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  1. onedesignj80

    1/1024 What?

    I keep forgetting why I only have 240 some odd posts: Liberals/Socialist always display such hatred and intolerance. That alone says everything about today's Left/Democrats your such hypocrites.
  2. onedesignj80

    1/1024 What?

    Kudos to the person who perfected something close to perfection. Can anyone really deny the percentages as being wrong?
  3. onedesignj80

    1/1024 What?

    My take on a few liberals and what they claim.......
  4. onedesignj80

    Instrument Question

    My solution I went with Triton 2 bundle includes a display for the mast, Speed, Depth, Wind. I choose the Zeus 3 7'' MFD Chartplotter. All said and done $3,300 up and working......
  5. onedesignj80

    Mastervoyage hardware Reviews

    Anyone have any experience with Mastervoyage Hardware?
  6. onedesignj80

    Positive PHRF

    Try this.... There is a simple solution to this. It is individual boat handicapping. Here is how it breaks down. Boat A wins a race. Boat B takes 2nd in the same race. Boat C takes 3rd. Boat D takes 4th in the same race. Boat who is last on corrected time. Boat A receives a -6 sec per mile for the next 6 races Boat B receives a -4 sec per mile for the next 4 races Boat C receives a -2 sec per mile for the next 3 racesBoat D and others except for last place boat stay at last rated handicap. The last place corrected Boat receives a +6 sec per mile for the next 6 races.Over a period of time, things will average out and level out the field. The yacht club I grew up at was considering taking the last 3 boats and giving them +6,+4,+3 adjustments respectively. But that only works on larger fleets 10 boats or more or with overall results. Also if you have taken a 1st -3rd and get last place within the last 6 races you don't get 6 secs back. This has been tested and used successfully for years in Southern California it works!
  7. onedesignj80

    To all, it is a sad day!

    But for some it is a great day..... Happy Nobama Day!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Everyone!
  8. onedesignj80

    what is it?

    Batman's new Catmobile!!!!