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  1. Corvo

    Rules Question - OCS

    Here's how SSS handles it in the Three Bridge Fiasco: 1. If any part of a boat's hull, crew or equipment crosses the starting line during the five-minute period before its assigned start time: a. It will receive a 20-minute penalty without a hearing. This modifies RRS 63.1 and A5. b. It need not return to start properly, but shall proceed to sail the course. This modifies RRS 28.1 and 29.1. There are 300+ boats starting, going in either direction they choose, so we don't want people trying to correct an OCS. That's the only reason for the blanket 5-minute rule.
  2. Corvo

    East Coast version of a Moore 24

    Wait - what? Here's a Moore in its element, typical NorCal ocean conditions. Sorry about the photo quality - I took it, but I couldn't find the original so I snipped it from Latitude 38 on line.
  3. Corvo

    Random PicThread

    Jack O'Neill, I think. Edit: I'm wrong. O'Neill's paddle out looked very similar.
  4. Corvo

    I'm not yelling

    Conjugation? We conjugate verbs - Chingo, chingas, chinga ... Try again.
  5. Corvo

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    It could be named after a ship that wrecked there. Like Blossom Rock in SF Bay.
  6. Corvo

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Are you sure that's his boat and the trim is his doing? IIRC, his first time in Hawaii someone else took him sailing on another boat, and he posted a few pictures. Edit: never mind, here he is on the OPB. First pic must be the San Juan.
  7. Corvo

    Sailing Videos ALL Suck

    As a general rule, slow motion in sports videos sucks. Unless you're trying to determine whether the ball got to the first baseman's glove before the runner's foot hit the bag, you totally lose the essential dynamics.
  8. Corvo

    Small and Seaworthy, why?

    It doesn't have to be that way. I spent less than $10k to do the race in my 32 footer in 2010 - not counting the unpaid leave from work. And I wasn't "just doing it for the experience" - I took home a few trophies.
  9. This one kept invading my space during the 2010 SInglehanded TransPac.
  10. Corvo

    j 24 just for fun

    Lookita Merit 25. More comfortable cockpit, equal performance. Easy to fly a kite shorthanded if you add a tillerpilot.
  11. Corvo

    Yuck Fou Takata

    I don't get it. I bought a used Toyota from Shift. They told me it was subject to the airbag recall. I phoned my local Toyota dealer and got the airbags replaced the next day.
  12. Corvo


    Correcting myself, too late to edit: My backup pilot is a Simrad TP30. I think it's identical to the TP32 except that it's not networkable.
  13. Corvo


    I have no problem with aluminum. It's just that you wrote "all stainless instead of plastic", and I assumed you were including the housing. Thanks for clarifying.
  14. Corvo


    32 footer, 8400 lb. I've had a Raymarine X5 for about 8 years. It worked great on the SHTP in 2010, but a couple of years later it got stupid. I sent the computer back to Raymarine and they fixed something free of charge and updated the software. It took a lot of tinkering with settings to get it to work reasonably well, but it's still not quite as good with the spinnaker up as when I first got it. I will say that the ram has never failed - a common complaint with RM pilots. But I'm now running a Pelagic ram with the Raymarine controller. It's a little faster than the RM ram. It's actually not all stainless as someone stated: plenty of aluminum in the housing. And it didn't drop right in to replace the RM ram; Brian the designer fabricated a modified clevis for me. I'm still not totally happy with the mount: the ram is not perfectly horizontal, and there's a lot of play in the clevis. Also, with my mounting bracket the electrical cord has to come out the top; I'd prefer it to be on the bottom. I'm going to rethink the whole mount eventually. But Brian is a really good guy, very helpful. At some point I expect to go all-Pelagic. As a backup, I have a Simrad TP20. None of these are integrated with my instrumentation network.
  15. PM sent with email contacts. Save Alameda's Working Waterfront has a placeholder website and a Facebook page, but not much there.