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  1. I used to get those straight line winds at my old house, maybe 10 mph slower. Everything around my house was draped with sandbags. It looked like the U.N. bar in Fallujah. The day would start out with beautiful blue skies, and by the time I got a cup of coffee it looked like the four horsemen of the apocalypse were ready to do battle over the lake.
  2. There are a few of us idiots who inexplicably prefer to sail in miserably cold snow melt at 8,000 feet in some hell-forsaken drainage ditch while trying to manage wind that goes from 0.1 knots to Sweet-Mother-of-the-Apocalypse-What-The-Fuck-Just-Created-a-90-mph-wind-in-36-seconds? Enough of the hyperbole, any of you demented fucks who call yourself a Sailing Anarchist and are near Golden, CO, three of your fellow Anarchists are meeting at my house this Thursday night to drink lukewarm Tecate. I moved the air compressor out of my living room and I fully intend to remove the boat-making stuff from the top of my ping pong table so that it can be used for its original design. I think I have box of store-brand saltines too. PM me for time and address ...
  3. mikewof

    New Yacht Plows Into Dock At Port Angeles

    I get your point, but I think that the badge on the shirt should at minimum obligate its wearer to the same standards as the the badgeless. If I lose control of my truck in the slush and smash into the ass-end of the Sheriff's cruiser, I would hope that I am no more prosecuted than if I back over my neighbor's mailbox. I can't demand my Sheriff have a greater responsibility than I have as his or her employer.
  4. mikewof


    It is. There are multiple instructional videos for most every task of most every broken thing these days. Kids with little to no experience watch a few videos and make some remarkable repairs to broken equipment. When I was a kid, I could hope for luck at the library, or hang around a tradesman and see either the right or wrong way to do something. We learned by doing. Now these kids learn by doing, but they have access to a lot of free instruction to guide them.
  5. mikewof

    Gorilla Tape great for temp fix

    I use only Gorilla brand tape for seam reinforcement, but lately I've seen some problems with delamination, apparently a known quality control issue for them. A fellow Anarchist recommended Scapa, I'm going to try it, https://www.scapaindustrial.com
  6. mikewof

    boy do i hate pvc

    You can use a small volume compressor if your lines are flat and you can seal off the individual heads. It takes longer, but it beats waiting around on a warm Sunday for the truck to show up.
  7. mikewof

    New Yacht Plows Into Dock At Port Angeles

    It was definitely hot-dogging, he was unlucky enough to have it captured on video. A lot of us have done careless things like that when we were young but got lucky and didn't damage anything. Was that near L'Enfant?
  8. mikewof

    boy do i hate pvc

    My backflow doesn't have a union connection and I don't want to deal with putting one in at the moment, and the air fitting is on the wrong side of the ball valve. But I found a better way, I just used some NPT fittings and connected into the drain screw. I should have never hired someone to do it in previous years, all I purchased was my own ignorance.
  9. mikewof

    New Yacht Plows Into Dock At Port Angeles

    It was an accident ... but the video on the internet, can you imagine the torment that poor schmucker had to endure in the squadie room for the next several years from his co-workers? It was undoubtedly worse than any official punishment if one was given. That's the kind of thing that makes a person want to move to a new state.
  10. mikewof

    boy do i hate pvc

    Never mind, I got it sorted. Took apart the backflow unit, shoved a stopper into the outlet to hold the air in, opened the air feed, saw a good bit of water come out of the sprinkler heads. Hopefully nothing will freeze. But now I have a new question ... when the professional blew out my system last year, they didn't remove the backflow preventer, did they block it off the way I did, or is there a trick that they have in managing the air flow through there?
  11. mikewof

    boy do i hate pvc

    I have a little problem, suggestion helpful ... I tried to blow out my underground PVC sprinkler lines with my air compressor, I blew out the copper line into the house with no issue, but when I shut down the valves on the supply side to send the air down the pvc side, all my pressure gets vented out of the Wilkins Pressure Vacuum Breaker. I can't find a way to seal that off to force the air into the buried pipe. Anyone have any experience with that? Do I need to rebuild my Wilkins? I don't have any experience with backflow preventers like that. It seems that mine may have cracked in the recent freezing spell we got here. Is rebuilding those a PITA? Is it easier to just replace?
  12. mikewof

    3D printed boat

    My friends from Oak Ridge National Lab 3D printed a Shelby Cobra, a Wileys jeep, parts of an excavator, and a small building ... The little house was my favorite because other than the glass it's was all 3D printed. The vehicles had conventional engines, transmissions and components, if memory serves. I took a very close look.at that little Wileys Jeep, it's not really what I expected. The exterior is smooth, I assume it was sanded that way. The underside looked like fiberglass mat from a chopper gun, like the underside of a piece of fiberglass playground equipment from the 1970s. 3D printing on a nonrotating gimbal or without a three access head is apparently really difficult, because you can't print on air. So a flat "roof" needs to be stepped off from the walls, even in something the size of a combustion cylinder or a small pump housing. It's a lot like building with tiny Legos all the exact same size and shape of that one tiny brick. We get this story that additive manufacturing is the future, and it may be for certain items, but it can't replace tooling and stamping for many components without a ground-up redesign.
  13. mikewof

    Pretty Bad Arrm

    ... said the actress to the bishop. Right over the plate.
  14. mikewof

    Pretty Bad Arrm

    Like those CBD lotions? I've never tried them, I'm told they work, but I prefer Icy-Hot, because first it's icy then it's hot. There is usually dinner and a few drinks in there too.
  15. mikewof

    INEOS 1:59

    No question. And I think it probably isn't possible without some kind of electronic pacing, if even just a beep watch. The human mind is notoriously shit for keeping track of time when the heart is pushed into service for something it wasn't designed.