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  1. Re the section of the video showing GTF being hoisted and stowed, how do they ensure that the wing does not start creating lift during that maneuver?
  2. The videos coming out of Bermuda are, almost entirely, amazing.
  3. Thank you. That video is a great explanation. I'm going to an AC talk tonight by Bruce Knecht (https://www.amazon.com/Comeback-Larry-Ellison-Team-America/dp/1532994206/) and a "prominent member of the yachting world" ... and yes, that is what the invite says.
  4. Apologies if already discussed, but what is the minimum windspeed at which the boats can foil on their light-wind foils? What is minimum for staying on foils through maneuvers?
  5. Anyone recall what the wind speeds were in Valencia for the two races in 2010? I'm guessing it's reasonable to assume to that an AC50 would destroy either of those two boats on the same Valencia courses IF there was enough wind for them to foil.
  6. Are the large number of DNF's because of all the boats that appear (on the tracker) to have missed the mark off of Rebecca Shoal?
  7. This is a surprisingly interesting topic and discussion. Perfect for 5:45 while I kill a few minutes. The way I have always thought about it, with no formal training whatsoever, is to think of what the surface state would be if the water were moving at 5kts and there were no wind at all. My experience -- which includes rivers of many sizes, Long Island Sound, the Gulf Stream, Nova Scotia, and others -- is that water moving at 5kts has waves. Therefore if you put a wind against those waves, the surface friction causes them to stand up. I suppose that's similar to what Presuming Ed heard from the Met Office. What I also find fascinating is that if you can possibly have moving water in a relatively confined area, and if you can stay perfectly stationary relative to the earth, and if there is no wind in areas off the water, you will often find that the movement of the water creates a local wind in the opposite direction. The best place to experience this is on the Au Sable River in New York ... In the early morning or late evening when the air is otherwise perfectly still you can observe a wind going UP the valley in the places that the river flows the fastest. fwiw.....
  8. Was facing a similar question myself. My water is Long Island Sound so (generally) not as windy as yours. But I needed trailerable, reasonably compact for storage on trailer, reasonably fast to set up. And I wanted something that the kids and wife would enjoy and that I could then single hand or take out with friends and have a great time with. I ended up going multihull. - The kids love the tramp - I can control the degree of heel (eg, little to none when they are on board) and thus reduce the scare factor - In light winds, the kids can take the tiller, control the jib, pretend to hike out, etc. Great learning. - I can go fast-ish with the wife on board and we have a great time. I can control the speed and thus the amount of risk that she perceives. Sailing it at 75% is a blast for her. Constant laughs. - I can really open it up with friends. I can take it to the point that I feel the adrenaline. And then some. My kids are 4 and 5 this summer. I started my younger on it when he was 2.5. My solution of choice was a used Hobie 16. But honestly there are many options. Good luck. And have fun. 2N
  9. Newport Bermuda over. R2AK about to start. Perfect timing! Another week on the tracking sites... Perfect!
  10. So a couple of observations. Unrelated to each other. 1. That parking lot for the boats coming in on the easterly side of the course was something else. Try running the tracker for the last 12 or 24 hours of the race for any given class and just watch as the boats from the west keep moving while the eastern ones are just stopped. I have to find out how much of that was adverse current as the high-res altimeter model showed a pretty good northward push on and just east of the rhumb over the last 100 or so miles to BDA. 2. One of my other passions (that I also don't have enough time for) is skiing in Vermont. There is a guy named Josh Fox who runs a weather blog in the winter called the single chair weather blog. Normally he discusses storms as they form in view of the different ways that the GFS, Canadian, and Euro model predict them. In his wrap-up this spring he noted that after many years of GFS consistently calling the systems wrong, this year it was by far and away the best model on a notably consistent basis. Predicted the size, strength, location, type of precip for one storm after another. He also noted that the US had just finished a project pouring mega-bucks into improving the GFS model (he speculated that NOAA was tired of having their asses handed to them by the Canadians and Europeans). He left the question open as to whether the model was improved or just lucky. In light of the weather on this race, and that GFS called it correctly while the Euro called for the "named storm" to develop, I'm beginning to think that the GFS model might actually be more reliable than it once was. 2N
  11. This is my favorite bad name of all time. It's always in the same slip in Newport, all summer long. I've never seen it leave the dock. And it gets blocked in by other boats so I'm not sure they could take it out if they wanted to. As far as I can tell the owners never take it out ... it's just their summer house in Newport I suppose. I've only ever seen them watching baseball and drinking beer.
  12. It's a Cal 40 out of northern New Jersey. Really well sailed by a very nice family whose last name is nothing close to Celtic or Irish. Badly damaged in Hurricane Sandy and, from what I hear, still dealing with problems. It was used for direct translation purposes. But I still always wondered about it. You wouldn't name a boat "Boko Haram" or "Weathermen" even if the literal meaning were something inspirational...
  13. Why is it floating? Is the material itself positively buoyant? Or is there air trapped in the interior spaces? I'm guessing the former, but someone who knows more about boat construction would know.
  14. I have had this conversation with organizers. The issue is that the USCG only gives them a finite window to block the East passage to commercial traffic, which limits the available starting slots. Even if they had one that was free, they would be reluctant to open Pandora ' s box by favoring one class or another. Seems fair to me. They've given a start to same-model, non-class boats before. In the anniversary race (about 2006?) they gave an exclusive start to the J-42s, which are most definitely not a class. I have been told before, and this may not be correct, that they will give an exclusive start to a make/model if there are at least 8 of them. 10 J-120s in St. Davids would seem to qualify for that. Anyway, if I were a J-120 skipper, I would ask. No harm in asking. 2N
  15. Yep, speedo malfunctioned so DR was off. Then when able to do another sight, the crew figured the sight must be wrong. After the race they plotted the "wrong" sight against the yb track and found that the sight was spot on. Worst part of the trip for them is they had to abandon ship on the way home. Rudder post busted and boat was taking on water. Later salvaged and towed to port.