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  1. Liquid

    Random PicThread

    Other pic is Boston City Hall Plaza
  2. Liquid

    ClubSwan 36

    Clearly the right choice... Or a really nice, shallow fishing boat in FL and the 36 on the west coast, preferably SF Bay. No?
  3. Liquid

    ClubSwan 36

    No, I was not bothered to re-inform myself of the entire thread so I did miss your reference neighbor. It'll be interesting to find out where the team lands it's base. I would want a lot of space to let her run! Ripping around, semi foiling, on a river with a 9' draft... yikes! It can be sketchy on a 14
  4. Liquid

    ClubSwan 36

    Judging a boat's design by it's announcement is a thing?
  5. Liquid

    ClubSwan 36

    You're going to need those 3 pros! That keel fin looks scary/small, hence tiny groove... Way above my paygrade!
  6. Liquid

    ClubSwan 36

    they pop on the ocean stern scoop extension...
  7. Liquid

    ClubSwan 36

    I like it, looks like the new RAN. Is the intention to allow the keel foil to twist whilst heeled? That's a really skinny keel foil practically attached at the nose of the bulb...
  8. Liquid

    I14 foiled rudder build questions.

    I had a B3 where the horizontal foils articulated via twist grip control, worked great for the 4ish years I sailed it. I've seen older 14s with flaps on the foils... It's going to be very difficult to flush out enough I14 related internet info (much less put all the pieces together) without actually going and seeing an I14 and all its encompassing systems in person! Cool thing about the 14, you can rig it however the fuck you want! Which begs the question: Why put training wheels on a I14, rig it like a 14 so you can learn to never sail it like a 14?
  9. Liquid

    what is it?

    Think about a canting lead filled foil!?
  10. Liquid

    Barge much? (FP)

    Witty did the same thing at one of the starts of the Vovlo by weaving through the spectator fleet and almost clips a rig with his main...
  11. Liquid

    Barge much? (FP)

    What I want to know is why a Zinga crew member decided to run to leeward to get a better view of their rig that could fall on him???
  12. Liquid

    what is it?

    So, a high aspect lead filled foil?
  13. Liquid

    what is it?

    Huh? I don't understand... If the draft where unlimited, you wouldn't have a bulb?
  14. Liquid

    Foil Kiting Anarchy

    the kite has nothing to do with it...