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  1. Liquid

    If you like Uni...

    Strange, I did a family BVI charter over a Christmas holiday 47 years ago. There were urchins EVERYWHERE and Barracuda's - those pesky invasive predator fish in my snorkel area.... We were specifically warned to be vigilant about urchins - 47 years ago! Reefs used to be some of the most stable environments on the planet before we showed up. Urchins are invasive to a reef! HA I think they have been doing what they do for billions of years.
  2. Liquid

    Dinghy String Drop system

    Occam's razor! Simple skiff style, single line up/down fucker, a continuous sheet and that slippery shit for the kite and the retrieval hole! The pole is the pole... TEACH your sons into a simple and reliable system! Then focus on your turns!
  3. Liquid

    If you like Uni...

    How is a sea urchin an invasive pest? I would find you stabbing me rather invasive in my reef chill zone because I live there and you don't!! I did have one that really liked the blue SPS in my old reef tank, chowed it to a nub! I had 2 urchins in my last tank, very interesting creatures!
  4. Liquid


    ^ this is the problem. 3,500 foot houses on 7,500 foot lots! Your neighbors sneeze and you say Gesundheit and offer them some Grey Poupon because your windows are arms length apart.... Then the fucking HOA bullshit kicks in! Which I have avoided for years now. But it goes something like this: That sailboat has been in your drive longer than allowed or you didn't approve the paint color of your house! No, I didn't but I wasn't part of approving the disaster that is now my neighbor's newly diarrhea colored home with shit green plastic shutters and a trim color that would make you slow down just to take in the nightmare! As an HOA paying douche I would go to all meetings and I knew their budget. I did treasurer for 2 years. Please sue me over the color of my home! Please! Nope, just nasty letters from bored stay at home moms.
  5. Liquid

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Yowza! Can someone tell me why hot blondes die their roots and eyebrows brown...... Cause I like it!
  6. Liquid

    Tiger drives into the rough

    I believe the adrenaline in your body during an 'I'm about to die' moment allows your brain to take in 100X the info then when you're not about to die! Somewhere in UT I hit black ice and slid into the median. I hit the last barrier that kept me from heading across the median towards an oncoming semi truck. He stopped, he was hard on his brakes as we were seeing the same scenario play out. I can remember his wide eyed face! He called the cops for me and was real glad I clipped that barrier and he didn't kill me! I was also happy about that! I can breakdown every microsecond of that crash and my thoughts during. The Oh fuck that truck is going to kill me is a very long moment in a crash that lasts 3 seconds! I was able to prepare for driver side barrier impact... let go and lean away! I walked away, the car not so much!
  7. Liquid

    "I Got A Guy..."

    I know a guy that knows a guy...
  8. The dog and 'cruising' requirements are the crux of your boat choice and would make me go displacement... Isn't this Seascape's exact niche? Are they still around? Fareast 19? If dinghy, have you looked at an already suggested Weta?
  9. I was 22 or so when I lead my first delivery (RI to NY) boat out of the rehab shed with a near complete electrical failure night 1 during a lightning storm and the wind spinning around the compass - the 30 minutes of terror. Then an 8 hour tidal stress drift fest until we got a tow in. Bolts dropping everywhere. We were scared shitless!! You could smell the lightning! That we didn't get struck is amazing.
  10. 1984 Newport to Bermuda Race, 5 days. 10 onboard a C&C 40 that I was the yachting domestic on. 35 knots for 2+ days dead on the nose... Diesel tank leak, lots of vomit! One dude slept with a plastic bag, lots of water pumping, I spent off shifts ondeck, not pretty! Day 3 I heard a weird noise in the head to find fuckface pounding his foot on the head pump handle. Clogged the head, we shit in bags and tossed them out the little hatch. Not all bags made it over the rail tho! Whilst unfucking the boat I had the pleasure of ramming a broom handle up the head through hull. Then a very rapid water extraction and an airborne cabin entry to turn off the seacock! That stream of water was WAY bigger and scary than expected!! Then I found the shit... Delivery home with 4 others and 1 tack. Very pleasant!
  11. Liquid

    Tiger drives into the rough

    I know a guy that owns a G5 with a 10 hour range - $29M used.... Flying private is awesome!!! He went with direct ownership after a few bad NetJet experiences. Turns out emergency landing a strange plane with smoke in the cabin and your family on board is not good! He hand picked his crew and has a single strike rule for employment!
  12. Liquid


    When you become a father, titties go from fun bags to beverage dispensers....
  13. Liquid

    North American deep freeze

    Sorry about that...
  14. Liquid

    Moovie Review Threade

    That movie made me uncomfortable and I couldn't finish it. Maybe I'll give it another shot. People fucking over other people makes me angry! I watched Charlize Theron in 'Atomic Blonde', that stairwell fight scene is epic! 4 snaggs because I love Charlize I watched Extraction with my son when it came out. The movie plot is 0.0 snags from the get go. The action is 3.5 snaggs tho
  15. Liquid

    Mars landing today

    Can we work on earth? I tend to like air to breath and water to drink and sail on, while on a planet that is not -81 degrees....