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  1. We are looking to ship a new Melges 24 jib from the US to Germany. Its brand new, so folding the sail is not really an option. So it would have to go rolled up - 3,70m (length of the foot). Any experience with a shipping company with a good deal? Cheers.
  2. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    tracker seems to work: http://cf.yb.tl/fastnet2017
  3. on the water video livestream set up?

    we have a few youth events with lots of parents sitting around ashore during the day. nothing big, but maybe fun. we are thinking very simple!! one camera boat, one driver, one camera guy, one or two guys commentating. as an example i would be interested in the set up of Mr. Clean during his coverage during the moth worlds or the like. or the guys at the 18-footer series in sydney. although we will not start with a steady cam on a camera cat. ;-) our first idea was to have a camera guy on the committee boat and only stream the starts of the different classes. but then, why not drive around to the top mark afterwards? we are not aiming for the next AC live line graphics package or VOR like live conference.
  4. we are playing with the idea of having a simple livestream for our local regattas. can't be that difficult technically nowadays, or is it? periscope/facebook is easy, but the video quality (no zoom) of smartphone is shit. we don't expect it to be perfect on the first go, but rather like to start learning now and improve step by step. anybody like to share their experience on hardware, software, network connections, power supply? any help is much appreciated. looking forward to supporting our sport on a local level. cheers
  5. Universal Tracker

    Maybe time to create something über cool? https://www.facebook.com/windytycom/posts/1738547719706687:0 This guy seems a genius in my eyes. He implemented 3 of my suggestions within hours to his already brilliant website.
  6. Team Vestas grounded

    just out of curiosity: if the OBRs press the red button does it store the last minute of ALL five fixed cameras on board? hence, is there any more footage of the crash AND BEFORE than the stuff we've seen from the rear camera? not that i expect to see anything more revealing, but it would be interesting and maybe add to the big picture, wouldn't it? same goes from the audio. somebody said there are several mics around the boat. any chance to get brian (or VOR) to post the raw audio/video footage of that recorded minute or more? surely there is, as long as you're around, clean?! ;-)
  7. Team Vestas grounded

    how ironic it seems. two days ago they posted a video about how technology has changed the game. poor guys. best of luck to them in the future.