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  1. Corvo

    East Coast version of a Moore 24

    Wait - what? Here's a Moore in its element, typical NorCal ocean conditions. Sorry about the photo quality - I took it, but I couldn't find the original so I snipped it from Latitude 38 on line.
  2. Corvo

    Random PicThread

    Jack O'Neill, I think. Edit: I'm wrong. O'Neill's paddle out looked very similar.
  3. Corvo

    I'm not yelling

    Conjugation? We conjugate verbs - Chingo, chingas, chinga ... Try again.
  4. It could be named after a ship that wrecked there. Like Blossom Rock in SF Bay.
  5. Are you sure that's his boat and the trim is his doing? IIRC, his first time in Hawaii someone else took him sailing on another boat, and he posted a few pictures. Edit: never mind, here he is on the OPB. First pic must be the San Juan.
  6. PM sent with email contacts. Save Alameda's Working Waterfront has a placeholder website and a Facebook page, but not much there.
  7. Singlehanded drifting while doublehanded grifting. I double dog dare him to enter an SSS race. Here's an idea. Let's make S/V Mimsy a mark of the course for an SSS race. It might just get him thinking. Or not.
  8. That's Jean in the orange hat. There's another in the same batch with Rimas in his usual yachtsman's cap.
  9. The first mention I saw was from Wasyl on his Facebook page, after Rimas posted that it was 1081 miles to Pago Pago.
  10. Come on, you haters. His latitude reads zero point something. Zero is the equator, right? Anything to the right of the decimal point is unimportant.
  11. Definitely. Furnish is putting them on. You think Furnish is for real? It seems to me like he's yanking chains.
  12. Plus, don't put a comma before Soliton...and you're telling me to learn how to read. There's nothing wrong with a vocative comma, boyo. Many style guides insist on it.
  13. I'll say it again: There is no such newspaper or website as Marin News. The story is from the Marin Independent Journal's website. Besides, the "finger bitten almost to the bone" is more information than SA had.
  14. "Thanks to Marin News." Seriously? The paper is the Marin Independent Journal. The story appeared under the heading "Marin News" ... as in "here's what's happening locally." Brilliant journalism there, Ed and Clean. Copy and paste without even getting the name of the source straight. Did you ask permission?
  15. Looks like East Marin Island, Richmond Bridge in the background.