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  1. jimma

    Syncing ProNautic with 4-volt Fireflies

    Yes, though I figured they would by now have answered lots of Firefly questions. There is no reason not to use a custom setting. I just wasn’t sure I should. I will do the tests as you suggest. I hadn’t thought of my starter battery possibly needing the same chemistry/charge routine as my Fireflies. My starter is a sealed lead acid battery on an Echo charger. We do have an MC-614. Will also try this. Cheers
  2. I have a ProMariner ProNautic 1240p charger. Recently installed three 4-volt Firefly L15+ batteries. The seller told me to set max charge voltage to 14.4v and float to 13.4v. On my charger, I thought the AGM Preset 1 would be suitable, but the float reading on my battery monitor at this setting is in fact 13.7v. Asked ProMariner about this. In an email, they said: "The output voltage is a bit high. The output is slightly above by .3 to account for any loss in the wiring. Check the voltage at the batteries to see if you want to adjust things. Looking at the manual for the Firefly L15+, the recommended float voltage is 4.5v or 14.5v for the three in series." The last sentence appears to go against everything I've read about Fireflies. Anyway, at the batteries, the float is the same as at the battery monitor. Should I create a custom setting? If you are familiar with the ProNautic and Fireflies, what settings would you choose? Thanks
  3. jimma

    Chainplate as part of the antenna

    Do they really fail? The stay has been cut and swaged to a terminal. The swage might fail and the rigging might collapse, but once cut isn't it cut?
  4. jimma

    Chainplate as part of the antenna

    I could go with two insulators. Can always jump the bottom insulator with a wire as so many others have done
  5. jimma

    Chainplate as part of the antenna

    Good ideas. I wanted to avoid drilling holes at the stern. I had not thought of insulating with some sort of tubing or heat shrink. The alternative, I suppose, is install two insulators, run a wire to a bolt on the exterior chainplate, then connect the tuner to the same bolt inside the boat. Cheers and thanks.
  6. My wife brought home a Icom M710 SSB, with an AT-130 tuner and a PACTOR modem. It's my job to install it. What if I install a single insulator a few feet from the masthead, then connect the tuner to the backstay chainplate. Do I have a good HF antenna? It would be about 55 feet from the tuner to the insulator. There is now a wire from the chainplate to a thru-hull, but I can disconnect that.