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  1. The few times I've sailed out the gate on a lead mine it was very tame... The South Tower demon strikes windsurfers too! I was wave sailing inside the south tower with a buddy a couple of decades ago. He carried a wave a little too far in and bottom turned onto a rock! He ended up with a whole lot of stitches in his chest. His wet suit mostly survived... it was his car key on a necklace around his neck and under the suit that ground against his sternum and tore him open...
  2. If the Patch is off the Marin Headlands, it's the breaking waves just under the wing...
  3. Liquid

    If You Love dogs......

    You can get the sensation indoors! I've done it and controlling your free fall is harder than it looks!
  4. Liquid

    Oh Shit, the things boaters do

    Fuck, the Ozzy Man is fucking hilarious! Fair Dinkum! His youtube channel is a rabbit hole of funny!!
  5. Liquid

    What are you watching on the tube?

    It's a cartoon but the funniest one I've seen called Big Mouth on Netflix about middle schooler's going through puberty. Very funny!
  6. Liquid

    Elastomeric Sealants

    It's related to home construction but a good primer on all things caulk:
  7. Liquid

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Why do the run the foil such that the tip breaks the surface? Why not a tad more down cant? Is it their version of windward heel on a Moth?
  8. Liquid

    Mindless movies

    ^ I was wrong... Shit... I just watched his latest release of Happy Madison's 'Hubie Halloween'... time wasted! It's like venture capital, it only takes a 1 in 10 success ratio to make the big picture profitable!
  9. Liquid

    2020 Hurricane season

    Run away!
  10. Liquid

    Mindless movies

    I think Adam Sandler/Happy Madison deal with Netflix was for 7 movies. I think his movies have gotten better over time as I can actually sit through one now... I can't stand Drew Barrymore for some reason. Her best movie was Poltergeist!
  11. Liquid

    2020 Hurricane season Utah declares state of emergency after windstorm knocked down thousands of trees
  12. Liquid

    What's in your arsenal??

    Question for the gallery as I am only 3 years into target shooting a long gun: My current and only long gun is a Ruger Precision Rifle in 22LR (I also have a Henry and a Ruger 10/22 Tactical but they don't have scopes!). I was thinking of adding to my long gun arsenal with a step up in caliber while utilizing the same 'RPR platform' I already play with. Is creedmoor worth the extra ammo cost, is it as easy to source, etc? Less recoil and drop sounds good! Longer barrels and heavier guns... probably a good thing? The weapon's 'MSRP' are the same: 6.5 .308
  13. Liquid

    Random PicThread

    JFC... 49 women!!!???
  14. Liquid

    "National Cleavage Day"

    The Deep, great movie! A lot of boners happened in the summer of '77!
  15. Liquid

    2020 Hurricane season

    Wasn't there a hurricane like event in Utah this summer with near 100 mph winds? Totally normal...