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    Wilderness 30 Info Desired

    Just recently purchased the W30 "Domino" in Santa Cruz and wanted to connect with other W30 owners. I met Lenny on Scarlett Begonias shortly before bringing my boat up the coast and got a TOUR! Very cool boat. Here are the boats that I know of here in the Bay Area & Pacific Northwest: UN 30 Wildflower (Santa Cruz) W 30 Domino (Sausalito) W 30 Chute Out (Santa Cruz) W 30 Irish Pride (Santa Cruz) W 30 Scarlett Begonias (Santa Cruz) W 30 FUGU (Richmond) W 30 Special Edition (Berkeley) W 30 Rascal (Alameda) (W30 Hull....Olson 30 house...B 32 keel...) W 30 Risky Business (Pacific Northwest) I have setup a google group for more specific discussion: check out Wilderness 30 Sailing....Look forward to talking with everyone...Attached is a picture of the UN 30 Wildflower down in Santa Cruz....the infamous Grendel was berthed next to Wildflower for quite some time. Adam s/v Domino Wilderness 30 Hull #2