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  1. who gets the mortgage?
  2. If there is enough liquidity.
  3. What are you missing? Pretty much everything about how Sydney actually works. +1. My brother in law is a partner in a law firm of about the same size and he pulls a wage of 3M a year. Why all the hate for Bell? he comes across as a nice guy who promotes himself brilliantly and loves his Yachtin. Not hate but curiosity for sure. Perhaps even healthy skepticism. $3m pa is a good wicket. If you were relatively frugal you could save/invest say $1.2m year after tax. So Does he have a 90' motor yacht? 125' motor yacht? A super maxi? A sydney harbour water front? Or all of the above by early 40s?
  4. How much can you make from a 130 person accounting firm? To make $5m + (which would not cover his spending) profit a year that entirely flows up to one person you either have to over charge or under pay compared to competition. Neither are sustainable. And selling small business packs is a tough way to get there. http://www.bellpartners.com/services/accounting-tax/packages-2/ He lost around $2m on sydney real estate and he is a wealth expert? http://www.domain.com.au/news/anthony-bell-sells-former-bachelor-pad-in-bondi-for-8-million-20150814-giz64e/ http://www.domain.com.au/news/anthony-bell-sells-bondi-bachelor-pad-for-75-million-20150312-141ql7/ And the careers page of his "fastest growing" firm has had "no current vacancies" for years. What am I missing?
  5. Agree. Finance can make things look pretty good until a few cards start collapsing.
  6. bad choice of equipment then.
  7. One more example of the failed design and engineering rules for the boats. The boat left the dock to race around the globe alone with a mast design dependent on a single block. How many times was that block loaded incorrectly? When was the last time that block was x-rayed? Each boat that fails and cannot continue does nothing for the sponsors, the race, the sport of sailing, or the industry. The foolish rules are written to foster underbuilt boats for an endurance race. You think the rule should prescribe how the runners are designed? WTF?
  8. 1:11 big ventilation on BP foil.
  9. Richo is looking magnificent. The hair is a story.
  10. One thing for sure. That thing is a pig beyond redemption.
  11. Thank you sir, wondered who owned the mast sitting at 20 deg. Wouldn't think they would have depth issues there but might have the keel at cant. Might have a nosey tomorrow to see what's happening. You can cant the keel..... but it will rotate the hull not the keel.
  12. why would you have a board that doesn't go down all the way? it'S not like there is alot of room in a 14. structural reasons? the boards go down all the way, but are only down all the way in the lightest breeze and sometimes off the line in a bit more. Some of these boards are damn long, high aspect, and gybe. I read an account of one top sailor who didn't like gybing boards (maybe he still doesn't, I don't know) and would have his crew drop board down pre-tack, board up post tack. Every tack, just to stop that last little bit of leeway on a tack. The board on a 14 is a major power adjuster. Up there with vang/cunny as a gross power adjustment. yep, I heard he also dropped the jib for the tacks to minimize windage.
  13. Yep that definitely looks radical. I'm pretty curious about the relative areas of mainfoil and rudder, cause I guess it could be pretty different from other foilers. i'm curious how it does not end up in irons, especially in any wind.
  14. This report shows the collision: http://www.voilesetvoiliers.com/les-videos/en-vol-malizia-heurte-un-zodiac/ Why do RIBS seem to be getting hit more at these events? Woman lost her leg at another one earlier this season. Are their engines stalling? I don't want to look like the Italian guy who wants to defend the Italian rib driver, but from a "practical" point of view in this case the burden is to share. Disclaimer: I know nothing about legal conseguences, because I don't know the legal agreements they were operating on, because GCs were racing on a closed course. The rib was pretty far from the upwind mark, probably in a reach direction (perpendicular to wind direction). Cg was not able to bearaway at the mark and kept going upwind; then it litterally bear away over the rib. I've been told that rib driver said that once he saw the cg was continuing upwind, he did not move,thinking they would pass to windward; at the last second they bore away and hit it. Borlenghi did not see anything,because he had his eyes on the camera,looking at other boats who actually bore away at the mark. I don't mean to say rib driver had zero fault because, considering the gc speed and "blindness" with the code0 up, rib was a bit too close and too downwind of the windward mark, but once he was there it was a fixed target which the CG really decided to hit. That "at the last second they bore away" is plainly bullshit as the code 0 is deployed and trimmed in. In the video in the link it shows the GC32 coming into picture 10 seconds before impact with the 0 deployed.
  15. Cunningham: cunning-ham/smart pig. Boom vang: kicking strap/kicker. The use of the cunningham is to move the draft of the sail forward or aft. To de-power the sail (in high wind) apply lots of the smart-pig and move the draft aft. To make the sail more aerodynamic (in light air) move the draft forward by letting the pig go free. To control leach tension and sail twist you use the boom vang. High wind; flatten the twist by increasing leach tension with the vang. Light air; more sail twist by easing or letting go the vang. Contrary to popular belief you can over trim a sail, in fact it's possible to trim the power right out of a sail. Win many races? Did/does who win many races? BC Islander or Rob Douglass? the guy saying that pulling on cunningham moves the draft aft.