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  1. Yep, this matters. Sarasota/St.Pete, which some people have mentioned, are similar distance as Pensacola but have more active winter sailing programs. So I think it comes down to either Charleston or Sarasota/St.Pete: Charleston: The drive is reasonably short enough that the wife can make it in one day with the kids while I take longer trailering the motorboat down; we probably forego sailing in the Jan-Mar time frame due to the weather and non-existence of any winter programs other than frostbiting, but at least we have the motorboat to go fishing and otherwise get out on the water on nice days. Sarasota/St.Pete: A much longer drive and too far to take the motorboat, but there very well could be youth sailing programs in the Jan-Mar time frame and very well could be round-the-bouy racing in which we as a family could participate.
  2. Super helpful, all around. It's not so much warmth that we are after as it is the lack of cold plus some sky color other than battleship gray. And why near the coast and not at a lake? Well, it's complicated and would require me to actually understand what motivates the boss, but she just really loves the ocean whether that's being on a sailboat, on a motorboat, on a beach, or just in a city/town with a connection to the sea. Keeping in mind that this would just be a rental for ~4 months, we also see this as an opportunity to get to know somewhere new to us. Yes we have considered further south in Florida but it gets complicated since she has some family in Miami and the closer we get to that the closer we get to "why did you pick ____ when you could have just come here to live near me. I never get to see my grandchildren and you are a horrible daughter." So there's that.
  3. This is all very helpful, thank you. Ha! Sorry, one of these cities is getting our refugee caravan from the big apple. This is incredibly helpful. I love well-reasoned and simple advice. And since we'd be driving down in the fall and back in the spring, Charleston has the added advantage of being the closest to NYC. The lakes won't work for the boss. She says it has to be the ocean. And what the boss says, I do. But if we end up headed toward Charleston I'll DM you. Will do. Plus, our cat is named Thor so there's another point for Pensacola. Kids named him after Noah Syndergaard. Thank you all. Greatest source on knowledge on the web is always on SA. 2N (+ family)
  4. I'm looking for help from anyone who knows the sailing community in Charleston SC, Savannah GA, or Pensacola FL. Here's the story: we live in NYC with grade-school age kids. School starts next week in-person, but we are not expecting that to last long - we think we'll all be back on remote learning by Halloween. And the idea of a winter in the northeast with everyone at home trying to work and study is just way beyond daunting. So we are thinking of renting a place in Charleston or Savannah, or maybe even Pensacola, from November or December 1 onward. We know these communities by reputation only but have visited none of them. But we like the idea of a smaller, walkable city by the water that has decent winter weather. One of our deciding factors if we do this will be whether there is a decent year-round sailing community and whether there are year-round programs for younger kids. We'd probably be looking to charter or otherwise secure the usage of a boat for evening/weekend races plus we'd love for the kids to get more time in Opti's, which they missed out on this summer on Long Island Sound as most programs were canceled. Recognizing that the above may not be possible, I'd love to connect with any Anarchists who know these communities and can help guide us with information and/or contacts. Thanks so much, 2N
  5. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    They are moving to Florida soon. In the next couple of weeks I believe. And yes, the conditions are more or less normal.
  6. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    The weather has taken a distinct turn for the worse around here. Cold and raw more often than not. Most of the boats on the water are hardcore fishing types. The snow has already started falling in the mountains (about 225 miles from Newport).
  7. 2Newts

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    True, and I was careful not to say so. If you look in the article they say that more detailed reports are yet to come and I would be astounded if the material they provide to the public is the same material they provide to a serious marketer. If they are providing the same, well, then my entire argument is out the window.
  8. 2Newts

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    All right, I know that being generally in favor of SailGP is a controversial stance, so I'll say at the outset that I am a fan of theirs and think that the product is generally good and in some specific areas it is great. My kids and I have had a great time this year watching the races on streaming. They each picked their favorite team and were emotionally connected to how those teams did. Beyond the sailing product, their marketing support is being set up up the way I like to see marketing platforms do. As a buyer of media in my professional life, I know that there are a lot of misleading claims out there and I am sure they have buried a few in here that I don't have time to suss out, but performance data transparency is key. Authentication by Deloitte and YouGov are key as well (Meltwater doesn't carry the same weight in my experience). As a baseline offering for marketers, IMO this is a very strong way to start. I could, if I were looking to market to this audience, evaluate a price given to me by a sales person and have some confidence that I'd be getting what I paid for. The next bar will be to show next year's performance on the same measures and the trend lines on each. Don't cherry-pick the measures that make you look good, don't swap these measures for others, don't change out your authenticators. If anything, become even more transparent. https://sailgp.com/news/season-one-in-review/
  9. 2Newts

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Looks more like the shape of a tuna than a sardine. Flipper - Orca - Tuna - TBD* *(I still like Oil Spill, regardless of shape, for the frackers)
  10. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    Yeah, so all of these have not only wings but a slight upward orientation. Which makes me think even more that there's limited to no GE on Orca when she's in that nose-down attitude that we see in stable mode.
  11. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    Question about Ground Effect. Looking at Orca in stable flight, it seems that the mid section of the boat is closer to the water than the aft section. For GE to work, wouldn't the stern have to be equal distance to the water or even slightly closer than the area ahead of it?
  12. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    Flipper, Orca, Tuna, and Oil Spill
  13. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    Fair enough. But what could the bowsprit be for? They could be planning to use a code-0 downwind in light-air displacement mode. But if they start foiling even in light air, the apparent wind will quickly wrap a code-0 back around the mast. Logically then the only situation to use it in would be air so light that foiling is not possible at all, and in air that light it would be hard for the RC to set a course and in all likelihood there'd be a postponement until the wind fills in and then, well, the wind is back to the point where using a code-0 would be illogical. So I don't understand the sprit.
  14. 2Newts

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    That was great. A perfect way to waste an hour at work! Actually, the commentary was so improved, that I could just listen to it on my headphones while doing other work and just hop over to the feed when appropriate. SailGP is a great product. I hope the popularity grows.
  15. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    hahahahaha nice typo. Yay me!