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  1. Kestrahl

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    Agree with Bad Andy, the 3di nordac is a cash cow for north - lets make a fancy sail out of 100% cheap polyester. A bit like the Carbon sport ( polyester with carbon ribbons in one direction ) or Tape drive where it is all polyester, with carbon tapes. Even on small boats there are big benefits to going 100% exotic fibers, but it costs.
  2. Fastnet is a bigger weave so more bias stretch, and it is also low tenacity polyester, so more stretchy in every direction, it is one of the cheapest dacrons and generally used for offshore cruising sails where the customer wants durability but isn't worried about performance.
  3. From my experience as a sailmaker, and not trying to sell you anything: Get some quotes a look at the dacron they are using, as there is a vast range of price and quality. If your a cruiser, look to lofts which specialize in cruising sails rather than race sails. Nordac Premium was a good dacron, but as far as I know North have stopped making it. Challenge Marblehead and Fibercon Pro are two nice tight weave fabrics similar to Nordac premium. You generally get what you pay for but its worth doing a bit of research as dacron can vary a lot in price and quality! Pretty sure Ullmen has the Fibercon if you ask them. We made some nice Ericson 32 sails from Dimension Square MT, 150% Genoa which the boats seem to like.
  4. Kestrahl

    Mainsail Luff Track Slide Systems

    Tides - 60ft is the max and that is pushing it. The sliders can escape the track. Harken, the non-bearing version is also only upto 60ft boats. So looks like Antal is your only option. They do make Alloy batten receptacles, but I think only for round battens as used on some of the older Lagoon cats, like the Lagoon 500. We normally use the Rutgerson batten boxes
  5. Kestrahl

    Fabric for New Jib

    North Radian, from what I've seen its average, tends to scallop out when old. Doyle - you need to find out what dacron they are using as it could be pro-radial Challenge, DP or Contender. The one to go for is the Dimension Polyant Pro-radial - it won the J-70 worlds and they have specially configured looms. Contender Fibercon probably also ok. The Challenge is cheap and made in Thailand. You are better off using a good cross-cut dacron than a cheap radial dacron that is going to turn into a scallop shell because the coating fails and it has massive bias stretch.
  6. Kestrahl

    Mast Roller furler to Battcar Help (ZSpar)

    What parts exactly do you need to rebuild the furler mast? Seems it is still the simplest fix to drop the mast and service the furling equipment which is likely a disassemble and replace bearings, at the worst have new parts made. I know a Swiss cruiser who replaced the mast on his alloy 40 something footer with a furling mast. Reasoning was he could more easily reduce sail area, so wasn't reefing as early etc and got the lost speed back that way. Did I mention the same guy won the Whitbread around the world race on UBS Switzerland back in the day. But each to their own, personally I would still rather have a conventional mainsail and mast.
  7. Kestrahl

    Sail or Bail?

    This was designed and built as a full on race yacht back in the mid 90's. But they only got as far as the hull and decks before the customer ran out of money. It was a shame as if it had been finished it would have perhaps been one of the top race yachts of the time. It had a basic delivery keel on it and sat in a marina for 20 years doing nothing. Then someone brought it and finished it as a cruiser. Bail
  8. Kestrahl

    Classes that don’t allow 3di?

    Its all smoke and mirrors... Not a laminate but a bunch of flat tapes stuck together like a boats hull. When you make a boat hull isn't it called Laminating ? 3Di is a very good product and the best there is for race sails, but the marketing is all a complete bunch of bollocks. Like Nordac and 3di Nordac are completely different products but given the same name. I even read a report about one of the Volvo 65 sails coming apart and they talk about delamination of the tapes - but its not a laminate?
  9. Kestrahl

    GPL Lite Skin

    It is about as good as you get for a radial panelled race sail. But has nothing on a well designed membrane sail as far as shape holding.
  10. Kestrahl

    what's the point with cloth weight for a mainsail ?

    The extra weight with the liteskin isn't going to have a big effect. If you are one design serious racing you mite go without but otherwise its worth it for the extra durability. You could also ask about Aramid Sport liteskin as it is cheaper than carbon sport and doesn't have any corrosion issues.
  11. Kestrahl

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    Also Dimension Polyant CPP 300 is equivalent to Stormlite 210 as another option, not sure which of the two is better but we use a lot of CPP and so far no issues.
  12. Kestrahl

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    A higher clewed sail needs less adjustment to sheeting position between close hauled and broad reaching (almost none) so more popular for cruising. For a racing sail a lower clew is quicker tight reaching, and also maybe easier to get that mid girth to meet the rules as it brings the girth measurement lower down.
  13. Kestrahl

    Fareast Sails

    Working conditions in China from what I've seen are fairly good now and the pay is not bad with a lot of benefits, to keep the sails super cheap and still undercut everyone they have to cut corners in other areas. From what I can see of this Code Zero, they have employed reputable European designer, used good material (assuming its not seconds). But it appears the sheeting position wasn't measured or added to the CAD software (not in the screen shot). Try and get the tack as low as you can and take a better photo square on. I help out with friends who run a repair loft in Malaysia and the cheap HK/China outfits are well represented, along with the one in Thailand . Keeps them busy and they make good money fixing the shortcomings.
  14. Kestrahl

    Fareast Sails

    Far East is a HK company with presumably a factory on the mainland. Sailmaking in China has changed a lot in the last few years. It was at one time big in producing OEM sails (China Sail Factory), initially for the big brands and later more for the smaller sailmakers. Now the staff left and spread with lots of smaller factories and it is slowly moving to retail ( i.e. Loong Sails - former China Sail Factory staff). Possibly the reason is the rising in costs, the wages have doubled in the last five years and are now twice that of the other countries that have the true OEM sail factories for the big brands. Taxes are high, public holidays are every second week etc etc. How to keep the costs down? Someone said that the material is the same as what is used in the US? There is thousands of meters of second grade sail material produced each year - where does it go, it still has the same name.
  15. Kestrahl

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    Agree the racing is probably super! But say you took away the rating limit or made in higher, but kept the length, beam, width, draft, monohull, fixed keel and no foils. You could have a lighter faster boat that is more fun off the wind (maybe).