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  1. mikewof

    PA lefties...line up

    Yup. They saved our asses from the perils of population inversion that hit Japan and Russia and parts of Europe. Yet for some reason, we still hate them. We're collectively a bunch of dumbshits who elect politicians who favor jingoistic nationalism rather than sound economic and demographic policy.
  2. mikewof

    PA lefties...line up

    I'm in favor of open borders. We have an open labor market, given that Americans are almost never prosecuted for illegal hiring. Why should we continue this nonsense of only enforcing half the law? If we just enforced illegal hiring, and illegal drug buying, rather than just illegal working and illegal drug selling, then the border would economically self-regulate and we could save a lot of money on this sham of a border barrier. I remember when our border with Canada was open, that seemed to work pretty well. And now where are we? Canadians are far more likely to overstay their visa than Mexicans and immigrants as a whole in the USA are more likely to be illegal now because they overstayed their visa than because they dodged a border crossing ... https://www.ft.com/content/e8d868ca-04ff-11e7-ace0-1ce02ef0def9 So how are these non-open borders working out? They 'aint. It's partly just a profit center for DHS industries and prison industries. States on the border should shitcan it and legalize immigration the same way other states legalized weed.
  3. mikewof

    Bump Stockas DTS

    Anyone noticed the Stockas market? Serious hit to the Dow Jones stockas average. Lucky for me, I invest in cattle stockas, rather than stockas and bondas.
  4. mikewof


    Wait, so you're saying that Islam has puzzles, incongruities and contradictions? So you're saying that Islam is no better than any other religion? In fact, it's not even all that different from elementary particle physics, and quantum mechanics? Darn it ... I had always assumed that Islam was the only religion that was perfectly consistent, and it gave me comfort, given my quest for a foolish consistency as a hobgoblin of my little mind. C'est la vie.
  5. mikewof


    There is nothing wrong with church trips and tourism. The more the better, tourism is one of the few industries that can bring fast prosperity to the eventual United States of Israel and Palestine. But when fundamentalist organizations of three religions use Israel and Palestine as stage props in their End Times dog and pony shows, they then become financially vested in a Middle Eastern apocalyptic end time. And they tend to donate money in ways that causes division. I've no doubt that Jewish and Islamic fundy groups do the same thing, but the Christian fundy groups have elevated it to an industry. A profitable industry. Flick through some over-the-air television sometime, the kind that the older and poorer people watch who don't spend money on cable or internet. You'll see dozens of channels with Christian "rabbis" and documentary-style narrators in Israel pitching for donations for various public health projects in Israel, many of which barely even exist other than to funnel money to the assorted messianic churches. They become vested in anything that pushes the narrative that the Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs and Palestinians are little more than living Burma Shave signs on the road to Jesus. But Christians who are progressive enough to respect and honor other faiths, and ideally learn and spend some tourism dollars in places like Bethlehem and Jericho? Send them in by the bus-load, because they're saving lives and increasing quality of life.
  6. mikewof

    Is NASA lying?

    If you feel this way, I don't have a problem with it. But would you like to see cleaner air that lets us save tens of billions of dollars per year in the public health costs of cardiovascular and lung diseases? Would you like to see us conserve our fossil fuels for the good stuff like polymers, carbon fiber production and advanced lubricants? If so, then what's wrong with just transitioning to better methods of energy production that don't require us to burn (!) our limited and valuable fossil fuels? Why is this even political? Seems to me that low entropy energy is just good money management. I mean, yeah, burning brand new hardwood furniture will heat the home, but there are better ways to heat the home and better uses for hardwood.
  7. mikewof

    australia builds new attack sub

    I love the idea of the submarines from certain countries even having stealth ... it has that tits-on-a-bull vibe. It's kind of hard to imagine any country's Navy suddenly getting worried of a sub from say Andorra, or Jamaica or Australia or Monte Carlo suddenly popping up next to them. They would be more likely to reach for the keys to the ship's liquor stores than their weapons magazines. "Ah wait, no need for alarm boysies, it's an Aussie sub, get the frozen steaks, we're going to have one helluva barbeque with these lads."
  8. mikewof

    australia builds new attack sub

    It's just basic optics, ironically the Australians have a have done a lot of work in this area because of their expertise with nonlinear optics and remote sensing. But I can't imagine that anyone would spend money looking for an Australian submarine ... it's kind of like putting a GPS on a cuddly little Koala bear. Adorable, yeah, but not really any kind of threat to anyone. The basic idea behind that kind of interferrometry is that the sub needs to be deeper than a function of its waterline length (from 0.8x to 1.25x) to be undetectable to varying wavelengths of water-penetrating wavelengths and lidar. Don't get defensive, the USA, China and Russia all have the same limitation. We covered this in SA many years ago, if you're genuinely interested I can look up some of the references for you. In general though, the smaller subs could hide easier because of the shorter waterlines and their surface area to volume ratio is often favorable for better dives.
  9. mikewof

    Nasty Ballpark Food

    All three of our main venues in Denver are in the top 10 of the worst: Coors, Pepsi, Broncos. Maybe something about most of the employees being too drunk and high to follow health codes?
  10. mikewof

    australia builds new attack sub

    Any sub is visible to a synthetic aperture at varying wavelengths, to a depth of about 1.25x its waterline length.
  11. mikewof

    Gene study unravels redheads mystery

    Yeah, normal female behavior. What else is there?
  12. mikewof

    Gene study unravels redheads mystery

    Anyone ever heard the theory that Redheads are the ONLY reasonably coherent women, and there has been a massive disinformation campaign by all the brunettes and blondes to make their rampant insanity seem somewhat normal?
  13. mikewof

    Land Speed Record Car for Sale

    The Blue Flame seemed a lot to me like the old U2 spy plane ... they had a carefully-thought focus, they knew what they needed and what they didn't need and they worked to only that goal and then achieved it in a good time frame. In this case though, I suspect some of the SSC crew was connected with Australia's SCRAM jet effort, of which they're world-leading. The jet/rocket hybrid was probably a cheap way to develop basic SCRAM technologies at a fairly low cost. if the focus wasn't on the car, it may have been because the focus was on SCRAM. Australia is a tiny country, but their contribution in SCRAM is in many ways, more extensive than even USA's work.
  14. Thank you. That wood in that box is very hard and seems to have little to no resin, terpene or phenol in it that would cause discoloration. Or perhaps they salted the wood to dry it? Any idea how they might have joined the panels? It was clearly hand joined, because it's uneven and I can see spots of daylight through the seams. But I don't see any nails. Dowels? Glue? It's hard for me to believe that any glue prior to the era of urethane glue could last more than a few decades. I keep thinking that I'm looking in the wrong place, and that if I just look in the right place, like maybe the hills of Jamaica or the mountains of the Urals or the steppes of Bhutan, or whatever, that I'll see something similar. It bugs me that I can't find any similar photos to it. Maybe it really is just a hundred year old Indian box, just like the dealer said it was, and the hinges and were added just days after they took delivery of it? That little box has been a pleasant diversion though, I'm thankful to it for that.
  15. Those prices are so low to what seems to be a lot of handwork ... note to self, invest in some contemporary Indonesian wood carvings.