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  1. Now that is a great story. Not sure what le fuck it has to do with J70s measurement issues, but a great story nonetheless.
  2. Amazing that it is receiving no coverage - seems like there was 100+ people left on the island..... hard not to imagine the worst.
  3. Wrong
  4. Easily repairable, always looks bad having shredded clysar flapping but just replace some ribs and re-wrap.
  5. Little slip by Burling in his Interview with sailor girl. Says Artemis/Japan "gonna be a great match up in the semis"
  6. hope you are better at sailing than math
  7. compares very favorably.
  8. i think TNZ is the only one who can sail their boat accurately enough with enough fidelity in wing control to sail with windward heel upwind, windward bow just above the water, helping with leeway & righting moment.
  9. who gets the mortgage?
  10. If there is enough liquidity.
  11. What are you missing? Pretty much everything about how Sydney actually works. +1. My brother in law is a partner in a law firm of about the same size and he pulls a wage of 3M a year. Why all the hate for Bell? he comes across as a nice guy who promotes himself brilliantly and loves his Yachtin. Not hate but curiosity for sure. Perhaps even healthy skepticism. $3m pa is a good wicket. If you were relatively frugal you could save/invest say $1.2m year after tax. So Does he have a 90' motor yacht? 125' motor yacht? A super maxi? A sydney harbour water front? Or all of the above by early 40s?
  12. How much can you make from a 130 person accounting firm? To make $5m + (which would not cover his spending) profit a year that entirely flows up to one person you either have to over charge or under pay compared to competition. Neither are sustainable. And selling small business packs is a tough way to get there. http://www.bellpartners.com/services/accounting-tax/packages-2/ He lost around $2m on sydney real estate and he is a wealth expert? http://www.domain.com.au/news/anthony-bell-sells-former-bachelor-pad-in-bondi-for-8-million-20150814-giz64e/ http://www.domain.com.au/news/anthony-bell-sells-bondi-bachelor-pad-for-75-million-20150312-141ql7/ And the careers page of his "fastest growing" firm has had "no current vacancies" for years. What am I missing?
  13. Agree. Finance can make things look pretty good until a few cards start collapsing.
  14. bad choice of equipment then.
  15. One more example of the failed design and engineering rules for the boats. The boat left the dock to race around the globe alone with a mast design dependent on a single block. How many times was that block loaded incorrectly? When was the last time that block was x-rayed? Each boat that fails and cannot continue does nothing for the sponsors, the race, the sport of sailing, or the industry. The foolish rules are written to foster underbuilt boats for an endurance race. You think the rule should prescribe how the runners are designed? WTF?