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  1. A little more Canadian music for ya all...
  2. Keith

    Doomsday Clock

    Ahhh yes, the infamous red line...... didn't it get rubbed out and moved or simply forgotten, for convenience ?
  3. Keith


    Don't panic the herd.
  4. Keith

    Used cat market

    Cool, The family adventures will be priceless and unforgettable..... and that's really what matters most.
  5. Keith

    Anand Giridharadas - Winners Take All

    Where is your pension fund invested to make the returns you need to live off of? Here's an example. We will use Canada's CPP as an example.
  6. Keith

    Anand Giridharadas - Winners Take All

    Sorry, many people have been lifted up by the opportunity presented by the capitalist system. As with most things, people rise to their own level of incompetence. IE, likes day sailing, but not competent enough to go on a ocean passage.
  7. Keith

    Anand Giridharadas - Winners Take All
  8. Keith

    Anand Giridharadas - Winners Take All

    OK, I get that you don't understand. That's fine, carry on.
  9. Keith

    Anand Giridharadas - Winners Take All

    Oh, Lets not forget how many people have also become "wealthy" from just Gates and Buffets business's, and that's just a drop in the bucket. The capitalist system works just fine, it presents opportunity for most anyone to become successful at what ever they choose, if you don't want to take that path, there's plenty of jobs to go around. But taking away something that anyone's worked for, is just redistribution of wealth, and that's when the system stops paying back in spades.
  10. Keith

    Will the Coronavirus bring down Trump?

    Americans, stop panicking the herd........ Thank you. Canada.
  11. Let me help you here. Try purple.
  12. Keith

    Doomsday Clock

    Oh Oh..... Take another 10 seconds off that clock...
  13. Keith

    Superyacht A mast issues....

    That's crazy, if you look closely, when they zoom in you'll see two or three little people moving aft from the base of the rig....
  14. Do your own maintenance and work on your own boat, you'll save tons of money. You'll also learn the skills you need to properly look after your sailboat, and that will reduce maintenance, and cost of maintenance. rinse repeat, rinse repeat.