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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    just use the wind limits of their annual regatta. or the p class
  2. jtm

    The Gold Coast, Queensland

    The Gold Coast Where the tits are fake But the arseholes are real
  3. jtm

    How is this not over early?

    like all starts , if your not called over your not over.
  4. jtm

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    sorry. o'doyle rule
  5. jtm

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    doyle jibs. cool
  6. jtm

    the scoring system tiebreaking system sucks balls

    How about just have a tie?
  7. jtm

    Oracle Team USA

    No one told him he had a booger before an interview. Classic mates
  8. jtm


    sheet the main on down wind keeps the bow up a bit. Rake is your friend with breeze.