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  1. Crowther 33 v"s Grainger 920

    Hi Slick, the one in Eden NSW.... Any goss?? ;-)
  2. Crowther 33 v"s Grainger 920

    Not sure on the details I'll see if I can chase up some info. Some 920's like Big Bird have been sailed hard with no problems. The one I'm looking into doesn't fold, but sounds okay.
  3. Crowther 33 v"s Grainger 920

    Thanks Corley, do you know where the beams break? is there anything i should be looking for in particular?
  4. has anyone had the privilege of sailing both types of Tri to give a comparison? Are there any sea handling issues with either boat? Any opinions valued, thanks :-)
  5. Check it out!! http://www.graingerdesigns.net/trimarans/tr36-trimaran/
  6. Australia's new sailing venue

    the gold coast seaway is continually dredged to help the long shore drift or littoral transport of some 200,000m^3/year of sand. it is helping sustain the natural flow of sand to the north
  7. Off-The-Shelf Rudder Parts

  8. Check it out!! i hope they get it over the line this time around http://www.aroundaustraliayachtrace.com/race/first-entries/
  9. F32 structure failure in Mooloolaba?

    back on topic.... if i was to buy a second hand F boat or Grainger, which are my 2 preferences, is there an easy method to identify a suspect beam?
  10. Does anyone know this boat?

    Just say it's "composite" they don't have to know that wood is in the composite. When they say wood they're thinking plank on frame REAL WOOD. I wrote DuraKore epoxy in the build section, fingers crossed!! I love the look of the Grainger 920. Tony does have some beautiful designs Anyone want to help me sail it from Tassie to Noosa???? (hold that thought, i need finance approval first)
  11. F-22 Update

    Everyone was doing fine until you stepped in, just saying.... Back to the F22, a popular boat at a good price
  12. Does anyone know this boat?

    The yellow one seems nicer although the white one might have the more s/h friendly cockpit layout. Interior space isn't great in either. How much a 9m Farrier go for in AUS? Heres an australian F-9rx http://yachthub.com/list/boats-for-sale/used/trailer-boats/farrier-f-9rx-trailerable-trimaran/171893
  13. Does anyone know this boat?

    $66/month, seems cheap for a 60K trimaran,,,,
  14. Does anyone know this boat?

    I've just got the ball rolling for finance on Slick Willie, after a quick chat with a finance guy, does anyone know who does insurance on Graingers built in composite construction?
  15. F-22 Update

    you've gone for the"R", i only wanted the standard model with dacron, no spinnaker!! I think Ian is fairly honourable.