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  1. New mast and sails coming I hear, the boat is for sale
  2. Caribbean 600

    How would the windward board help? (Edit: instead of lee board! Got it!) For the leeward board I imagine it’s an advantage of curved (edit: or angled) boards — they slip more at higher heel angles.
  3. Caribbean 600

    another note to self: relocate the ditch bag to the ama hatch. With big multi capsizes relatively rare, any nuggets of info are gold. Thanks!
  4. Caribbean 600

    Glad the discussion is still constructive, thanks Harryproa (Rob?)! About Elvis using Fujin capsize as new information for their racing decisions -- makes perfect sense. In multi races you optimize risk taken for the odds of gusts, not prevailing winds. And the capsize tells you that the outlier gusts are more likely (tails of the probability distribution are fatter). Hard to have the real time info on the gusts. Need careful evaluation of just how variable wind speeds can get in these conditions. That the pre-race weather report was prepared by the "former navigator for Vestas Wind" gave me a superstitious sense of risk even in my comfy sofa. Reminder to self (when single handing a 35' tri): finally install cam cleats next to winches to use instead of self-tailers; pull the trigger on the wider mesh trampoline purchase; make sure to hold the leeward main sheet.
  5. Tri for sale in NZ

    Why not call the seller? The phone number is there.
  6. ARC 2017

    There is another ts42 in RORC Transatlantic right now, in the middle of Class 40 monos and such.
  7. ARC 2017

    Yep, there have been some pretty quick doldrums crossings by the northern fleet. still, this is a more realistic representation of real world passages. If I can shave a day off a crossing by motoring for 8 hours I’d do it of course.
  8. ARC 2017

    Well, we observe the difference from x1.5-x2 speed difference most people expect of multis vs monos to x1.06 actual difference vs the Swan. if not the crew then what? It just happened to be the middle wind race where the hull speed mattered?
  9. ARC 2017

    There has been some discussion of how multihulls in real world cruising are just barely faster than monos. Apart from the issue that the monos in question are either 2x-5x the cost (Swan 66, Oyster 885, Nauta 885) or half the comfort (Pogo 40) the crew requirement is a major factor I think. Because multi's don't have positive stability (more heel = less righting moment) to sail close to the performance edge they need hands-on crew 24/7, ready to dump the sheets, etc. So I posit that 3-4 people can't sail a large multi at 90% on long passages, while they probably can in a mono. Which is fine.
  10. ARC 2017

    Looks like the doldrums might catch up with the northern group in the next 24h or so. Unclear who in the southern group can take advantage of it though — Outremer 5x is stuck among 3 Lagoons. TS42 needs a boat at the Miami Sail Show.
  11. ARC 2017

    45ft ‘aft extension’, carbon mast. Doubt they spent $300k. Still a cool boat. I want to charter the one in the Caribbean— has it survived Irma?
  12. ARC 2017

    Good drag race between TS42 and the Outremer. In this wind the 2kt hull speed difference between TS 42 and the 64ft Outremer (and the Swan and Oyster in 3-4th places) makes a difference so far.
  13. ARC 2017

    The next 24h look unfun, but the low projected to develop south of the Azores by the weekend will probably on balance favor the northern route even more. any of the boats in the race look way faster than my office desk...
  14. ARC 2017

    Don’t know, looks like The leading multi took a decisively more northern route:
  15. Nav bet didn’t work. They went south (as did the Dragonfly) and hit a wind hole.