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  1. Shouldn't Asteroids be called hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids be be called asteroids? ..... Think about it, I'm sure there was a mix-up and someday this mistake will be changed. Maybe this issue should be brought before the US senate?, plenty of experts there I'd say! PS Kool, ....kiting without foot straps, makes gybing difficult, and probably only one skeg on the board.
  2. premiumunleaded

    what is it?

    Brenta has moved it's operation to Scandihoovia
  3. premiumunleaded

    What brands from the 70s/80s would you resurrect?

    Hard Sails....good sails. Genius advertising. Also, Harken Magic Boxes....they were the bomb!
  4. premiumunleaded

    what is it?

    It is Abe Lincoln Windsurfing, while on fire. Easy one!
  5. premiumunleaded

    Defending an existing PHRF rating

    One thing I have suggested to two sailors, one being a guy who thinks another guy's boat is rated too high, is to switch boats for a race or two. Being a PHRF governor, I have never had anyone ever take up this suggestion. Often the guy who is complaining, just isn't that good a racer, and this guy (or gal) in his/her cross-hairs is a great sailor, with a great crew and well prepared boat. The reason I believe, the less competent sailor never takes up this challenge is that in his heart-of-hearts, he knows he will get his ass kick by the better sailor in his own humiliating. college one-design racing, boat rotations are done after every race or every other race, so it is not a totally absurd approach. I must say that PHRF has a pretty good data base of boat performance for stock and not so stock designs. And that there are not a very large percentage of custom or massively adulterated designs out there. That said, sailing location is also always a consideration. All I can say in PHRF's defense is we all try very hard to level the playing field for no money. We are all volunteers and do not want to see anyone screwed. This will not help participation. Please keep this in mind when going in front of the board.
  6. premiumunleaded

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    The bow looks like Icon.....or am I dreaming. Signed "Charisma Grinder Guy"