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  1. Keith

    Black in America

    "NAACP leader's racial profiling claim challenged after bodycam footage released"
  2. Keith

    NHL 2017

    wow, Vegas...... awesome team.
  3. Sounds like he earned it............
  4. Keith

    Formula 40 Trimaran Spirit of England

    So nice too see a multihull that sails so well........ well done....
  5. Keith

    America vs Europe

    People in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks..
  6. Keith

    Just Another High School Shooting

    Such a sad day for America, again, leaving so many random innocent peoples lives shattered. When will the USA start too address the violent anger issues, that seem to continue too circle around and around through the American culture.... How do you change that?
  7. Keith

    Paul Simon tour

    Well, Paul Simon kicked off his world tour tonight, in Vancouver. Great show, 3 or 4 encores, talented horn section, great bass player, excellent Clair brothers sound system, the video guys have a little technical work to do, but all in all an excellent show, and this may be your last chance too see him.... go.
  8. Hamas continues to be the problem, but for Hamas to remain in power they must continue to terrorize everyone.
  9. Keith

    Iran cuts internet and cell service to quell deadly riots

    Looks like the mad Mullahs might have their hands full, trying to put down an ever increasingly unhappy population.
  10. Keith


    Its just Hamas, doing what they do best, terrorizing, everyone.
  11. Keith

    NHL 2017

    yes, both goalies have been stellar!!!
  12. Americans really have to catch on, when someones taking the piss out of them.
  13. Keith


    ill just leave this here...
  14. Keith


    If Hamas wouldn't push women and children into harms way, and then stand behind them, this wouldn't happen. Hamas has been using this tactic for years, and years. Hamas is the problem here.
  15. Keith


  16. Keith


    I see Hamas has you eating right out of their play book, too bad....
  17. Cool design, see if you can find one of the 55 lights, there just a lighter weight build....
  18. Keith


    If she was a sailor, she would understand....
  19. Keith

    WTF? What About American Business Mr. Trump?

    Glad one American finally figured this out. It looks like the rest of your comrades have been buying this cheap crap up like its free Budweiser.
  20. Keith


    This is accurate, and not the first or last time Hamas will use this strategy.
  21. Keith

    Pros and cons of sailing to see the world vs other means.

    Always respect the weather, the weather will determine every move you make. Don't worry about sharks, their in the water, your on the boat, choose your swimming time wisely, until your comfort level changes.
  22. Keith

    Corsair 970

    yes inquiring minds would love to know.... she's an awesome design, well dialed in....
  23. Keith

    R2AK on a Beachcat

    I see you had the perfect sponsor.........
  24. Keith

    WTF? What About American Business Mr. Trump?

    wow, America having trouble finding Americans to labor in the farm fields. That's troubling.
  25. Keith

    Pros and cons of sailing to see the world vs other means.

    The ability to travel, anywhere in the world, without having to use an airplane, pack a suitcase, and stay at a hotel, is priceless. The people you meet doing the same thing are pretty amazing, and the locals never treat you as a tourist when you arrive in the their country, after crossing an ocean by your own boat to simply hang out and take part in the local culture. Did i mention adventure. I've been lucky enough to have spent most of my life traveling, and sailing was simply the best way too go, for me.