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    Helmsmen Visors or Googles?

    I love to be near, on, in, and under the water I use these to lap swim sometimes instead of traditional goggles. I also use them to rage on my 2 seater Seadoo and my standup Jetski. High velocity spray to the face all day with no problems. I have tinted and clear, and now I want polarized mirrors for the coming race season. I keep a pair in my gear bag for: -racing in really foul weather -to go under to clear fouled lines -to find items lost over the side in shallow water -to treasure skin dive a mooring field during an AP. I always apply anti fog to goggles and masks before every use and never have any visibility issues. You also have to wear them fairly tight and press them to get a good seal for under water. Above water can be less snug. I think they are pretty cool looking too, like weird sunglasses. A future cool trend? Soon to be on the face of every foiler, lol.