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  1. No one told him he had a booger before an interview. Classic mates
  2. More of the starts please. 30sec before tells a lot and is great to watch.
  3. If you'd like a cool suprise press the button before you rise
  4. sheet the main on down wind keeps the bow up a bit. Rake is your friend with breeze.
  5. Sorry WA. overlap from behind why proper course?
  6. NO should have held LR out at the start. He will learn to match race real quick. Lets see a close race
  7. It's hard to say if it was well-calculated (need to watch that again) but AR looked to be accelerating too soon to the line; but then (intentionally? Luck?) blocked LR out by luffing up between LR and the line, maybe because they were early and were forced too; then pulled the trigger and hit the line with nail-bitingly close to Zero on the countdown, at speed and accelerating like a Banshee. It may be the best start we've seen - accidental or not. I think it was clearly intentional, aggressive move, NO would have been pretty stuff in the position he was in, CD thought we got this, relaxed NO fired one across the bow, and the rest (of the start) is history, It was a great move, nothing less. The only thing that would have improved it was if they held off (forgetting about time on distance) and luffed CD up and past the pin just squeezing through themselves and turning a 6 second advantage at the mark to a 20 second (or more one)