail but Rev. 2 is much more mainstream, and I bet it will work. I have a trim tab on my main, outboard rudder on an S2 7.9. Why? Because when the sun don't shine for a week, or the batteries fail, or the MPPT solar controller goes belly up or both the autopilots crap out, the windvane will still get me there, and it doesn't depend on electricity. I wouldn't use it for day racing on SF Bay, of course....but San Francisco to Hawaii? You bet.
  5. I'm going to go out for a cold sail on a Hobie 20 this month, and that got me thinking about my "backup" foul weather gear. My old jeantex parka really isn't waterproof any more. I thought about a dinghy smock but getting one big enough is a problem. So I bought a shocking orange Kokatat Hydrus Stance paddling jacket. I figure it'll be good for rowing and small boat sailing as well. We'll see how this works out! It'll go over a shorty wetsuit and rash guard on the Hobie...I'll use it with my Gill foul weather gear overalls for keelboat sailing.
  6. I, too am seriously starting to doubt the whole mainstream inflatable life vest line. It's fine when there are five other people on the boat to haul your ass back on board. They are not so fine when you are by yourself, or there's just one other person. Those things are ENORMOUS when they inflate and it's nearly impossible to function, especially climbing aboard anything with any freeboard at all, while wearing one.
  7. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    JUST in case someone on the US West Coast has decided that they want one of these....I have a line on a "free" one in Oxnard. This is a "Project" but unlike boats with interiors, everything is right out where you can get to it. Most of the work will be woodwork...making floorboards, rub rails, cockpit trim and so on. It will probably need rigging wire. The current owner has the mast, is pretty sure he has a boom and has the rudder. Project for sure. But not impossible project. PM me.
  8. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    There's a good old boat, Piper 24 One Design for sale up in the hills a few hours from where I live, for a pittance. What's a Piper one-design? Our mates in Scotland know, but for you guys who are clueless, read what Bob Perry had to say when Cornish Crabber cranked out a few a while ago. The Piper OD races on the firth of the Clyde, with a bunch of the fleet racing out of the Holy Loch Sailing Club. The Holy Loch is the site of the former USN nuclear submarine base for the North Atlantic. The Brits have their sub base, the next loch over on the Gare Loch.. 57 Piper One Designs were made, then the molds sat. Apparently there's a mold in Bermuda, somewhere, taken off of hull #24, which is also in Bermuda. i THINK.....can't swear to this but I THINK that David Boyd basically trimmed up some lines from the *pant, drool* Gareloch Goddesses and create the Piper. Subsequently, around 2014, the Rustler 24 was introduced, which basically is Piper OD with an aluminum two-spreader rig, updated, but super simple deck layout, sloped coaming sides and some other nice little details. Here's a Piper OD - what the water sees - and here's a Rustler 24, the "sexified" version of the Piper OD - VERY very tempted here. I already have a boat but when I get back from the "Big Cruise" I wanna be a Gentleman Daysailer.
  9. Alan H

    Daysailer for old people

    Just as an aside, I also e-mailed the Craigslist BP24 person, and got no response. If your folks are willing to spend the money, I think the Alerion is a better boat for them, and if you get to sail it, too, well....the Alerion over the BP24, any day in San Diego.
  10. Alan H

    Daysailer for old people

    Pity, there's a free Piper One Design project in Oxnard! LOL
  11. Alan H

    Daysailer for old people

    Bridges Point 24 for sale in Stockton I've never even seen one of these out here, I'm flabbergasted. It's on a trailer. Your folks could own that by this weekend.
  12. I suggested that. "Too Heavy" was the verdict. If it were me, I'd make it out of 1/2 in plywood and glass some tuff stuff on the inside to take the abrasion. A small u-bolt or s.s. eye bolt set into it could shackle to the end of the rode. All up, it would probably be about 12-15 pounds. ...So worrying about the weight, when you can take the anchor and rode out on race day, seems odd to me, but hey, it's the man's boat! He should do what he wants!
  13. Well if you were REALLY into it, you could put together a fiberglass lined, plywood locker yourself and tab it in there. Add a few supports to the bottom, glassed into the hull. I'd make sure that it tilts forward, and drill a little 3/8 inch hole at the bow to let it drain. Personally, I'd seal in a little s.s. U-bolt to shackle the end of the rode to. If you REALLY glass the inside to take abuse, it should last for a while. Then add a hawsepipe through the deck. If the hawsepipe is big enough to get your hand into it, you can sorta clean it out. If I did this, I'd make dropdead sure I sealed the deck core.
  14. Well you could make a U shaped s.s. tubing bow extension...look at the Niagara 35. Just don't put all the the railings on it, but put your anchor roller out there. It's kind of heavy and $$ to get fabbed up, but it's handy..
  15. Alan H

    Solo & Looking for an R2AK Boat!

    Don't forget to check the Bellingham and Olympic Peninsula Craigslists. I see Santana 20's for sale up there all the time. Cal 20 Hadia 26. Slow, but a part of Puget Sound history. Bob Perry likes 'em. Another one has done the R2AK, he was quite a character. I would own a Haida 26 if I wasn't in a hurry. Also, the Haida would be a lot more comfortable to cruise around the sound and even up to Alaska than a Cal 20.
  16. So, were I to ever. have a sailing cruiser in the UK, the waterline to mast clearance must be less than 13.5 meters. Why? Because the clearance under the Connell Bridge at the entrance to Loch Etive is 14 meters, and any boat I own has to be able to get into Loch Etive. You got anything weird like that?
  17. Alan H

    Quirky and personal design constraints.

    Dog-friendly! YES! Any UK-based cruising boat I own MUST have a space where a woofus can have a bed to snore in.
  18. Alan H

    Daysailer for old people

    Berkeley Marine Center has a Pearson Electra on a trailer that needs work. The "work is cosmetics, really. Ruben Gabriel is the yard manager, he's a buddy of mine. He took an Electra to Hawaii in 2008. He says they're waiting for "someone special' to want the boat. He's got a soft spot for them. BMC also has an etchells that needs a home. =============== Or here. It's local. It's easy to sail. It's big enough for a pooper down below. Is it hot stuff? No. Will it go in a forward direction when the wind blows? Yes. is it gonna tip over and scare people? No. Are there actual seats in the cockpit? Yes. Is being on a Freedom 21 on a nice day on San Diego Bay worth the measly purchase price? Oh HELL yes.
  19. Alan H

    Daysailer for old people

    You know, no matter what someone suggests, there will be SOMEONE out there, who doesn't like it. Sometimes they have good reasons. Sometimes the reasons are misplaced, like the probably well-intentioned person above who wrote that a Pearson Commander is a bad choice because once they helmed a Triton in heavy weather and they were exhausted. I'm sure that's a true story, and sure, in big air the Carl Alberg CCA boats heel over, but this is San Diego Bay we're talking about. Not the North Atlantic. If you ask me, times a wastin'. This thread has been up for months, now. Maybe I'm feeling the passage of time more keenly as I get older, but I know this...fartin' around waiting for the perfect boat means only one thing; your parents will never sail again. The cold, hard truth might be that they don't care. They might TALK about sailing again but do they in fact, truly want to enough to actually make a decision? If the early runner, of the Harbor 20 doesn't appeal, and I sure as hell understand why they might not, then get an Alerion. They're expensive? So what? What are your parents going to do with their money? Burn it? There is no perfect boat.
  20. Alan H

    Daysailer for old people

    Just to be clear, that is NOT the only H Boat on the west coast. I know of three others around centraol/nor cal. One is at brickyard cove, on a trailer, another is in Sacramento. There are two in Seattle, and one in Santa Cruz. I paid $2500 for mine, bought it from the Maritime Academy in about 1996. With a trailer? and a furler? Call if $4500. Maybe $5K. Max.
  21. Alan H

    Daysailer for old people

    But you're really on lockdown, down there, so if "the boat" isn't already in the water, practically next door, it might as well be on the moon. We just cancelled Christmas plans to get together in Morro Bay.
  22. Alan H

    Daysailer for old people

    Pearson commander. 26 foot daysailing variation on the Pearson Ariel. These pics are not of the boat in the ad. Huge cockpit...enough room down below for someone to lie down and take a nap. There isn't a permanent, enclosed head, though.
  23. Alan H

    Old Skool gear

    Under severe pressure from SWMBO I tackled cleaning up my workbench this weekend. Under the workbench is a box of sailing stuff...blocks, fairleads, a couple of winches, shackles, wire and so on. The sources for this stuff vary from relatively recent...a few months ago, to "lost in the mists of time". In the "Mists" category, I came across this little treasure from my days of racing Mercuries out of Stillwater Cove in 9th grade. SOMEWHERE....I think. I ~think~ I still have a Line Seven foulie jacket. All right, what you got?
  24. Alan H

    Tiller pilots - what are you using ?

    I probably should just heave a big sigh and buy another Pelagic. The ST2000 made it about 160 miles out during my qualifier and then croaked. It was reasonably windy with moderately large-sort-of seas....windy and bouncy enough that I had the working jib and two reefs in, and that was fine, though I could have dropped the working jib and been a tich more comfy with the heavy-weather jib. Raymarine repaired the ST2000, so i have it, and it works, but I don't think I can trust it for more than a day or two, maybe three, and no way with a spinnaker up for extended periods of time.
  25. Alan H

    Piper OD .. dayboat FINALLY updated the blog. It rained last night, which is good but if it had waited two more days I'd have had the new cover on the boat.