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  1. Team UK

    If you look closely at ETNZ, their design philosophy initially was 'everything is on the table'. Both Dalton & Ashby were quoted as saying no matter how far fetched the idea, lets see if we can make it work, then fit within the class rule. So rather than start within the class rule and push the boundaries of the rule from the inside, they started outside the rule they developed ideas and did what they had to in order to make the boat measure. As is Grant Dalton's...
  2. Team NZ

    It all went south when he got busted banging girls in the back door. That might be a clue...
  3. Team NZ

    I've said this before. When the core of what was (then) ETNZ went to the Moth Worlds in 2015, it was a bit of a test for all involved. Barker knew at the end of that regatta that getting beaten by Tuke, Ashby, Davies, Slingsby, Draper and Burling smashing them all, the writing was on the wall. He knew on the last day of the Moth Worlds he was done as helmsman of ETNZ. I saw it first hand. He was done. Those that backed him in the coup attempt went with him to Oracle/SoftBank. What followed was a pretty poorly executed coup attempt to oust Dalton and as an olive branch, ETNZ offered Dean a role they knew his ego wouldn't let him take. That's when his crying to the media started. Would ETNZ be where they are now with Barker driving? Case closed.
  4. Team NZ

    But all the RNZYS has to say is "we're not seeking applications from other defender syndicates". One thing Dalton is very good at is delivering sponsor value. The best thing he can do to deliver that value is to bring a couple of extra Louis Vuitton cases back on the plane and guarantee them exposure in the next cup cycle.
  5. Team NZ

    I would think an agreement between ETNZ and the RNZYS will be well and truly locked away as to who will be the defender if the job gets done over the weekend...
  6. Team NZ

    Not sure about the bloke on the far left, but second from left is (Sir) Stephen Tindall & 4th from left is Matteo DeNora. Matteo has probably been ETNZ's biggest supporter (and contributor) for close to 20 years...
  7. Team NZ

    I think it went a bit like this in late January 2015 after the Moth Worlds in Sorrento (Australia); "Look Dean, it's not a good look when you get beaten at the Moth Worlds by Blair (Tuke), Ray (Davies), Glenn (Ashby), Tom Slingsby, Chris Draper and moreso when Pete (Burling) wins with a day to spare. Pete's going to need some match race practice, how'd you feel if you help Pete with your match racing knowledge and run the sailing team?" "But this is my team!" says Dean "Well Dean, with you driving there are a few people not that willing to dig too deep into their pockets. You've had a few goes now." "Fuck you Grant, I'll talk to Matteo and the others. I'll get the money" "Good luck" says Grant Matteo says "Sorry Dean" as does Steve Tindall and a few other key players. Dean cries to the media and shows just how much a spoilt brat he is. Gets moderate success. Russell calls Dean "Mate, have I got an opportunity for you..."
  8. Team NZ

    Sometimes it's who you know...
  9. Team NZ

    My understanding is Tuesday. Wing was scheduled to be modified anyway.
  10. Team NZ

    If you go back to an interview Roger Badham had with Martin Tasker and Peter Lester, he said ETNZ had a foil combination (boards, tips & trailing edges) for every 2 knots of breeze.
  11. Team NZ

    Not even remotely...
  12. Team NZ

    That belongs to Matteo deNora. Principal of ETNZ.
  13. Team NZ

    There might be a One Ton Cup in there that you missed when he was driving Pinta...
  14. Team NZ

    It may come down to whether there is a mutual benefit for each team. There is a strong friendship between Burling, Tuke, Outteridge & Jensen from both 49ers and Moths. (All were at Outteridges wedding) If there is a mutual benefit for both teams it could well be a possibility provided ACRM don't get involved.
  15. Team NZ

    Or they already have them and aren't telling...