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  1. 2Newts

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Looks more like the shape of a tuna than a sardine. Flipper - Orca - Tuna - TBD* *(I still like Oil Spill, regardless of shape, for the frackers)
  2. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    Yeah, so all of these have not only wings but a slight upward orientation. Which makes me think even more that there's limited to no GE on Orca when she's in that nose-down attitude that we see in stable mode.
  3. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    Question about Ground Effect. Looking at Orca in stable flight, it seems that the mid section of the boat is closer to the water than the aft section. For GE to work, wouldn't the stern have to be equal distance to the water or even slightly closer than the area ahead of it?
  4. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    Flipper, Orca, Tuna, and Oil Spill
  5. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    Fair enough. But what could the bowsprit be for? They could be planning to use a code-0 downwind in light-air displacement mode. But if they start foiling even in light air, the apparent wind will quickly wrap a code-0 back around the mast. Logically then the only situation to use it in would be air so light that foiling is not possible at all, and in air that light it would be hard for the RC to set a course and in all likelihood there'd be a postponement until the wind fills in and then, well, the wind is back to the point where using a code-0 would be illogical. So I don't understand the sprit.
  6. 2Newts

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    That was great. A perfect way to waste an hour at work! Actually, the commentary was so improved, that I could just listen to it on my headphones while doing other work and just hop over to the feed when appropriate. SailGP is a great product. I hope the popularity grows.
  7. 2Newts

    Team NZ

    The boats were, as all the AC50s did, going sideways at the time. I assume that the 72s will also skitter sideways at low speeds, which would mean that there is only so much a crew can do other than speeding up to cancel out the sideways motion. And speeding up might not always be the safest thing to do, nor may it actually be possible, depending on the specific situation.
  8. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    hahahahaha nice typo. Yay me!
  9. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    No kidding. And still leaving a LOT of twist in the sail. Also looks like they have a bit of a wiggle as they are in the puff. makes me wonder how they will act generally in busty conditions. The AC50s would rear up and then nose dive (in some cases, spectacularly so), but they didn't really heel much to leeward during the puff. This lady looks to react quite differently. It's blowing about 15+ right now, btw.
  10. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    What's the red circle or dot on the mast about 10' to 12' up?
  11. 2Newts

    Team NYYC

    This is up in the upper bay, yes? With Conanicut Island directly behind the boat and the Verazzano bridge to the right? If so, those are some short stretches of water for a boat that fast.
  12. 2Newts

    Team NZ

    In the water, the deck reminds me of a submarine. Especially with that wing and vertical center post at the stern.
  13. 2Newts

    TP 52 Deal?

    The rule of thumb for US taxes is that you have to claim the event (eg, the donation) in the year it happens. But a good accountant can work miracles.
  14. 2Newts

    TP 52 Deal?

    There's a way to do it even better, but you gotta have it planned in advance, know the right people, and assume that the next president ain't going to fuck with the regulations around charitable donations. Buy for $190,000, or whatever you negotiate. Spend whatever your budget allows for the above items, say anywhere in the range of $50k-$100k annually. Let's just say you decide on a budget of $75k. After four years, you are out $190,000 purchase plus $300,000 operating equals $490,000. Now, donate it to a sailing program that has a track record in the charter-to-buy charity operations. But in doing so, claim that a good portion of the annual expense was capital upgrades. You can include any electronics, rigging, and recent year's paint and sails. For arguments sake, lets say you get aggressive and that comes to $160,000. So now you claim a donation of $350,000 in total value. Assuming you are in about a ~50% tax bracket, this should reduce your taxes by about $175,000. Now, what are you out after four years? $490,000 cash out the door, less $175,000 tax savings = $315,000, or $79k per year. If you think of it as a charter, $79k annually for a boat like that ain't bad. And it's basically the same as the amount you decided to put in to it to operate it annually. You get nearly all of the purchase price back in the tax deduction.
  15. 2Newts

    Foil Arms

    What's the drop-dead latest the arms can be delivered and we still have the regatta on time? I mean, we are 8-months out from the "world" series, 17-months from the challenger series, and 19-months from the AC.