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  1. The cause of gun violence is obviously the guns. But the cause of police shootings is probably not the guns, even cops inn Oz carry sidearms. We seem to have a different problem with our police shootings. In my opinion the core problem is concealed carry of handguns. I would be fine with shitcanning that (never happen). I don't see it as Constitutional, regardless that some judges and Normies do.
  2. I assumed that this was a thread about the length that Emirates butt-fucked Oracle around the third mark.
  3. Woody, I love ya buddy, you're a man who sets the trail for other men and run burns it to the ground for those of impure heart. Congratulations to you and all the Kiwis today. The curse lives, long live the curse.
  4. Congratulations Kiwis, you guys deserved it, outclassed the Yanks and Aussies at every mark. Come up with some interesting new rules for next time, and I look forward to see the 10 meter tall Burling statue.
  5. Early lunch, going to hide out in the gym with my Kiwi friend at work, hopefully the suits don't catch on. Go NZ.
  6. Sweet Smoking Mary, this is big. Beat that Ginger, NZ.
  7. I got my daughter a 2014 Mazda 2 a few months ago. I would have preferred something bigger for her, but she fell in love with that car, drives it everywhere, apparently the styling of Mazda appeals to the young women these days. Seems to be typical Japanese high quality, though hers might have been made in Mexico. The SkyActive engine thing seems to work well, good power 35 mpg or so, it connects with her iPhone.
  8. Lessee ... he's came into the office as one our country's oldest and most obese Presidents, with a twitterized lousy sleep schedule. He doesn't drink alcohol or coffee, which probably helps him in some ways, but he's missing the benefits of moderate alcohol and coffee consumption. He apparently drinks a lot of Diet Coke, which usually isn't good. So my wild prediction ... he's going to have a health scare and need to change his lifestyle, probably losing a bunch of weight, like Clinton did.
  9. Obama's $30 million program was through ARPA-E. It was specifically designed to fund low-TRL research into carbon, organic structures, recombination, spintronics, quantum effects, etc.. As for ferromagnetism, that's insanely complicated, the people who do that work have some bizarre ability to understand the Relativistic effects that make simple things like permanents magnets work. But I'm told that non-REEs will let us see the next generation of magnetism, just as REEs jumped the strength-to-weight an order of magnitude over the old iron-core magnetics. Batteries, they need REEs, it's their nature, but capacitors will take over a lot of their domain eventually, at least, EVs will probably be at least a good portion cap arrays. They offer a lot of advantages over batteries, and their energy density versus cost is getting better all the time, they're following their own version of Moore's Law.
  10. Trump's $7 million line item for the DOE, it will probably pass, even though $7 million won't make too much of a difference in changing existing rare earth extraction, it's nowhere close enough to transition to in-situ leach, it would need to be more like $70 million, at least, with industry at least matching that. http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/06/17/donald-trump-coal-mining-rare-earth-elements-comes-china-appalachia And Obama's $30 million ARPA-E program for the end-run around rare earths, http://www.reuters.com/article/idUS86627191420110429 I do see the value in both of these approaches, REEs are proven now, we should find a way to ensure domestic production, just from a strategic and national security perspective. But Trump's approach is barely more than a symbolic effort. Extracting REEs in a clean way will require real investment, and it will impact our future national security far more than a bunch of military contracts for war machines that are obsolete the day they roll off the production line. The problem with Trump's approach is that it isn't enough to address the core weakness of U.S. REE production. We don't need to shitcan the very real EPA concerns over managing mountains of tailings, we need better ways of pulling REEs out of the ground. Short of dumping Cadmiium and Nickle in Walking Dude's water, we'll never, ever be able to compete with China on this with existing technology, and there are entropic reasons for that.
  11. Funny you mention that ... Trump's administration made a big brouhaha just last week about beginning rare earth production again in the USA. Awesome right? We produce close to zero of the rare earths we need, so everyone should cheer this great Trump decision, right? What a forward-thinking chap, genuinely interested in making America great again. Except, what are the actual details of his plan? He wants to run $7 million through the DOE to build U.S. rare earths mining. Not that there is any big difficulty with mining rare earths, we know how to do it the dirty way and the clean way, like in-situ leach. We just can't do it cleanly in a competitive way with China, who does it the dirty way. So yes, you nailed it, rare earths mining to Chinese standards, fuck the poor schmucks who live downstream, maybe it will be that dipshit Walking Dude who lives downstream and gets a swigful of nickle and cadmium. But we should at least applaud the thought, right? Except, urp ... Obama funded nearly five times that much into doing an end-run around the rare-earths, just use batteries and magnetic materials that don't need them. But Trump wants to shitcan that effort, I guess the word "green" sneaks into that discussion, and people who let politics run their logic centers tend to produce contaminated thought streams.
  12. Maybe ... The cop in the video on the previous page shot and killed an unarmed man while she was tasering him, then not only was able to return, but the town had to pay her tens of thousands for her to leave. What percentage of cops leave law enforcement after killing someone?
  13. Sure you are Normy. You just need your taste of whiskey ... And I've never seen the show, but any television that uses the Pogues deserves my attention ...
  14. About the only way to do a burnout in a Ford Pusstang is to set the tires on fire.
  15. You give yourself too much credit. None of the gays in the fleet will take you on because you shoot blood and desperation.