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  1. Liquid

    Marilee for sale?

    Cool pic: I've only ever seen these two doing their slapstick thing on TV... I also loved the Little Rascals! "Don't drink the milk, it's spoil'd"!
  2. Liquid

    Surf Anarchy

    I can only imagine! That it is terrifying, is what makes it soul quenching! I just don't have the patience to be a surfer...
  3. Liquid

    Surf Anarchy

    Surfing looks awesome! It's one of the few water sports I never tried to learn. I've paddle out a few times and it was rather painful. The learning curve looks long! (witch is actually a shallow curve...) Once I wave sailed for the first time, surfing just didn't make sense to me.... I do love watching it!
  4. Liquid

    Renaming the Washington...

    That's an interesting story. Strange that a team would use a figure that fought with the British against us and led the Black Hawk War against us... Sorta like calling a team The Washington Ho Chi Minhs
  5. Liquid

    Renaming the Washington...

    They just need to change the name but it seems to be a strange line that only 1 team has crossed... Haven't we fucked with the Native Americans enough? What about the penguins, dolphins and bears, etc? You think they appreciate having their species' identities appropriated for profit?
  6. Liquid

    Grant Imahara DTS

    Really sad! I've seen every episode, many with my kids! The trio did a netflix show called White Rabbit Project
  7. Liquid

    Renaming the Washington...

    What about the KS Chiefs? Or Cleveland Indians? What's the origin story of the Cincinnati Reds? Atlanta Braves? Chicago Blackhawks will need a mascot change, no?
  8. Liquid

    Moovie Review Threade

    I've been watching real people starve and lose their minds on the most real, reality survival competition show I've ever watched! ALONE (hulu and netflix) 4.25 Snags It's 10 kooks/trained survivalist dropped off in the middle of nowhere with a pack and 10 personal survival items. Last survivor standing takes home $500K - for as long as that takes! Survival locations are all beautiful: Vancouver Island (seriously, that island's interior is a beautiful hellscape!), Patagonia, Mongolia and the Canadian Arctic! They start in the fall and have to endure the start of winter - until they can't! Sooo, not my thing (I got a pizza and salad delivered during last nights viewing)! It clearly demonstrates why it takes a tribe/village to truly live off the land!
  9. Liquid

    Ferrocement Anarchy!

    At the 50 sec mark whilst taking a sighting he's wearing a black diamond hat! I had one back in the 80's. It never went below when needed, it was 'hot headed' from watch to watch... I tried to find one a few years ago with no luck, well, not a real one.
  10. 8 1/2 days and how many lead changes?
  11. Liquid

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Hiring and taking a job is a crap shoot! 38 years doing it wrong? You know something I don't? Only thing I've done constantly for 38+ years is sail and windsurf
  12. Liquid

    What's in your arsenal??

    That makes sense, but I was making the point that I don't want to engage with a non mask wearer while coming out/in to let's say, a liquor store... could be a petco or a safeway! I'm not drunk - YET! You certainly wouldn't have hung well with my father and his shooting buddies... No booze between rounds of weekend trap shooting, whilst socializing and lunching - what? I remember some really scary drunk dad drives home from the club after shooting tho...
  13. Liquid

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    DIY is great but, know your limits! How many houses have you framed? How many years of siding, flashing and installing doors and windows - correctly - do you have? Experience is valuable! Pay for it!
  14. Liquid

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    A floating house, in Florida... Run away!!!!!!
  15. Liquid

    What's in your arsenal??

    Huh... What? In 'Merika drunk people can lawfully carry guns and do stupid things regardless of blood alcohol levels. Until caught. Your point?