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  1. I think they called it the " The queens birthday storm"
  2. Ramtha survived that storm very well, and while left completely on her own, after the crew was winched off...... Oh, yeah they recovered her later... I would say, the biggest issue is moorage. period. Sailors that dont appreciate the lines of a nice cat or tri, will only every like the lines of a monohull.
  3. why so angry... ?
  4. I dont think we've seen enough charts and graphs yet.. keep trying.......
  5. That's awesome, now if the guy with the tri would step up and also show us how well his model foils and sails, but I don't think he will.
  6. As much as I dislike CNN. Their live coverage from Naples is pretty amazing stuff.... stay safe everyone......
  7. Keep paying it forward Bob, it's always a good thing...
  8. There you go. Those threads will keep you all busy.. have fun.... im sure there's a lot more, but I only went back as far as June 2017.
  9. Yeah that would be reasonable, but I've never seen that happen for this topic. Most have extreme opinions.
  10. OK, enough, This thread needs to be moved to P.A. where it belongs with the many, many, other similar threads with the same, never ending, ad nauseam of inconclusive argument. your next phase is unlimited graphs.... in 3-2-1...
  11. winner winner chicken dinner.... end of story.
  12. Hurricane Irma thrives on fateful mix of 'ideal' conditions http://www.reuters.com/article/us-storm-irma-science/hurricane-irma-thrives-on-fateful-mix-of-ideal-conditions-idUSKCN1BK020 "A combination of many factors, experts said on Friday, set the stage for Irma's formation and helped the storm achieve its full thermodynamic potential, creating the monster tropical cyclone that wreaked havoc on the eastern Caribbean and may inflict widespread damage on Florida. "It got lucky," said John Knaff, a meteorologist and physical scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). "This storm is in the Goldilocks environment for a major hurricane. It's bad luck for whoever is in its path, but that's what going on here." Brian Kahn, an atmospheric scientist and cloud specialist for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, called the ocean conditions that spawned Irma "absolutely ideal."" "Knaff said it was no surprise that the advent of Irma coincided with the precise peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. Much less certain is the role of global climate from human-induced atmospheric increases in heat-trapping "greenhouse" gases, scientists said. There is consensus that climate change has raised sea levels, which is likely to exacerbate hurricane storm surges. Rising ocean temperatures have been clearly documented as well. Research is divided on whether global warming will make tropical cyclones more frequent, though data from climate modeling suggests a higher probability for stronger, wetter hurricanes in the Atlantic when they do occur, said Tom Knutson, a climate research scientist for NOAA. "We think, based on model simulations that climate change is having an effect, making storms slightly more intense with higher rainfall rates, but these changes are not huge and we cannot yet clearly detect them in observations," he said."
  13. now, that top pic looks awesome... beauty.