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  1. His protest made it far more difficult for him to be hired, there is little question of that. If he had the top tier release time and delivery of Aaron Rogers, for instance, he would have been hired regardless. But it's impossible to deny that he is better than average NFL quarterback. But if that was your point, then you didn't write your point. You wrote that "he no longer has the skills." And that isn't true, he absolutely has the skills.
  2. Kaepernick took an ethical stand, an objection of conscience, and then he stuck by it. Vick and the others didn't take an ethical stand, they committed crimes. That you have even equated those two in this post and Post #30 is ridiculous. You've essentially connected Kaepernick's freedom of expression with a crime. It does not "pale in comparison" because there is no comparison. It's like trying to compare Lobster Thermidor with Western Comparative Philosophy. Then, President Trump went and played the fool (again) which validated Kaepernick. And I believe that Dacapo is right, he'll be picked up soon, especially with the difficulty of finding good backup QBs.
  3. You wrote that "he no longer has the skills necessary to perform as a quarterback in the NFL." That is clearly false. His QBR is better than half of the quarterbacks in the NFL, and his scoring record and release time is more than sufficient to be employed in the NFL. Talk about his contract, his desired salary, other quarterbacks like Cutler, but your statement about Kaepernick is not correct in any way
  4. Good to see you back here, and best wishes to you and your family. How is your wife doing? Any improvement? How are you holding up?
  5. A critical thing to understand about a lot of Black NFL players, is that yes, they may be millionaires, but many also come from poverty. They go home and they're met with extended family and neighbors who still live in poverty. When you see that millionaire take a knee, it is often someone who is deeply connected to the problems of injustice in this country. Anyone who rightly values the open and free expression of Constitutional rights as being far more American than any jingoistic flag-waving, should be impressed by their passion. And that isn't a left-right thing, that's a core love of The Constitution.
  6. That's pure bullshit. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find NFL-level talent who can reliably get that ball downfield? Kapernick threw for over 2,200 yards with 16 tds, and rushed for nearly 500 yards with 2 tds. His QBR is in the top 50% of the NFL, and his release time is about 2.4 seconds. In what corner of your make-believe universe are these not very hirable stats if not for the political controversy? He doesn't work because he is a political firebrand.
  7. "50 documented cases" of service animal attacks or gate-returns according the flight attendants organization. This reporter got his pet dog registered as an "emotional support animal" in a few minutes on the internet:
  8. It's also impossible to prove someone guilty in court, but "reasonable doubt" seems to be a functional enough threshold to send people to prison for the rest of their lives. Yeah, you never really know for sure, but fuck me, you can tell lots of times. I know there are exceptions, but service animals look like service animals, they are highly trained to be aware, they don't lay down on the floor and close their eyes for a nap while their own peruses the doughnut section, they don't wander up to fellow shoppers on long leases looking to get someone to scratch their heads. PETS do all of those things, and maybe the threshold for "service animal" needs to be a professionally-trained animal assigned to the person in need, rather than their own personal pet, with a doctor's note. Today I saw a couple in the supermarket with two black lab service animals. Yes, two people, apparently a married couple, both with the exact same breed of service animals (both dogs with hand-embroidered "Service Animal" patches on the harness.) They were about as attentive as any average pet. Would it be an enormous coincidence if both of them happened to need a service animal to deal with their PTSD, or whatever? Or maybe they met at a support group for people with service animals? But the bigger question, we have these rules about bringing animals into food establishments, and some people need to be the exception? Blind? Yeah, I'm good with a seeing eye dog? Nervous because their PTSD from being a car crash back in 2003 makes them feel uncomfortable without their pet dog? That justification sucks monkey nuts. A highly-trained dog that smells their life-threatening epilepsy coming on or smells peanuts to ward off their anaphylaxis? Okay. Hard-of-hearing and it gives them comfort to have their Bichon Frise? C'mon, turn up your hearing aid and leave the dog at home. You're actually profoundly deaf and don't want to be shot by the cops? Okay, service animal. If we're all going to be okay with all these people shitting all over the service dog paradigm because they want to drag their dogs around, then okay, let's all change the law. Let's just all start bringing our dogs wherever we want without going to bullshit excuse of getting a bullshit doctor's note. Let's be able to bring our dogs on the planes without the bullshit doctor's note, because y'know, what the fuck right? A "service animal" already attacked a passenger on a Delta flight a few months ago, mauled the living shit out of him, because the combat veteran owner suffered PTSD of some kind and didn't want to bother with a sedative, or fly with a buddy, or pay for a below-deck dog transport. People who genuinely need service animals need to be pissed off as hell about this, an army of assholes are eventually going to make it very difficult for them to bring their actual, professionally-trained animals anywhere.
  9. Lucky guy, lucky dog. Does he not go below because he doesn't want to or because he isn't allowed to? Where does he typically hide out in rough weather? Thunder? How does he handle his business up on deck like that? Any close calls with him nearly going over the rail in weather? Why the blue leash?
  10. Or do it subtractive instead of additive. Then all you need is a few blocks of hardwood, a $600 CNC router with a few inches of vertical, a little glue and a piece of 200 grit wet sandpaper. By the way, your hull design is gorgeous, that stern is 100% intercourse.
  11. And that's probably right single most effective tool in the fascist's quiver. They own this remarkable ability to be unemotional about their goals, it's just business to them. They can turn off the river of hate when it suits them and replace it with something that resembles intellect and ration. When the cameras are rolling and the police are interviewing, they speak like owners of the local carwash. When they politely knock on the door they've been the picture of polite gentlemen, intent on simply clearing things you so that they can get on with their day. And then from Moseley to Hitler to the Blueshirts in China to Mussolini to Franco and then to the prisons of Apartheid, those harmless, polite, intelligent fascists end up doing what they do. You're right Dog, he posed no threat to them at all. Hitler posed no threat to the Jewish soldiers who fought alongside of him in WWI. And the reality of humans and milk cows is that we are emotional creatures. Like the Golden Retriever who is beaten one too many times by the drunk master of the house, eventually we figure out the pattern and bite the shit out of him the moment he's sober.
  12. I've given a good bit of thought to Anti-Facism in many forms, including Antifa. You're off-base on this one Dog. Here's why ... First off, I do get your point. If the anti-fascists beat people up for their politics, for their speech, then they eventually become as bad as the fascists, right? This is nothing new, anti-fascist groups have popped up several times in my lifetime and several times since before WWII. (Please read the history of Buenaventura Durruti, and Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell, or the history of Cable Street) I've seen and known anti-fascists and at least a few open, out, neo-Nazis, I used to love hardcore music in NYC, and you'll eventually meet both types in that scene, and both types of skinheads look pretty much the same. But here's what I've noticed ... anti-fascism is almost always (actually always, from what I've seen) self-extinguishing. It ignites in response to fascists, it flares, it even becomes dangerous sometimes, then it becomes all it despises. But then -- and I've yet to see an exception to this -- the people in anti-fascists, the SHARPskins (aka skinheads against racial prejudice), and I'm quite sure eventually, Antifa too, move on with their lives when the perceived fascism threat dies down. It's self-extinguishing. The anti-fascist kids whom I knew, the ones who used to beat the living shit out of relatively peaceful neo-Nazis? The two I know went on to regular careers, regular families. The neo-Nazis? I heard this from a friend who still knew him at work, but he's still deep in that insane ideology, he uses a 3D printer and hand painting to make replica Nazi medallions for sale at their white power gatherings. The anti-fascists arrive at their life BECAUSE of the neo-Nazis and white supremacists. But the neo-Nazis and white supremacists arrive at their lifestyles because of everyday brown people, Blacks, Muslims and Jews who happen to share their cities, bank teller lines and supermarkets. Think about that Dog ... both groups pop up as emotional reactions to people around them. But unlike the anti-fascists, the neo-Nazis and white supremacists pop up as emotional reactions to the peaceful, law-abiding people around them who simply want to live. And if you look into history, from the Spanish Civil War, to Mosley's Blackshirts on Cable Street, to the 1981 Oi riot at Southall, to Tompkins Square to Berkeley, the anti-fascists are the group of lawbreakers who end up attacking the "peaceful" Fascists, usually the latter whom have the backing of law enforcement. This is so noticeable time after time that one could even begin to think that the real fascists are those who don't have the support of the law, but one look at what happened to the unchecked Brownshirts in Germany tends to blow that ridiculous notion to smithereens. Fascists are savvy, they are even charismatic, but Dog, if you think for even one second that anti-fascists represent the same threat as fascists, then I suggest you stop, take a breath, look at the reality of history, and then take a realistic inventory of everything that neo-Nazis and white supremacists represent. If they don't terrify you to your core, then you're doing life wrong.
  13. History records action much better than it records sentiment. For all the ridiculous, childish bluster and nonsensical bullshit, we'll have to see what happens with foreign wars, which -- for example -- were a disaster under Bush Jr.. Trump has escalated drone attacks which isn't good, but we'll have to see where it goes. I think that he won't be as good for the economy as Obama or Clinton, but if he's better than Bush Jr. or Reagan, then that's worth a little something in the history books. And of course, in the Herbert Hoover model of do nothing governance, every failed attempt at regressive lawmaking can be classified a reasonable success for progressives.
  14. At least he isn't the worst so far. He may not have done much, but in a Herbert Hoover kind of way, that can be an inadvertent good thing. Here's the math ... Habanero Doritos > Trump >> Reagan Hyperbole aside, if Donald Trump keeps reaching across the aisle and doesn't get to his "list items" then I think history will remember him reasonably well compared to some of the maniacs we've had in the office.
  15. Rule #3 of old riders, "It's better to go into a corner slow and come out fast, than go into a corner fast and come out dead."