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  1. Southeast Singlehanded One Design Classes

    Melges 14 starting to pick up, good fit for larger guys. Have 5 boats coming to Atlanta this spring.
  2. guess what it cost to do a out of town race in a 29' boat?

    I did four regattas on a Melges 24 last year all at least a 10 hour drive from home, for well less than $30K. Owner+Crew transport, rig, and prep boats themselves. Paid for lodging, boat transit, some food, some gear, etc... If you want to fly into every regatta, step onto a prepped boat, leave the dock, and have a chef cook meals for you then you probably need to be willing to pay a lot more. But this is not a realistic budget to use as a basis for complaining about regatta costs. Tow and rig your own boat, make your own food, and then maybe you can start complaining about costs.
  3. Lifting. Melges 24

    You have it right on the hook - into two lifting straps and the keel eye bolt. The lifting straps should connect with large strong carabiner, not shackles. 1 ton hoist / 6" beam sounds fine to me...don't hold me to it! Boat weighs couple hundred lbs less than a ton.
  4. Shameless begging- Delrins M24

    Good luck...new ones from Melges probably won't fit your boat very well either - I redid the delrins on #125 a few years ago, and there was a pretty good chunk of refitting. You've got a project on here.
  5. Melges 24 Worlds

    I wouldn't recommend getting into the class this way, and it would depend heavily on the sail inventory, spares, etc... Guidelines can be found on the class website classifieds. The racing was awesome, not average or close to it. Thanks to the regatta management and RC for prioritizing this and making it awesome. The media coverage / european photography / etc... was all super weak. The videos were 2mins of sailing out of 5mins. The pictures were of the same 20 out of 75 boats. Half the teams having to come in from an hour long+ motor in the mornings, while the others stayed in Miami Beach was a bit tough to swallow. The trac trac stuff was great for reviewing after racing, developing starting strategy, etc... 39 Corinthian teams doing a regatta with this much commitment and challenge is great - but also 35 owners with the commitment to running a professional team to win this classes championship also needs to be lauded - those guys were a big part of the success here.
  6. Melges 24 us nationals

    Agreed - this should be a really good event. Probably have 40ish boats on the line. The top US teams are all here, FT (at home), AF1 (won last US Nats at Lake Geneva), Monsoon (own CRW). Plus all the other boats full of Olympians and World Champions (Mikey, Lucky Dog, Embarr, etc...) Robust Corinthian teams as well - the strongest should mix it up with the pros. Forecast has breeze on too. Any picks?
  7. Melges 24 updating

    1) I like the standard one from Melges, or something similar. Covered for about 3 feet at the masthead for UV protection, abrasion resistance, and easy rigging to the mainsail, uncovered for running through the mast, and a thinner tail just for hoisting. The uncovered part in the mast and thin tail helps it run out pretty fast when dropping, and the thinner tail is easier to tuck out of the way. Looks like most of the shops online don't really describe their setup very well... 2) This simple knobby line is what most boats use, as it holds very well in the cam cleat at the base of the mast. I used to have a covered Excel Racing line, but it would slip whenever the breeze approached 20. You can see it here, http://www.melges.com/?p=store/details&sku=12801&cat=86, but can probably find it anywhere. 3) The ProStart is class legal, its helpful on a long starting line in the middle of the line, but I have found the accuracy pretty questionable lately. Seems to be +/- 5meters - I use it for general distance earlier on in the start...(e.g. am I 50 or 75 meters away with 2 minutes to go) 4) The most responsive speedo option is a paddlewheel. I haven't been impressed with any GPS speedo options. What are you 3D printing for the boat? I've wanted to try doing some of that myself.
  8. Kingston Ontario Gel-Coat Repair Shop Recommendation

    Great, thanks guys. Looking to see if there was any other single shingle type shops in the area as well. Appreciate the advise.
  9. Have a 19' sentimental family day sailor that needs some love to the hull paint job. Looking for recommendations of who to work with in the Kingston Ontario area... Thanks... PM me if preferred...
  10. money wins!

    8 Melges 20's had at least 2 Cat 3's 20/25 had at least 1. A lot of those single pro boats are olympians making top tier money. The pros on the winning boat are some of the nicest people I've ever met at a regatta. There is so much coverage of other GP boats where money wins. The winner of the m24s at KWRW had at least two pro sailmakers on board on a brand new boat. It's hard to understand why this specific small, midwinter, regatta was singled out. If I had this kind of money, I'd put my son on the tiller of a M20 before I put him on a M24, M32 or Farr 40 - all of which have had the same thing happen.