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  1. Keith

    Talking to the translator

  2. Keith

    Found the Worst Boat Ever?

    looks too me like a classic Fred Flintstone design, there must be foot holes somewhere......
  3. Keith

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    Sorry but your really over thinking it,
  4. OH OH, that's the bat shit crazy red head look...... run quickly away....
  5. not until you get your hair done..... maybe try brunette ?
  6. Where would the American culture be, without yet another boogeyman somewhere in the world, too chase........ giddy up go....
  7. Keith

    Irrational fears in a business context

    are you an owner or an employee of the business If your a manager, live and learn, become a better manager. if your an owner, find a position that suits this person where they can either excel, or fail and move on..... ...
  8. Keith

    World Cup

    no, that was clearly a hand ball... so a proper call.
  9. This really should hit home for most Americans.. My best guess is, that kid was home schooled and or has parents that are actually involved in his learning.
  10. Keith

    World Cup

    great match, but how long does it take to hand out a trophy......
  11. Keith


    seems too me you have no concept of team player... carry on...
  12. Keith

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    News Flash, the only thing that has changed for North Korea in the last 50 years is they are more powerful, because they have more powerful weapons. Unfortunately for your present administration, your not even playing the same game.
  13. Keith


    well, they do have the "world series"