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  1. Bluto

    Sunset pictures

    ...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world. Awesome pics everyone.
  2. Bluto

    Words of Wisdom

    Since when is it the job of an administrator to encourage posters (who pay the bills) to post less? Pffft , rookie.
  3. Bluto

    Rememberance Day in Canada

    I don't have him on ignore, I usually just ignore him. You should try it, everybody should try it. Maybe he'd go away.
  4. Bluto

    We're #1 Again

    Meanwhile up in Canada 'DEAR MR. PRESIDENT': One marijuana company has a bold strategy to save American cannabis producers from getting left in Canada's wake
  5. Bluto

    "National Cleavage Day"

    It's the crack of Dawn, he's got all day.
  6. Bluto

    i usually bust on major beer brands, but .

    Try a Bud Light, if that doesn't change your mind see your doctor..
  7. Bluto

    There's Got To be A Word For It....

    How about subservient. Your wife is condescending.
  8. Bluto

    Looking Old

    She's got a good chunk of wood to hang on to...I imagine.
  9. Bluto

    Storm(y) is Coming to Town

    You have to keep in mind Stormy can suck the chrome off those bumpers.
  10. Bluto

    Another tinkering project

    That reminds me of the time I requisitioned a " 4 foot board stretcher".
  11. Bluto

    'They hid it all'

    Why doesn't God do something about it?
  12. Bluto

    35 shot today and the left shrugs.

    Hey you almost said something smart.
  13. Bluto

    Normal noise for a Meli thread

    Meli knows how to bait a hook.
  14. Bluto

    Kicking off the trade wars

    The EU official’s description of ‘dumbing things down’ for Mr Trump joins with his critics’ perception that he is not the most academic of presidents interested in nuances of diplomacy or crucial details of domestic policies.