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  1. Rushour on its roof.

    That's another valuable tidbit to come out of this thread for me. Roller cam cleats are on my list now -- a single snap release when single-handing! The other was that in the death zone releasing the foresail first and going up could be a better solution especially on close reach. Your main will help you turn and the situation will deescalate progressively because the main unloads as you turn. Releasing the main and bearing away feels good initially (less apparent wind, centrifugal force adding to the righting moment) but will load the main again.
  2. Rushour on its roof.

    Sounds like the close reach zone of death.
  3. Definitely no hydraulics. Maybe 4:1 and a winch. Just remember to ease the leeward stay! change the cant before the tack.
  4. TS42

    +1 Bring it to Miami 2018
  5. The real effect is not from the rig weight but from the angle of effort not pushing the leeward ama down
  6. Is Miami strictly sail show Feb 2018 on the schedule by any chance?
  7. Rapido 50

    here's what I'd consider: if the 60 can be singlehanded as well as the 50, don't invest in new molds, make more 60s, cut the price with cheaper fit and finish to get the numbers. If the 50 is radically different (one operator instead of two) then yes. Tiller steering could be what makes 50 relatively more appealing, by the way. Sun cover - built in canopy for the cockpit. My biggest wish. Ama storage! Kayaks in my df35 are one of the best features. And moving stuff to the windward ama on long tacks makes it a performance feature, not a drag. curved ama foils. A tri without them looks dated these days, like it or not. A production Girlfriend or Paradox
  8. TS42

    Looks like 10 minutes slower in elapsed than the all carbon fiber HH66 and 2 hours faster than the closest Dazcat http://www.rolexfastnetrace.com/results/2017/rfr-mocra-multihull02.html
  9. https://youtu.be/bMoHhilUSoU Overcanvassed and they never let the main go! Nothing to do with a canting mast.
  10. How warm does the water get during the sailing season (3 months?)
  11. how does a canting rig increase loads?
  12. Tricky to steer with one main hull rudder when flying two hills. a canting rig should be easy. Add 4-5 feet to the side stays, splicing or somehow attaching a ring about 8 feet above deck. To that ring attach a secondary side stay that would go to a block on the aft aka, then towards the main hull where it can be put in a winch. With a spinlock clutch somewhere between the winch and the aka block.
  13. Yep, I had a thread here about rudder foils a while back, opinions generally are pretty positive. i haven't done it (yet) because mine is a kick up rudder, so need to design a sacrificial preventer pin to avoid turning it into a water brake
  14. TS42

    There was a TS 50 already I think. ... in 2017 Fastnet the TS42 was higher rated than in 2015, and the highest of all "cruisy" cats. Something special about it, or just adjusted rating based on prior race performance?
  15. Have you weighed it? Or what's the displacement used for ratings? would love to see some interior pics too!