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  1. EarthBM

    Over the horizon

    Curious as to what the energy loss rate is for: a) hand-steering vs b) rowing machine to alternator to battery to auto-pilot chain. Looks like 80% loss? Like 40% at each stage? Soma and Dave — what are your real-time strategies for Gonzalo? Euro model says its nuthin’ (because it thinks it will hit land in Venezuela).
  2. EarthBM

    Over the horizon

    I was thinking it may serve an extra motivator for exercise... can also attach a rowing machine to it.
  3. EarthBM

    Over the horizon

    I always thought Tesla’s power wall was a way to eventually recycle old car batteries... Dave — you once said you have a stationary bike for cardio on board. Any thoughts of attaching it to a generator? Or it’s simply not enough KWHs for the hassle?
  4. EarthBM

    Over the horizon

    Hey soma, any reason you chose AGM over Li-po? And have you estimated the weight cost of A/C?
  5. EarthBM

    Is this what we have come to?

    Didn’t see many complaints about the same thing on Rapido 50 renderings:
  6. EarthBM

    AC45F Lux for sale

    How many athletic men in helmets does it need to launch and sail it? I’m sure it’s a nice boat, carbon fiber and all. But possibly an example of how the clearing price for old race multihulls might actually be negative. Which is a shame.
  7. EarthBM

    Used cat market

    Yes, with the mast and electronics replaced (by an alu mast)
  8. EarthBM

    Used cat market

    Another update from Wiley: Not a lot of cats sold, so won’t bother updating the scatter plot charts. Besides the post-COVID-19 depreciation curves have likely shifted lower, so history is a more hazy guide here. What caught my eye was Catana 522 Kona Cat. I was on it when it was for sale and didn’t like it, but others referred to it as the best deal for a well-equipped Catana on the market and I guess that might’ve been true for the listed prices at the time. It sold in March at $325k, 45% below $599k list. At $325k I’d dislike it less I guess, but still probably would not buy it. But it puts other list prices in perspective. The 2010 62’ Lagoon sold for $395k (36% below list) is a lot of real estate for the money, not that I’d buy it either.
  9. EarthBM

    Best out of the box French Cat

    Gino Morrelli made this exact point to me when extolling the virtues of a used SA-built Gunboat.
  10. EarthBM

    Used cat market

    Wiley's thoughts on the market here: A few interesting points: - sellers are usually retired, so don't really face the pressure of losing employment income. Charter sellers are in a very different boat from this perspective. - timing of the hurricane season may create some distressed situations
  11. EarthBM

    Sci Fi Fan?

  12. EarthBM

    Used cat market

    It’s not symmetric... in the upswing (90s and early 2000s — dotcom and home equity windfalls, The Race) the market clears and the boats sail, zero sum game between buyers and sellers. In the downswing (now) the boats sit and decay at the dock. A true loss to the society - negative sum game. Roughly, with $200m of used cat sales a year, 10% depreciation, and extra 6 months on the market on average due to sellers’ refusal of reality the net loss is $10m a year. Pure waste. as a corollary, if someone figures out a way to make the market less illiquid, there is $10m of value to be unlocked.
  13. EarthBM

    Used cat market

    A good question. In theory the expensive lifestyle toys “should” decline by more than discretionary purchasing power (which dropped some 20-40% in a month). Not just the financial instruments, but all the small/medium business that won’t survive. In practice the sellers will continue to lag the curve. Supply will meet demand through physical deterioration/obsolescence at the dock, like with Lord Dickie.
  14. EarthBM

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Is there a date for that video?
  15. EarthBM

    Used cat market

    Yep... if you believe the resale market for catamarans won’t implode, buying Catana at 40% off seems okay?