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  1. If that happens, I can't see Murray being able to handle guys like Forsberg, Johansen and Arvy. They'll put Fleury in net by Game 3, but it will be too late for a team like Nashville. Even rested, Murray can barely manage Ottawa, the Preds will dismantle him. Ottawa is a much better pairing for Nashville. They don't have those deep 4 lines like Nashville does, and their defense relies on Andy. But Andy can do miraculous things, at least half the time. I think Ottawa might be able to sneak out a few games from Nashville, just nail Rinne's blocker six ways to Sunday, and they have a chance (was Rinne injured on his blocker during the Ducks series?) ... not much of a chance, but Andy is a Western goalie, as long as they don't interfere with him, he saves even better when they start crashing the net. About Rinne, good article in the Hockey News, they claim that Rinne's unholy abilities in part come from playing Finnish Baseball as a kid, it build that bizarre flexibility into his muscles. http://www.thehockeynews.com/news/article/how-a-wacky-finnish-pastime-helped-shape-pekka-rinne-into-a-human-highlight-reel The article suggested YouTubing the game ... man, gotta love the Finns. If I ever visit there, they'll probably need to haul my ass out of there with a steel cable.
  2. I've had it. Delicious. Not too sweet. Good. I know this isn't the right place for this, but what the hell ... I invented a new drink this evening, it would go great with an understated potica. It's green tea, but with a tiny shot of espresso added. I'm enjoying it now, really very good. I used these for the espresso, very convenient, they sell them in the coffee aisle at the store, a couple bucks for about 20 of them, or free at the 7/11.
  3. I do get the narrative that you're trying to build here ... some multinational takes bucks from the UNDP, puts in some substandard wells, walks away with pockets of cash, and poisons millions. The narrative in that article is close to that anyway, how could it possibly be wrong? A reporter for The Independent wrote it after all, and everyone knows that they're infallible. Here are the basics ... Cholera and diarrhea killed WAY more people than arsenic ever could, at the peak, about 1/4 million from cholera, and then 3 to 5 million from diarrhea. If you gave me two glasses of water, one with 200 ppb arsenic (about the same as the worst parts of Bangladesh) or known coliform, I would take the arsenic water every time. The acceptable levels of arsenic in the USA were 50 ppb until recently, then the EPA reduced it to 10 ppb, mostly because 10 ppb is now doable with decent water treatment systems. (Australia lowered their standard to 10 ppb right around the same time we did.) There are American and Australians who pull well water well above 200 ppb arsenic, they know not to drink it, but it's safe to shower and wash up to about 500 ppb. The average arsenic in Bangladesh shallow tube wells wasn't 200 ppb anyway, that was some of the higher tests, the typical as between 50 and 100 ppb. Would I want to drink 100 ppb arsenic for year? Definitely not, but the risk from that isn't even in the same neighborhood as coliform. You can't even compare those two. And again, the surface water that the tube wells replaced HAD arsenic in it, often well above 500 ppm because of agricultural runoff. That's what's I'm trying to explain to your about that dumb news article you quoted. The tube wells lowered the arsenic in the water and mostly eliminated the coliform. No, it wasn't perfect, but it was a step in the right direction. The next step after that is to add better treatment, the treatment in a rudimentary tube well is nothing more than a strainer and a shallow filter bed, if that. But you're idea that "someone made a lot of money" from that, probably isn't right. Those UNDP programs are almost always run lean, and putting in even tube wells, is pretty expensive. Between the drilling, the casing, the stainless pipe, pumps and holding tanks, I know from following these that it's hard to find competent contractors for the budgets they tend to have. In fact, if they could get high-grade contractors in there, they could have drilled deeper in the aquifer below the gravel and mud and into the rock, where the arsenic is typically lower. And your statement that you will "die slowly, 100%" is wrong, it's just wrong. The LD50 for arsenic is about 750 mg/kg, so to hit 50% chance of death for a 50 kg person, you would have to drink the total equivalent of 38 million ppbs. (Compare that to coliform, where the lethal dose could be as low as just tens of bacteria in a gallon of water). So for you to hit 50% chance of death, with even 100% long term absorption from a 200 ppb arsenic contaminated well (twenty times higher than the max allowed concentration in your country), you would have to drink 4 liters of the stuff, every day for 126 years. In Bangladesh where a quarter million children per year were dying from coliform, putting in cheapish tube wells was a no-brainer. And again, the surface water that they had before the tube wells had a HIGHER concentration of arsenic than the tube wells. If it's a child who drinks the water, and say from a 500 ppb well, then the years would drop down to a more real threat of about 25 years. But again, even 25 years is way better than the rates from diarrhea and cholera. So yes, it would have been wonderful if the UNDP had limitless pockets, and could have had deep rock wells drilled with adsorptive arsenic treatment, but the whole point is that they didn't have that. And that's the part that shatters your conspiracy theory. Companies put money into these countries when they can run the money through them and add to their profits. They can do that to a degree with Ag. But water is historically a money-loser, that's the whole problem. It's not that companies are "making a lot of money" on these projects, but rather than they can't be enticed to do jack shit because the profits aren't there for them.
  4. My wishful prediction ... Ottawa scores twice in the first period, Andy stands on his head against an insane Pittsburgh assault, Murray gets pulled and Fleury holds tight for the third, Ottawa takes it 2-1. At least if reality hands us something different, I'll get to enjoy this pleasant fantasy for the 30-some hours.
  5. No complaints. Because of all the motors in my childhood, on the weekend that Star Wars was released, I was in the movie theater watching a way better move than stupid Star Wars:
  6. Every Pens guy I know (two of them at work) is right now bitching about the interference call on Andy. They pushed his glove away from the puck, how is that a giant conspiracy to favor Canadian teams?
  7. That's not the Nixon approach, that's actually the Truman approach. And we keep trying it, which then seems to not help, burns through good cash, and adds fuel to the fire, which is exactly what the fucking terrorists want. The Islamic community needs to do more to ostracize, marginalize and shame anyone who preaches any of that holy war bullshit. Yes, I know they do that now, but they need to do it more. And we need to do more to help dry out the festering pockets of poverty and mental illness that add fuel to this fire, and then learn to be light on the trigger finger when something like this happens. What happened in Manchester is hell on Earth. That has to guide us all to an enlightened approach.
  8. There is a real problem with this story, the reporting sucks ass. We all knew about the dissolved arsenic in the ground water, but getting it out is very difficult, it requires either exotic adsorption or desal. Thing is, because of the agricultural products, there is arsenic in the surface water too. And that water also has choliform, which is a way more established killer than arsenic. So with one out of ten children dying in the area from diarrhea and cholera, the more immediate problem was to get the wells in, and then work on the arsenic. With surface water, they were getting the Arsenic and the cholera anyway, with well water they're just getting the arsenic. Yes, arsenic can eventually make 1 of ten people sick, but cholera was killing 1 of ten as a reality. And the water community is working on the arsenic issue now that diarrhea and cholera deaths have come down.
  9. Sleeper scooter? I love sleepers. I always thought it would be fun, if someone had deep pockets, to put the deck of a Mac 26x onto a Ranger 26 hull, then refit it with decent rigging and the masthead from the Ranger, do the beer can circuit.
  10. He used to give away the one-lung two-stroke plugs for the asking, he used them as advertising. I had them in my old DT-175, a street-legal two stroke. I think it might also be the need to stay in the powerband. When you only have a few thousand rpm to work with, you notice immediately if a better ignition add a few hundred rpm to the band one way or the other. I guess that does make for princess riders, one of his regulars put them in his two-stroke drag bike, he told my old man they made his bike run like "a raped ape" which set my old man into uncontrollable guffaws anytime he relayed the story. A big problem with most riders, other than the Harley guys, is that they never, ever told anyone what they were running, for fear of losing any edge. I printed stickers once, hoping for some free advertising at the track. Then I learned the lesson of unsponsored stickers ... if they're not getting paid to advertise something, a racer will more likely put their least favorite product stickers on their back window, just to throw off their competition. If you saw an MSD sticker, they were probably running Jacobsen, and vice-versa. If you didn't see the NOS sticker, then they were probably running NOS.Bullet Racing Cams sticker? They were running Isky cams. I've no idea if they still engage in that kind of psychological sticker warfare. But the absolute best, the events that made all of Bandimere roar, was when a very good sleeper took the track. I remember a Chevy Chevette with a ski rack on the roof, (and prop skis) that some nutcake had shoehorned a 427 into. Pretty much unbeatable. But there are some incredible sleeper vids on YouTube, this is one of my favorites, the "Farm Truck." The driver even wears a straw hat to complete the con. Looks just like a farm truck, except ... uh, those back wheels?
  11. If you're going to be here a while, it might be depressing to have a big boat like that here, being in a Colorado-sized lake with anything bigger than about 16 feet or so, gets depressing. And the dry air and elevation is hard on fiberglass. If it was me, I would leave her in the Delta and take weekend trips there, buy a Laser for here.
  12. I'm having a little trouble believing that a bunch of French, Danes, Germans and Trinidadians could be that ignorant and racist. As Kent and Mark note, this kind of racist bullshit theory is an old one, though more typically reserved for the back room at the racist potluck than a gathering of internationals wealthy enough to afford dive trips. The parts of the world with dense population like Bangladesh, India, West Africa, tend to have good growing conditions, and can support big populations, save big water diversions or desertification. Big families are created in part as a form of wealth to manage livestock and growing where there is little to no mechanization. Food production and distribution is then used as a weapon of war and political control. People then end up crowded in cities while livestock and farms are taken over. And grain aid from the U.S. isn't too significant to the regional caloric intake to even support such nonsense. What the fuck kind of boat were you on JBSF? Maybe this one?
  13. It's our local guy Kroenke who is building the new stadium there, I know someone on the engineering of it. Impressive stadium, he told me that the mound of dirt from the excavation is now the highest point of ground in LA proper. Very advanced technology for that stadium, it's going to be the nicest one in the NHL, though it's going to be covered, so I assume artificial turf.
  14. I sold the big boat a long time ago, now it's just dinghies, sunfish, lasers, my little sailing backpack boats, and I'm slowly, slowly learning kiteboarding. Four foot draft is kind of hard, could you keep it at Blue Mesa or Pueblo? Sailing in the high country isn't bad. The water is always cold, and the wind runs from perfectly still to insane. I was once at a mountain reservoir at about 9,000 feet, barely a puff of wind to save my life, just enough to lazily drive us to the middle of the lake over an hour. Then, out of nowhere, a signature Colorado afternoon storm was on on us, black clouds, by the time we made it back to the truck, rain was sideways and the wind was somewhere around 60 knots. We've had 100 mph wind near our old house. And supposedly -- I've never seen it -- there is a photo of two boats on Dillon, both with their spinnakers flying, and both heading towards each other, tight swirling wind on that lake sometimes.