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  1. EarthBM

    Older fast Aus multies

    Does anyone have any first/second hand accounts of how Ave Gitana's electric propulsion working? As well as any other comments about Ave -- why was the mast replaced, how decent/cruisable is its interior, where is the extra ton of displacement compared to Bullfrog comes from?
  2. EarthBM

    Race to Alaska best boat

    And this is also the dirty secret why, $ for $, a 60' mono might be a better cruising choice than a 45' multihull. R2AK is a less than a week-log race... How many cats do better than hull speed on long RTW cruising voyages?
  3. EarthBM

    Rolex Middle Sea 2020

    Did something break on Shockwave?
  4. EarthBM

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Does anyone have pictures of the bicycle pedals setup on Mama Tried?
  5. EarthBM

    Rolex Middle Sea 2020

    Just via modeling it in software? Or actually trying things on the water? Is there a VPP so good that it can model waves, foil and sail drag/lift trade off, etc accurately? Or are those just paper gains so far?
  6. EarthBM

    Assy vs Sym

    Okay, what about same size a) assy+jib vs b) symmetrical? VMG downhill? Is there an established truth? Big$ ocean racers seem to use a), but they are reaching, short handed, and not in displacement mode (even without foils).
  7. EarthBM

    Assy vs Sym

    As large as it gets in both cases. Or, put another way, what relative kite sizes might result in a similar PHRF rating (I know, cue rating committee jokes).
  8. EarthBM

    Assy vs Sym

    Is there a chance that a bowsprit + asymmetric spin + jib might outperform a poled out symmetrical spin downwind? A displacement 40’ cruiser/racer (Bene First40). 10-15kt TWS.
  9. EarthBM

    Rolex Middle Sea 2020

    O55 light, 2 MOD 70s, Paradox/Shockwave, a Multi50 and an Ultimo. O55 rating seems optimistic, Paradox’s rating seems favorable, MOD 70 match race should be fun, and the Ultime doesn’t even have a rating. with not much else going on, should be moderately interesting
  10. You’re right, was looking at the nearly identical pic:
  11. You’ve got to give them points for the tiller, no wheel on a 57’!
  12. EarthBM

    Last of the Gunboat 55’s

    Hadn’t realized they were so narrow - 25’ beam vs say 28’ in A55/57 that is a similar size and configuration. And 2 of those flipped. Could it have contributed to Rainmaker’s crew feeling unsafe and abandoning an apparently intact vessel?
  13. EarthBM

    Last of the Gunboat 55’s

    Vb 55 #9 STARR is on YW for $1.65m offered. Surprised about it being fitted with centerboards, but looks pretty high on its lines in the water and not stearn-heavy.
  14. EarthBM

    Boat 4 sale; not mine

    Why do you think that is? because you can push them more on a mono, given no risk of capsize?