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  1. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Knock knock knock ....... hey man, where’s Dave? Huh, Dave’s not home.................
  2. Maserati HK to London

    Looks like she’s in the MOD70 mode, and not foiling mode..... Did they give up on foiling ?
  3. Hawaii

    I had lived there for a little while, on my boat. I’ve seen what the turists don’t see, what I would call the “backstage” so too speak.
  4. Well, again I think the North Koreans will do what ever they want... ie, their going to the olympics, and were not even sending our finest hockey players this time..... now that’s a real serious issue. So it remains status quo.
  5. Hawaii

    I’m an optimist.
  6. Hawaii

    Ok, but someone actually owned up to making a mistake, and on this scale, that’s a pretty good way too approach your mistakes, not many would admit to one this grandiose. Most people would be hiding in this instant information day and age, and trying to blame someone else. I give the lowly state employee full credit for having the balls too say, yeah I made a mistake. Also this mistake turned out to be a good one, because now they have changed the system to have a double check in it so this may be avoided again. So really this is a classic case of win win.
  7. In reality, North Korea has shown that they, and only they, are responsible for their actions, how many times do they have to rub the rest of the worlds nose in it. North Korea clearly doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Russia and China will do exactly what their doing now nothing, and that won’t change.
  8. Hawaii

    Perhaps your military should have a more efficient way to get accurate information to the masses quickly. Unless the local population is further down their priority list, when it comes too these matters. Still, accidents happen, and it’s all ok now... so it’s time to review and move on.
  9. Interesting, but it looks like the entire world already knows North Korea has nukes, they don’t need anyone’s approval, and if they ever did use them against anyone, they would be ashes. We already have that clear understanding in the world. So it remains status quo.........
  10. Hawaii

    It’s been reported, that your military confirmed it was a false alarm at around 15 mins into it. Somebody made a mistake, and took full credit for it, and no one launched anything. Get over it.
  11. Trump at WEF in Davos, Switzerland

    I hear he’s going for the chocolate, it’s the best, there is no better chocolate. (Just don’t tell the people from Hershey)
  12. President Oprah

    Lol. Another professional entertainer running the good old USA. Good luck everybody.
  13. Fake news... everyone knows the homeless have all moved west.......
  14. Don’t worry canada will legally exporting B.C. Bud sometime around July 1 2018. Feel the burn............
  15. Name this city

    Every where on the warm west coast of N America.
  16. He's on the .....

    The girlfriend the ice....... the bubble... The mend...
  17. http://investmentwatchblog.com/australia-worries-now-cant-compete-with-usa-germans-fear-huge-loss-of-jobs-from-u-s-tax-cuts/ “German economists are warning that the tax overhaul bill that now awaits the signature of President Donald Trump will mean that “significant amounts of new investment and jobs will shift from Europe to the United States,” according to the German business news publication Handelsblatt.”
  18. Jerusalem

    I guess we will have to wait and see....... Although our photogenic prime minister, is busy getting his knuckles wrapped for a little holiday at the Aga Khans place in the Bahamas. The USA always throws their weight around, why would this be any different?
  19. Jerusalem

    Such a wonderful, peaceful, moderate religious place turkey is, and their leader Erdogan. Turkey is truly the one fanning the fanatical flames in the Middle East. The Erdogan goons that beat up Americans, on their own soil, is a perfect example of the complete disrespect for the western world, and other countries rule of law. If things continue to escalate in the Middle East look too turkey too be the biggest instigator.
  20. Radio Control Multihulls

    this seems too sail well.
  21. Jerusalem

    yes it’s close.........
  22. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    What an amazing run so far. I hope he crushes it.
  23. Jerusalem

    we need more music and less radical religious vilolence.