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  1. tinga

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    fences on foils.
  2. tinga

    Team NYYC

    makes perfect sense that they built a foiler and engineered a changeable bow that they are going to change everyday to test. FFS. If you are not drunk you need to find a mirror and have a good look at yourself.
  3. tinga

    Team NZ

    Great post, makes sense.
  4. tinga

    Team NZ

    Airplanes do not have the water surface as an effective ceiling to deal with.
  5. tinga

    Team NZ

    why do foil tips go up? down would make more sense to maximize ride height and minimize drag? you want minimal strut in the water but do not want to pierce the surface or you ventilate... so why tips up?
  6. tinga

    sailor chick of the decade

    I presume you have no respect for Jimmy either Or Anna
  7. tinga

    sailor chick of the decade

    Complete fuckwit status achieved.
  8. tinga

    Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    allows for a keel stepped/unstayed rig
  9. tinga

    Square heads

    Haha a GP18 faster than today's foiling moth? Bullshit. Was not long ago that the JB was telling everyone that squareheads were just fashion and were wrong. The peak of his belief that sail area = bad = drag was designing rigs for an 18 that were about 20% smaller than everyone else. Guess what? Hopeless! Lots of his stuff is interesting and some of it is right. but woven into it is complete bullshit.
  10. tinga

    J70, cheating and pros

    Now that is a great story. Not sure what le fuck it has to do with J70s measurement issues, but a great story nonetheless.
  11. tinga


    Amazing that it is receiving no coverage - seems like there was 100+ people left on the island..... hard not to imagine the worst.
  12. tinga

    The winning foils

  13. tinga

    Team NZ

    Easily repairable, always looks bad having shredded clysar flapping but just replace some ribs and re-wrap.
  14. tinga

    Team NZ

    hope you are better at sailing than math
  15. tinga

    Team NZ

    i think TNZ is the only one who can sail their boat accurately enough with enough fidelity in wing control to sail with windward heel upwind, windward bow just above the water, helping with leeway & righting moment.