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  1. Aperson

    Henderson 30?

    On SF Bay we got a couple reef points and use the no 4 on a regular basis. Our main heavy air main was designed for PHRF. So the roach was cut down even. At about 20 to 25+ we go to the 4. Bummer about the runners. We have had that happen a few times.
  2. Aperson

    Melges 24 VS Melges 32 in PHRF

    I did a bunch of racing an Olson against a M24. In the Olson we would win about 80 to 90% of the time. The reason is the 150 the Olson can carry. Downwind the Olson can just run deep. The only time the M24 would beat us is in 20+ as they would plain faster and could sail deeper than say 10 to 15 knots of wind. The Olson was just faster all the way around upwind. I raced the Olson on SF bay.
  3. Aperson

    Henderson 30?

    If I remember correctly we use a flexible putty knife. We also use extra slow cure epoxy as that would give us the longest working time. We did this a few time and it was not hard enough until we went with the graphite additive.
  4. Aperson

    Henderson 30?

    We rebuilt ours with epoxy and put graphite in the epoxy to make it harder. Now it has been a few years and we have had no more problems.
  5. Aperson

    Henderson 30?

    Sorry it took so long. I found the doc and here it is. First it is for the Nissan or Tohatsu 9.8. 1. Shave 1/2" x7" wide frome the aft 'lip' of teh well (This is the edge that the engine well hatch closes on). 2. Shave 1/2" from the aft edge of the engine mount bracket. The engine fits right in. I cannot remember if we just measured 1/2" exactly but we had the engine on a 6 to 1 pulley tied to the boom so we only ground off what we had to. We used new engine wiring but the same linkage cables. Another thing we did is, we raised the outboard plate at the bottom a bit so we now can just about fully lower the motor and the keel can be raised for ramp launching. Hope this helps.
  6. Aperson

    Henderson 30?

    On Family Hour we put in a Nissan 9.9. We used the same controls as the Johnson but had to switch out the turn key. There was a slight mod we had do do to the mouning brakcet to get the engine to fit. The Nissan and the Tohatsu are the same size. The Merc is a bit larger and would not fit even but it was the same engine, just a different housing. This weekend I will see if I can find the notes on this as I got it in a previous post here.
  7. Aperson

    Henderson 30?

    I just mesured Family Hour's last night. The base of the mast is 4 1/4" from the back of the step to the back of the bottom of the mast block that fits in the track. We will have the mast out of the boat in a few weeks so I could re-measure if you want then.
  8. Aperson

    Henderson 30?

    San Francisco Bay. Where do you race your boat?
  9. Aperson

    Henderson 30?

    Thank you for the update. Still not sure what we are going to do but we will be doing something shortly.
  10. Aperson

    Henderson 30?

    Please let me know how the new races work. We have to fix the bearings every few years.
  11. Aperson

    Henderson 30?

    We race ours with 9 or 10 on SF Bay. We also have a main that is smaller than the standard main.