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    what is it?

    It is Abe Lincoln Windsurfing, while on fire. Easy one!
  2. premiumunleaded

    Defending an existing PHRF rating

    One thing I have suggested to two sailors, one being a guy who thinks another guy's boat is rated too high, is to switch boats for a race or two. Being a PHRF governor, I have never had anyone ever take up this suggestion. Often the guy who is complaining, just isn't that good a racer, and this guy (or gal) in his/her cross-hairs is a great sailor, with a great crew and well prepared boat. The reason I believe, the less competent sailor never takes up this challenge is that in his heart-of-hearts, he knows he will get his ass kick by the better sailor in his own humiliating. college one-design racing, boat rotations are done after every race or every other race, so it is not a totally absurd approach. I must say that PHRF has a pretty good data base of boat performance for stock and not so stock designs. And that there are not a very large percentage of custom or massively adulterated designs out there. That said, sailing location is also always a consideration. All I can say in PHRF's defense is we all try very hard to level the playing field for no money. We are all volunteers and do not want to see anyone screwed. This will not help participation. Please keep this in mind when going in front of the board.
  3. premiumunleaded

    Foiling Aero

    No, but windsurfers have can holders, that is what those footstraps are really used for.
  4. premiumunleaded

    Foiling Aero

    .....seems like the windsurfer next to him is going faster, easier, and CHEAPER!......just sayin'
  5. premiumunleaded

    caption contest

    Long beards are hip, chicks dig 'em!
  6. premiumunleaded

    caption contest

    So son, did I ever tell you about the time I was trailering our sailboat across the Serengeti? A wild gazelle, that was being chased by a lion, tried to jump between the car and the boat. Well son, I'm sure stuff like this pretty much happens to everyone.
  7. premiumunleaded

    Kids with helmets...WTF

    Well, everyone has to make their own decisions in this world, and not be ridiculed for them. I wear a helmet windsurfing if it's blowing so hard I need a 5.0 square meter sail or smaller. At the Columbia River Gorge and other places, if you wipe out, which you will, the board and rig can get launched off a wave, fly and hit you in the head. Or worse, you can get pegged with the fin. At that point (5.0 or smaller) I also wear a PFD, since it doubles as body armor, which you will need if you get launched hooked in. Sailboat?...never!...I sail primarily Lasers and J/24's (no comments please, it's the only two games in town). I always wear a PFD. If I get hit in the head when falling overboard at least my face will be above water and I might have a chance of survival. Also, the new ones are comfortable and in Laser racing they are required. I guess I never listened when my mom told me not to touch the hot stove...had to find out the hard way! Did I try it again?...hell, no. That said, I did listen when she told me to look both ways before crossing the street....really good advise Mom, Thanks! As a kid, I guess I was smart enough not to wait and see what it was like to get mowed down by a car or truck. I live in the don't have to wear a seat belt if you don't want to here, only state in the nation. (if you are over 18 y/o) We take the state moto "Live Free or Die" maybe a little too seriously here in the Granite State. You can not wear a seat belt and die, if you want to, your prerogative....I wear a seat belt religiously, but I don't wear a helmet riding my bicycle. I have no children. If I did I would tell them to avoid the Optis....stupid little boats and make kids terrified of capsizing. When they move up to Lasers you have to push the limits downwind sailing by the lee and not be fearful of capsizing. If you capsize an Opti, in a race, your race is over!...dumb ass boats. I would hate sailing if I had learned in one? Who likes being cold and scared in freezing cold water with a boat that cannot be righted alone and sailed away?...dump ass boats! These Bic things look very cool. I guess if I had a kid, I would put him/her in one of these Bic things and give them the choice and not ridicule their decision.
  8. That's odd!....I thought the United Arab Emirates won the Cup......surely the UAE could field an 80% team. At least that's what it says on the sails! But wouldn't their robes get caught in the winches. Frikkin terrorists, most non-inclusive nation on earth, the UAE. No respect for anyone and were partially responsible for the 9/11 attacks in the US and Mambai. See: Why the Kiwi's align themselves with terrorist nations is beyond me? I hope nothing bad ever happens in Auckland, like what happened on 9/11 in NYC, Pennsylvania, and DC. Please never forget. PS For full disclosure: I don't know why the US of A aligns itself with Saudi Arabia either, for the same reasons mentioned above.
  9. premiumunleaded

    Caption Contest: PFD?

    Instructor: My God, Look at the size of those swells! Student: Really, the water looks pretty flat today to me?
  10. premiumunleaded

    Sailing Yacht A Under Full Sail

    I can't see the name of the vessel on the should be called "Abomination of the Sea"
  11. premiumunleaded

    yachtsman of the year

    What is the turd on the bottom of that sailboat?, and who is the turd at the desk?
  12. premiumunleaded

    Best Sailing Sunglasses??

    Cheap ones from the $5 store, that you don't mind going new ones if they become too scratched from banging around the bottom of your Laser and haven't managed to go overboard yet. We aren't all ladies here yet....squint, like god intended you to do for Christsakes!
  13. premiumunleaded

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    The bow looks like Icon.....or am I dreaming. Signed "Charisma Grinder Guy"