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    Sailing, Surfing, cave diving, MMA, weight training, Sport bikes, mountain biking, gardening, building shit, travel...
  1. Yep, maybe this is the real agenda. Trump himself might be just a useful idiot in the larger goal of blowing the system up as we know it. Who the fuck cares? The "system as we know it" is totally corrupt. At least you would still have your constitution and bill of rights. You'd be better off. However, I don't believe anything will actually change under Trump, so you can feel "safe" and "confident" from your perch on top the armchair..
  2. It's not rocket science to most, excluding the d'fakelib and the usual partisan dupery that trolls this forum.. Divide and conquer. Divide and rule, in politics, sociology, and economics: a strategy to gain or maintain power.
  3. The only way this was legal is if when the NSA picked up the conversations while monitoring overseas phone calls to NSA targeted interests. Comey has already testified there was no FISA warrant so there isn't much room for any other conclusion. Of course if Trump was talking to the Russian Mafia three floors down he could have been intercepted there as well. FIFY. For an ass monkey, you catch on quick. Of course, we already know that the NSA has the digital version of every telephone call made to, from and within the U.S. since 2005. To find out if Trump was communicating with the Russians would have been a perfect pretext as a national security measure for Obama to have the NSA prepare transcripts of Trump’s conversations. Did he? Maybe but there is no proof. Was Trump tapped? Are you an ass monkey? The answer is the same for the both questions.
  4. Not to mention the TSA lines...
  5. Good point.
  6. If he'd just give up that Iphone the money will be there to fix that truck. Are there any phones actually made in US these days?
  7. Were they minority rabbits? Nah, they breed like SV rat's ass! FIFY..
  8. A classic..
  9. No, not really. All the Russians that come here look to be pushing porn sites. Good porn sites or regular old boring "disabled" porn sites............ No, not really. All the Russians that come here look to be pushing porn sites. Good porn sites or regular old boring "disabled" porn sites............ Mostly it's been "vintage". The Porker is on a roll..
  10. Kicks the snot out of a genetic woman....
  11. No, not really. All the Russians that come here look to be pushing porn sites. They hacked my display name. Nope, it's just your IQ showing again. Easy to tell the morons by their second-grade sense of humor. It's a dead giveaway.
  12. Prostate-licker. I like it! I bet you do..
  13. I don't disagree... but thats only because the low bar is being set by the likes of Warbird & Saorsa. TMSAIL told us he was leaving, told us why he was leaving, and when someone posts something that manages to get under his skin, we found out he hasn't really left - he's just lurking around like Happy Jack with a sackful of butt hurt and no balls to enter the fray.