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  1. Yeah, or someone running a loud genset all night. But there are hybrid trailers now, hard-sided with some fabric pop-outs. They let you use them as long as you don't pop out the fabric extensions. My son and I usually just throw a tent and bags in the truck. Inevitably, we end up near people like you describe, it really drains the fun. When he gets a little older we'll pack out a few miles away from the RVs.
  2. mikewof

    Todays Useless Fact

    Yeah, I was certified in it twice. And now I'm told that they're doing away with the breaths in favor of compressions only. But when we take the class, nobody told us how unlikely it is to actually help. I would still do it if possible, but is training on one of those emergency defibrillators perhaps a better use of time? And should offices and stores keep those around? (My old office had a few around.) Do those significantly improve the odds?
  3. Also, a lot of camping trailer spots won't allow soft-sided trailers, I assume because of the noise from inside the trailers getting out into the park. But the hard A-frames are usually allowed. I like 'em, they're like tiny cabins.
  4. mikewof

    Todays Useless Fact

    That's the survival rate from a professional resuscitator with the best field equipment. So an amateur with no equipment, and just a single few years old Red Cross CPR certification, is what, 3% to 5% at best? I'm not putting it down, and I definitely see the value of the Heimlich, because I've successfully used that twice. But it seems that the CPR class never gives us a clue how unlikely chest compressions are to actually help anyone ... probably less likely to help than the implants were to help that otherwise attractive young lady in the photo in the post above.
  5. mikewof

    Todays Useless Fact

    About what percentage of dead people are you able to resuscitate like that? Is it true that it works less than 20% of the time?
  6. mikewof

    Todays Useless Fact

    As long as you're okay with going to the sports bar again for hot wings and beer, we'll just go there.
  7. mikewof

    Todays Useless Fact

    Here's another ... the nitrogen pressure system in a can of pressurized cheese contains trace quantities of an industrial gas which has been shown to cause severe amnesia in dogs.
  8. mikewof

    Todays Useless Fact

    I have a useless fact ... About one out of every twelve men prefer to wear women's undergarments over men's. So if you have 100,000 Dallas Cowboys fans in Arlington, say, 60% are males older than 18. And if you separate out the female underwear wearers, that would be about 5,000 of them, enough to fill a fleet of 500 Greyhound passenger buses ... 500 buses filled with men who prefer the silky soft comfort of a well-made set of ladies' undercrackers.
  9. mikewof

    SUV anarchy

    A friend got a WRX sti. That thing is stupid fast. It's so fast that I had to ask him to pull over and let me out for a minute because I felt I was going to hurl in the cabin. I'm sure there are faster cars, but the torque management felt Subaru, and it cornered in a way that felt like my liver was squashed against my ribcage.
  10. mikewof

    SUV anarchy

  11. mikewof

    SUV anarchy

    It's good to stick to your grudges. My old man's grudge was anything by VW or Mercedes, he still has some German shrapnel in his leg from WWII, the VWs and Mercedes are still both "Hitler's cars" to him. For some reason, he loved German optics; the Voightlanders, Zeiss and Schneider, the grudge doesn't extend to optics. My grudge was with Coor's. I used to drink Coors when I was a kid, that's the beer with which my dad stocked the Sunday afternoon Bronco's games. But after they broke up the union, the Coors family suddenly got a lot wealthier and friends and family who worked at the brewery become unemployed or broke. I wouldn't touch that scab beer until Miller bought them out several years ago. I had my first Coors Banquet a few years ago after a thirty-some year drought. Damned if it didn't taste exactly the way I remembered it. Talk about quality control! Do hold onto your grudge with GM, in fact, fuck it, I'm not going to buy GM either. Maybe my next truck will be another Dodge, now that they're owned by the Italians, I might as well support the country that manufactures some rather exquisite women, both automotive and human. One thing I don't understand though ... your wife's old prematurely rusted Saturn, that's basically a GM, isn't it? Is that a pre-GM-BK vehicle?
  12. mikewof

    Healthful Lime Smoothy!

    Yeah ... or else I waver between plagiarism of other previously invented drinks and mass commercialization. I tried it with Bing Cherry energy drink last night, a local brand. As I drifted off to an alcohol-caffeine-capcaisin sleep, the ingredients in my belly suddenly decided that they weren't the good friends I thought they were. They threatened to reintroduce themselves to the world, but I managed to keep them imprisoned until morning when they had their conventional parole. Note to self, and one I should have remembered after that night of too many Cuban Hurricanes with my new bride and a night on the pitching Lancer 27 tied up at Liberty Harbor North ... avoid any alcohol or mixer with a red tint. Perhaps my body confuses it with hemoglobin?
  13. mikewof

    Weed or Hash ?

  14. mikewof

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    It was on the edge of Glebeing/Paddingtoning itself when I lived in Potts Point back in the 1990s, what's it like these days? And I fear to ask, did the hipsters destroy Woolloomooloo and turn it into a giant art gallery? That was the best neighborhood on the planet to get drunk and high on some patch of grass.