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  1. mikewof

    When you lose Fox News ......

    Yes, time frame is relevant. The deaths per hundred thousand (or in this case, deaths per five thousand) are annual averages. To the bolded bit up there, malnutrition has killed far more than COVID-19, it's not even a contest, in the same time frame as this, malnutrition has so far killed over half a million people, the vast majority of them children, unlike COVID-19, the vast majority of them elderly that also die of things like pneumonia. And unlike COVID-19, we have a rock-solid dead nuts money cure for deaths from the disease of malnutrition ... it's just a little bit of food. You write that when I point these things out that I'm not holding myself to the standards of my profession. Am I thus not supposed to point them out? Is my profession supposed to bolster mass hysteria? As you write, humanity is not logical. And millions of children die each year due to this illogic, while we wring our hands worrying about our own skin. You have a clear mind on this, you must have been trained in research. Just as blind people can end up leading the masses through the dark of a blackout, I think that researchers have an obligation to inject logic where there is a deficit of it.
  2. If you allowed numbers into your thought process, perhaps you wouldn't have to be rude.
  3. Numbers have meaning. A lack of interest in them it seems, introduces a crude, rude kind of reaction.
  4. mikewof

    When you lose Fox News ......

    You write that I'm not holding myself to the standards of my profession, but your bit in bold up there ... Regular pneumonia, without the viral coinfection, in Italy and Spain, causes some 3 deaths per 5,000 people. Don't you think that's kind of an important detail in understanding the nature of coinfections?
  5. mikewof

    When you lose Fox News ......

    Where did I write anything about flu? Flu is a single infection. COVID-19 is a single infection. COVID-19 pneumonia, now that's a viral/bacterial coinfection, whole different ball game.
  6. How many pneumonia cases and/or deaths did your county see last year?
  7. mikewof

    When you lose Fox News ......

    I've leaned a lot. If learned a little about coinfections, and about collective memory. But mostly I've leaned about mass marketing.
  8. mikewof

    When you lose Fox News ......

    It's really low, so low that that it doesn't yet even make even a bump in last year's death by pneumonia. At the end of the year, we'll compare. But nobody closes down an economy for pneumonia ... I guess that the idea of a highly contagious disease that kills some fifty thousand Americans per year just isn't that scary to us. We're Americans, we're not afraid of pneumonia! USA!
  9. You're suffering from that. I suffer from Hannah Barbera sickness ...
  10. 2 to 3 days, that's pussy shit. An infectious prion can remain viable for years, immune to common antiseptics, immune to alcohol, UV and even bleach solutions. It can then remain in the soil, grow up into the grass, be eaten and digested by a cow, consumed by a human and then infect that human with little chance for a cure, as the victim's brain and nervous system is eaten full of holes by proteins misfolding by the billions and trillions.
  11. Discuss ... Howabout, I would less fear from my own government than fear from terrorists, psychopathic gunmen and viruses?
  12. When in doubt about structure, purpose and integration, it's always good to ask "What would Paul Rand do?"
  13. Most any damage in the lungs will risk damage to the whole cardiovascular system. But I'm curious about the "long term" symptoms. This thing is barely three months old. How are they getting their "long term" studies? Are they using a Montreal Expos time machine that can also take data inthefuture.com?
  14. mikewof

    When you lose Fox News ......

    Sorta ... this crisis is an opportunity to do work I couldn't do before, because nobody gave a rat's ass about dEvEloPinG NatiONs And the viral/bacterial coinfection aspect is interesting. I hope the mortality rate stays fairly low.