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  1. 4 hours ago, soma said:

    We did a bunch of VPP work during the lockdown and found some big gains.

    Just via modeling it in software? Or actually trying things on the water? Is there a VPP so good that it can model waves, foil and sail drag/lift trade off, etc accurately? Or are those just paper gains so far?

  2. Okay, what about same size a) assy+jib vs b) symmetrical? VMG downhill? Is there an established truth? Big$ ocean racers seem to use a), but they are reaching, short handed, and not in displacement mode (even without foils).

  3. 14 minutes ago, Raz'r said:

    Same size kite? 

    As large as it gets in both cases. Or, put another way, what relative kite sizes might result in a similar PHRF rating (I know, cue rating committee jokes).

  4. Is there a chance that a bowsprit + asymmetric spin + jib might outperform a poled out symmetrical spin downwind? A displacement 40’ cruiser/racer (Bene First40). 10-15kt TWS.

  5. Hadn’t realized they were so narrow - 25’ beam vs say 28’ in A55/57 that is a similar size and configuration. And 2 of those flipped. Could it have contributed to Rainmaker’s crew feeling unsafe and abandoning an apparently intact vessel?

  6. 7 hours ago, soma said:

    Lots. C600, Transpac, Middle Sea, Fastnet, Cabo, Rolex Transatlantic, etc etc. Depends on the year and who comes out to play, but the MODs are more active than they’ve ever been. 

    Well, yes apart from the N2E and Transpac with Mighty Merloe, are there others? Fastnet and C600 had the same 2-3 MOD 70s fighting it out among  themselves but no one else close on elapsed.

    Ultimes were built for trans-oceanic races. Were they ever in a race with MOD70s or ORMAs (not a rhetorical question, I really want to know)? Think their biggest race was 2018 RdR, where 2 finished close, 2 finished weeks apart, and 2 "retired". 

    There is probably a way to put together an exciting race circuit with assorted one-time 'round the world record beaters, just doesn't look like anyone figured that out yet.

  7. Mighty Merloe beating MOD70s is an interesting subject. I suspect that it’s down to the crew and local knowledge, but would love to hear more. Did it sell?

    Are there other races where MOD70s, ORMA 60s and Ultimes race together?

    I guess it would be informative to ask Tritium’s current owner why he’s selling and wants to do the next Transpac in a sled.

  8. 3 hours ago, soma said:

    Which is why I’d argue the fast 50’-80’ multihull scene is great. You can buy an old ORMA or MOD and have fantastic boat on boat action.

    The Ultimes are tough...they get obsolete fast. 

    But you won’t... not boat-on-boat.  New ones will kills the old ones. If absolute SOG per $ we’re the target I agree with you. But the target is SOG relative to others.

    The only honest race is fixed $ budget. Here’s $1m, first around the globe in one piece wins. And even there the resale value needs to be managed. A $1m budget where you’re okay to lose it all is more than $1m budget where you think you can sell what’s left for $500k.


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  9. Three general racing types:

    1. One design or close (class 40, multi 50). The best resale. Think J-boats, Lasers, Figaros.

    2. Cruiser-racer PHRF racers. Dual use makes resale okay due to cruisability.

    3. Development, “no holds barred” racing. America’s cup, etc. The highest outlay for the least resale. If you’re not competitive anymore against other cutting edge boats utility drops to zero, or negative, considering the effort and costs. 

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  10. If burying the lee ama is no big deal then you don’t have the critical information where it actually matters. Once the lee ama is submerged you’re in the negative stability zone (not as steeply negative as flying the main hull, but negative) — more heeling momentum brings less righting momentum. I think the right cruising tri design needs the amas sized so that burying one is the “oh shit” moment, not the “let’s see if I can ride this one out” moment.

  11. Curious as to what the energy loss rate is for:

    a) hand-steering vs

    b) rowing machine to alternator to battery to auto-pilot chain.

    Looks like 80% loss? Like 40% at each stage?


    Soma and Dave — what are your real-time strategies for Gonzalo? Euro model says its nuthin’ (because it thinks it will hit land in Venezuela).

  12. 13 minutes ago, CapDave said:

    Yes we looked briefly at putting a generator on the bike, which we actually use a lot, but as you guessed....not worth the trouble. 

    I was thinking it may serve an extra motivator for exercise... can also attach a rowing machine to it.

  13. I always thought Tesla’s power wall was a way to eventually recycle old car batteries...


    Dave — you once said you have a stationary bike for cardio on board. Any thoughts of attaching it to a generator? Or it’s simply not enough KWHs for the hassle?

  14. How many athletic men in helmets does it need to launch and sail it? I’m sure it’s a nice boat, carbon fiber and all. But possibly an example of how the clearing price for old race multihulls might actually be negative. Which is a shame.