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  1. crash test dummy

  2. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    Oops! I used to be able to just load photos but I can't seem to figure out how now beams, hatches, houses, galley and reefer liner https://goo.gl/photos/mm7QiAsBPFCeAKSX6 https://goo.gl/photos/2BnL5Q9epNYhYo416 https://goo.gl/photos/LiGG5ajT1BSMqr2X8 https://goo.gl/photos/Gqe7633tfaSzHXtz6 https://goo.gl/photos/2hCx4A2Qntrjkgyr8
  3. She swims! (Poor man's Gunboat)

    Very cool! I look forward to seeing her in Miami.
  4. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    We have been jammin on the next boat. Both hulls are up and we have been fitting and installing floors and bulkheads. We are also building molds for the houses on this boat. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMTvTvsFyYQFKj6KoqCX1jwLcwxrB5lGYgA_kld https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/aggNHHEmtjVTBWq7K3ANURcjPSTgYbvbBmYl0oBp3LujXUvaxhWV1incAdLVgUmzW8TXXY-4W3IOZ2ThfRG-9Z0rvdxoFsBPG6Rm8AmdMHTh06PqGtL6x-SjdvvQ_OBl6Cef24EN8ScbMso4LblkCf2jILcRHc2TSf_BT_92LnXe7OSJIs7zKnixBHL8aW-acxFXwa6acIY6rUcNA8-wE-2LvWLq0ysDZob6sfhKcqiW2-tyG-MMF7_8XuR0NW9dmLip7viTxc-kCUJlE9EL9nukyHyFqIMGzz1DOQWXjurGYsJdxv_BkJ8xlJaN9srY2QdAUEiAZytcsJzSgpQ2l_sAkkhLQtqF5GpBM-xcW8mRU0T5MIqaCn14cSO3PuknzwJGifyJbhGyOV3Fq3o1G1jaiOJn-D-m34Y9t2GFY_3jyYuKd_nMAaw2nkSIN9CJ-uXbmOmPCvyUNGpJx2zOsvbmqyHDoYiR568buOu6ncavy9MXkicfFmRUQ6rPkr4JNILOrfMKuKEByIC5hhaWhNdmGQAJzfLI2hywpoeas_-hTEHKn-od9sHfwu9zOUirpqDXzPIRnwgaYEkrz5VOgMyywSUjscIVJNGvg4qSTr14CFZHsQ=s675-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Kf9UuvVae2gJam7nf46z5RDimSJGGHp89dCafAiZ5mtTCBvl0OkNlWF4zDFfrURVw2IstSsohC2muz2EK19Cn3OLy0TD17UD41AtdZVzzNOQ4GzbU0ZVQTVAHpCK_isYc-jJMzblUCPuvX_O1Nx18PGxml29Oy07ZsktbIWdjf4Beda_lEkio2btuRRfE-20Xv_wj6QUD8V46nH-9ECcLqdMxygQPRLSzfhDuokdi5HTPnXAfdMLFo0NibZseNvX05EEDpQ0b2wLVo4RA3pPluGNG2GX8TGafu0Mm-Ep-ivMjMR18aQnL6A8l58LYZI7bg2JPAJ58B9WMvWiqTZmSb8yj0kTToq0FaZwUCfm0sKLF2fYYrpzkrHZZJBYYYOVGfVsMTcnxOUm6qzxI5m-bxmDlLyVf66seBKP8vTuxFLTaQAHkwvhe6KuLLEUZZwIywbKKJ2rVzgExjgulDL0Fz9MZuAIGmAOI7fErYaPEB4-4EOmGYvod5bx4WoejsSGDaDFc5cy93AXH4LdkeVgdzknEYttyhZxPQ4X2G4nxWQWWoscjID2FUW_ygNWpwzSrf14_7IYOEYxi8C9tYenbKdLhBItmRv857HMIdA3Hp0HiU8EMQ=w507-h675-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/vJMFr75hacnXLPsD8F0pnKLft3evod92x5Zjq5t9CvyFfpy0hjwKxy572gu9E2LScbzMspcMqvPC-TvEkp1YpsVD_CSSKMIkdL2bradRTS4sAKL1DM_4wY3binoBeJuu5dMKl6-_A1fohFEdkR6OGZOJcvKNqwLYrr6bGPnDtNGZiDpQKJJ5oBM8JQc0E-riQZjI8_zy2v5ESjpxyCyY1rVJKbGOJF9A6pSsjyjTNNIlHgGdECmxfcRzlstPOXBO2aETaFB5Nk064uRFBr0ks-U306u-eLCEMTJ5oQsPCpBtRbDgJTHOByvA_Rdkkoc0DETdHDXaESI2rbr7E3mM0wtCS8wZ5JT9SO6G8ee1e_DPzwUpHmY8rrWE9ZeiW46SPrg1UgypGvCrm2XyEj8q86tT1nfmFi5NiYddK8BreDrXaodcvdXjnnbJ1Ivv7XXpppgUmPmLSNShuAn86ateP6j8vVV5qEwvF9GQhfhVMV9Mo7c6r2LTwMn0v_NKOye1nlWKj2BLLxAM1Khn8HERame71NlCT7zaFqHrUN5Vbl3eiNqrHPvGbiYHIF3hDYjT0zyxpv-5TvRAUqIkIFCvhVklDBaSLQ8dWNmbQlwmNhr8wROa1w=w507-h675-no
  5. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    sent you an email Dimitrious
  6. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    Well we impressed the most important person with Bazinga, our next client. We started a new build in May for a Canadian fellow living in Grand Cayman. This boat will be a two stick rig with no daggerboards and bigger motors. We have extended the hull mold 12" in depth, which increased the hull beam 12" and the overall length to 50'5". I think this boat will come in around 28,000 lbs. we'll see how close I am this time. This boat will get a genset and ac and a three cabin layout. Here are some pics of progress. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2Gt-VIoTuDuSnhLQ09IMFFRdnR2LUh0X1l1bTUtOG4zcVNn https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2Gt-VIoTuDuQUl1R2hRZG5YcDdpclo0MHg1UURocDFnU1pj https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2Gt-VIoTuDuRWJycV91enVuZC1RVERrczJjaUw1N24xNXhR https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2Gt-VIoTuDuSEQzQWFYMG9oc0IxQXRmSXBrdGlvM3BaMHUw
  7. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    Here is our final video of Bazinga before she takes off for the Bahamas. From April.
  8. best 32-35 foot cruising cat

    way wrong dude.. and I don't like Geminis
  9. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    You're right about the clip, here is the northbound video. Wrong about the windspeed https://youtu.be/h83Rsj-xU3c
  10. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    A short clip of Bazinga sailing from Biscayne Bay to West Palm. https://youtu.be/6B__npj8I1o
  11. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    Here is a short video of ou sailing from Jupiter to Miami Christmas day. true wind mid twenties to about thirty. Boatspeed was 9-12 at about 40 degrees apparent. The boat was very happy as were Brad and myself. https://youtu.be/6B__npj8I1o
  12. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    The owner , Brad, spent the holidays with his family in the keys with Bazinga. He is delighted with the boat as am I. WE sailed the boat down Christmas day from Jupiter. It blew high twenties to low thirties. The boat was doing 9-12 kn at about 45 apparent. with 4-6 ft seas. Sweet. I will share some more photos soon. Everything worked with no breakages. Most bitchin!
  13. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    https://dochub.com/davidhalladay/oyMJKR/img_1848.pdf https://dochub.com/davidhalladay/MaYK1J/img_1852 https://dochub.com/davidhalladay/1WOP82/img_1847 https://dochub.com/davidhalladay/7YJPez/img_1851 A few quick sails in light air Very happy so far
  14. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    We launched the boat this past Friday, sat in the travel lift slip for the weekend and last night motored 1/4 mile to a marina slip. All is well so far. We rented four load cells and weighed the boat . 19,600 lbs. WOW. But this not a bare boat. This includes the water maker, oven, life raft, fenders, extensive dock lines and fenders, a huge solar array with wiring and controllers, boat tools, full electronics. I think we are ok. Sure I wanted her lighter but she is still floating a bit high on her lines. We will start sailing her soon. The traveller is indeed on the hardtop. There are lots of reinforcements, I don't expect issues there. The owners have changed their plans and the boat will live here in Palm Beach for now with cruising plans for the Bahamas and Caribbean. Here is a launch video. Sailing stuff to follow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV-qkYdZb4U
  15. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    We fit the daggerboard halves screwed together into the trunks to check the fit before joining the two permanently https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2Gt-VIoTuDuNVk4Szk4SjduT3hZOUxTanUzdVcwWW5WbVlR/view?usp=sharing